I have the brand new dji mini 3, pro drone 4k. Of course, this is the ultra light weighs under 249 grams, so you dont need any type of license or anything to fly this and, of course, i went with the one of the new remote that has the display built in so the days where you have to Hook up your iphone and connect the cable from the iphone to the remote or over its gon na, be very simple. To connect this to this, you simply watch that, and you fly it with the remote like that, so its very cool that theyre, not technically including it youd, have to pay for it, but its only. It was roughly only about 250 dollars more to get the remote with the screen, which, in my eyes, was a great deal so im going to show you quickly, whats in the box, and i am taking this on a vacation to the beach that im going on Right now and im trying to get some cool drone footage and ill show you guys that after the vacation so lets go ahead and cut into it and ill show you exactly what you get so, of course you have the drone itself. This is just going to be a super quick unboxing ill go over more details and stuff. When i do, the review of this ive had the mini the first one that came out. Ive had the two and, of course, its the latest and greatest once again very very light and then down to the bottom of the box.

I have the new fancy remote, which im very excited to try, lets, go and see if we have any power and see how it looks real, quick, oh thats, nice and bright, which is good of course. So this is going to connect directly to the drone. Once again, you dont need your phone at all for this, which is really really great. Of course, this is wi fi built in and bluetooth and all that stuff, so once again ill go over all this in a later video and then down here at the bottom of course, theres gon na be a charging cable, its a usbc, of course, which is Great and then an extra set of propellers im glad they give you those and of course, little screws for them a little screwdriver to take them on and off. Of course, you get all your manuals, so that is all thats in the box guys. So to me, my only gripe right now even for this package would be. They dont give you any type of carrying case for 909 dollars. I think they should definitely include that now they dont, because they offer that fly more kit, thats going to come with extra batteries, as well as the case and all that other fun stuff. But once again, for 909 at least give us a really cheap case to store this in, because these are very, very delicate. The screen could easily scratch. You know any of this could be damaged just simply by not having a case thats.

My only great, if youre interested in this, you can get a djs website or theyre back, ordered right now on amazon, which ill put a link down below. I think theyre shipping on amazon at the end of this month so by then ill, have a full review and ill. Tell you if i recommend it or not. So please do me a favor if youre new to this channel.