What on earth could this be? Well, we have one better on the channel today. Today we have a leaked unboxing of the dji mini 3 pro and the rc controller lets go so thanks. So much to this special individual who sent me this unboxing managed to get hold of the mini 3 pro early. So this confirms one thing: the mini 3 pro is coming and its going to be on your table 2 really soon. But this also answers a few questions about that controller and confirms whether this was all just a big hoax or not. So we can see here the dji mini 3 pro drone as its now getting unboxed, and now we can also see that the controller as well. This basically gray rc pro well get to that in a minute. The drone itself. Here now you can see the huge front position: sensors on here and the downward position sensors that gimbal cover onto that 1.7 aperture camera its going to be fantastic in low light and that twist of what dji said, is going to be to do with the vertical Video so youre going to be able to do vertical and horizontal, but the controller we didnt know a lot about of this. We didnt see any leaks of the actual controller. Now lets have a look at it, so you can see here now that this controller looks awesome. How does this look any difference to the rc pro? Well, a couple of differences you can see here now that there is no 5d button on here, no back button, but i know to get this bundled in i dont mind about that and on the back, weve got a c1 c2 button where youre going to put Your flight sticks, it looks to have similar sticks as well to the rc pro and then what about that extra flap on the bottom and then the top well lets have a look.

Shall we so on? The bottom? Were thinking whats going to be in here so at the bottom of this here you can now see and well just look at it from a different photo, its going to have two usb ports and an sd card slot again similar to the rc pro the rc Pro has also a hdmi port, this doesnt and on the top two gimbal wheels again similar to the rc pro one of those will control the gimbal, and i gather the other one will control the zoom just like again on the rc pro it doesnt. However, list the knits value of this screen, but the screen is the exact same size as the rc pro and it once we do find out more ill. Let you know about that, but it looks like that. This screen, as well, is also the same knit value. 1000 nits so theres only some subtle differences between this controller and the rc pro. So this confirms that this controller is going to be awesome. Drones going to be awesome coming out really soon, thanks. So much for sending me this.