Pro also see what this screen is like in super bright conditions. It says its about 25 miles an hour, but it feels a lot windier than that. Today, so how is this little guy gon na get on in these strong winds lets go so you can see its struggling a little bit its definitely struggling, but its now, you know: weve got gps slot, weve got 23 satellites and its positioning itself well its adjusting! Well, lets see what the footage is like on here: Applause, Music, Music, so its definitely not having the best time up there is it, but i think now, even at that altitude, its now super stable and you can see from the footage. It is great. So wind resistance on here so far: excellent, Music Applause, Music, okay, so the mini three is about 60 meters in the air. The wind performance is going well on this no problems whatsoever. Weve had quite a few wind warning messages, but its handling it like a tank. In the air so better, i would say so far than the mini 2. Music being this stable in over 40 mile, an hour gusts at this altitude is absolutely incredible and there isnt any gimbal shake at all. So, unlike the mini 2, which struggled a lot in the wind, especially with the gimbal, this is performing excellent, so in strong winds, the mini 3 pro handled it incredibly well so lets go and test out now quickly, the fpv mode on this mini 3.

How does that do in the wind, Music, Music, so Music? So if you had any doubts on the wind performance on this mini 3 pro, i really wouldnt it handled these strong winds. Incredibly. Well, i dare i say its just as good as the stronger bigger drones. I dont know how dj have done this on the dji mini 2. Sometimes you get gimbal shake in strong winds, but this nothing, no gimbal shake whatsoever. The controller was also brilliant in these bright conditions, really impressed. So if you are a bit on the fence about what its going to be like in the wind, i hope this answers. Those doubts, but now were going to talk about the giveaway, so ive teamed up with freewell, who i use for pretty much all the nd filters i use on my equipment and theyre gon na kindly give away a mini three pro to one lucky winner. So all you need to do to enter this, is you need to like and subscribe this channel dm productions, and also the free will youtube channel as well subscribe to that ill? Put both links in the description below and then what you do is on. The comments comment down below why you would like a mini three pro and then ill go through the comments, and then the winner will be announced on may 20th for a mini 3 pro really exciting, thanks so much free world for sponsoring this video and ill see.