This is the rc version, so lets not waste any time and lets get straight into this. So this is the mini 3 pro version, so theres going to be three versions of this. This is going to be the version with the controller, so lets get straight into this. So first of all lets get this unboxed. I know theres going to be loads of questions on this ill. Try and give you as much info on this, as i can throughout the video and then comment down below any other questions, so the mini 3 pro the drone actually itself. The first unboxing here to show you whats in the content, so that was the drone itself and then the controller. So this controller here is really similar to the rc pro which ill discuss in a minute. But to show you what else you get so inside of the box, you get this little box inside of it as well, and then i mean tell me in the comments down below who reads these here, so youre going to get some quick start guides as well. If you wish to read that some other literature here and then this as well – but none of this were interested in just throw that away. We dont want to hear anything about that. You get a usbc cable, some extra propellers, and then you also get a dji official screwdriver as well, so there we go also. I will solve this as well, which youre not interested in darren theyre, not interested in this theyre, not interested in any of this does lets get straight onto the good stuff.

Okay, okay, i hear you so lets. Put this away now and then well concentrate on the actual drone and the new rc and then lets talk about it so the box, i promise you is now empty. Okay, lets move on. What do you want? First? What about the drone now on first impressions? This just feels super light if anything even lighter than the mini 2. It might just be my first impressions but ill cover that in a later video, so here we go so the actual mini 3 pro all wrapped up nicely lets take some of these covers off and im going to show you a full 360 on this drone of What youre going to expect if you go and buy this lets, take this cover off. I will be showing you a close up on the camera as well to try and get you to see this lens as much as you can im just trying to zoom in a little bit more here. But i will show you in a minute a close up. So you can see this is the new vertical camera, so youre going to get horizontal and vertical video with this. But the main thing here is its the f, 1.7 aperture. So low light is going to be fantastic on this there i say even better than other dji drones, which thats i cant wait to show you that anyway, so lets move on so lets. Just get these arms open here and ill show you what it looks like open.

I mean it. It does look fairly more of a bizarre looking drone for sure compared to the mini 2, but you know i can get used to loving this pretty quickly because look at those huge sensors on the front of it. So this is what youre going to expect. If you get the mini 3 pro version, all the drones itself are going to be exactly the same. The only difference is going to be. If you get a controller, a battery or not talking of the battery lets. Look at that so again, super lightweight, no idea how dj i do this. You can see in the bottom right hand, corner the ukca marking on here, so the drone with the battery 249 grams is listed on the drone. I will be getting my scales out, probably that for another video to actually weigh how much the whole drone is in regards to nd filters, its a common question and then look at this. So these are position sensors on the back theyre not screw holes. This is going to be your rear position. Sensors got these huge two front position: sensors on the front im going to be testing. If that also includes upwards position, sensors as well and then youve also got the downwards ones right im going to take some of these little stickers off now and then show you a close up of that lens. Make sure as well guys, if youre not subscribed, hit that notification bell subscribe if youre new around here before loads of videos coming on this so heres a close up of that lens, its going to be horizontal vertical, f 1.

7 is going to be good guys. So what else do we want to look at, so this battery is completely flat, so this is going to get charged straight after this video. So lets look at the other thing which a lot of people are interested in lets. Put that drone away. Well, just get it on back folded again. What do you think of it? What do you think it looks like? Do you think this was like a cool drone or not? Are you simply not bothered about the looks just about the actual performance? Well, talking performance, this controllers had a lot of talk, hasnt it. So what about the controller so its? Not the rc pro its just the remote control, theres, no kind of name for it to just yet, but lets have a look at it anyway. First impressions. This is a lot lighter than the rc pro. The screen is exactly the same size we dont know yet the knits value theyre not actually in the box. Anything in regards to the spec because ill, try and find that out for you. The antennas are built in at the top there on the back of it. Youve got a c1 c2 button and the controller sticks and also the fan belt vent on the back and then the bottom of it. Here you can see this flap. This is quite fiddly. I tell you straight away so trying to get this off wasnt easy and then inside of here youre going to have a usbc another usbc on the outside of it and an sd card reader that sd card reader is for screen recordings to save it to the Sd card and then also, if you want to view any footage from your drone, you can view it on there.

It looks like those to be screw holes for something on the bottom and at the back there ill show you that in a minute in regards to the actual joysticks, they are slightly fatter than the rc pro so theyre, not the full fpv sticks. Those really thin sticks but theyre pretty much 80 of the way there. So if youve used to fly in an fpv drone, the dji fpv, the controller sticks are very similar to that. So much better actual feeling, more responsiveness. You have a lot more control with these sticks. The screen, i think it looks fantastic straight away, ill, show you in a minute they will just power this on two bars of battery. It needs to get charged, but yeah turns on cant. Wait to show you more of this so yeah. On top of it also youll see that its got the two gimbal wheels on the top. I would imagine like the rc pro one is going to be for the zoom, and one of them is going to be for the actual gimbal dial. Let me just look at that back there as well, so these little screw holes on the bottom. They dont hold. The joysticks at all so as we discussed the antennas are built in so theyre not going to be external antennas. Maybe this is some side kind of lanyard or a holder or something as soon as no more about that. I will tell you, but at the moment theyre a bit odd what theyre that theyre for, obviously that huge fan on the back for the internal fan, with the controller, its light, its a its a dumbed down version of the rc pro for sure you dont, have The 5d button theres no customization button on the top, but if youre not really bothered about those buttons, you know this is a fantastic package to pick up this uh.

This is kind of an all in one regards to the screen on it at the bottom. You get used to that really quick, so dont worry about your hands kind of blocking it. But what about this? What do we think in the comments down below – and i know a lot of you guys – have this drone – the dji mini 2. So if we look on lux, i would give it to the mini 2, but i think performance, the mini three pro is going to just knock it out the park, but its going to be really interesting how these perform against each other. Is there a difference in that cost? Is it worth upgrading? All of that will be coming in future videos so make sure again you make sure you like and subscribe to this video hit, that notification bell for loads more coming really soon. So the next step is to get all this activated, get it all set up, see if it flies and then also answer some more questions. I know a big question: youve got is: will this controller work with the mavic 3 ive seen so many comments asking me this at the moment we just dont know, but as soon as i figure that out and see if these two work together ill, let you Guys know thats a really interesting topic, but the dji mini 3, the first unboxing you probably see on this. Let me know in the comments down below if you enjoyed this, if youve got any other comments or questions that i couldnt cover on here.

Please comment down below, let me know ill, try and answer them back to you. Im gon na get this controller all set up. It is feels a lot lighter than the rc pro the rc pro is brilliant, but it was a bit of a a beast to look around where this much lighter im interested in how this performs.