I want to show you whats in the box. I want to get it up in the air and i want to share with you the results. Welcome to the photogenius channel hi paul here from photogenius. Welcome to my channel, where i post regular photography, tutorials and gear reviews, if you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing now according to dji, pro does not have to mean big, because theyve just released the brand new mini 3 pro. This is a tiny compact drone that is packed with features that you would expect to find in the much larger higher end and more expensive drones, but not typically in a small mini drone like this. So, a few weeks ago, dji asked me if i would like to test out their latest drone and after some time stuck in australian customs, the box finally arrived. As you can see in the box, i received two packages, one being the rc kit, which contains the drone and remote and the other is the fly more kit more on that in a moment. So lets take a look at the drone first inside the box. Of course, we find the new mini free pro and a newly designed remote controller which, as you can see, features a large screen built in now, as well as the usual paperwork in the box. There is also a spare set of propellers, a tiny screwdriver for removing and reattaching propellers, plus a usbc cable in this particular kit.

The drone comes fitted with an ultra light battery. Now this keeps the combined weight of drone and battery under 249 grams, and this is clearly marked on the battery. Now, please note that a charging brick is not supplied with this kit. The second box is the fly more kit plus now. This includes a neat little bag to put the drone and accessories in two spare sets of propellers. Some spare leads, and most importantly of all, two higher capacity batteries for longer flight time now, because these batteries are heavier, they do not have the 249 gram marking that the ultra light battery carries the supplied battery charger has space for three batteries and charges the batteries In sequence, the battery with the most remaining charge is charged first, so you can get back to flying your drone as quickly as possible. Now, if youre a regular viewer to my channel its almost certain that you would have seen some video or images taken with drones, cropping up in my videos from time to time, because i actually got my first drone back in 2017, and that was the mavic pro. Now, having never owned a mini drone before, let me begin by saying how surprised i was by how small and compact this drone is in fact packed down like this. The footprint is almost exactly the same size as my iphone, comparing the mini 3 pro. Alongside my iphone and a mouse – and you can see just how small it is, the compact size of course makes it extremely portable and ideal for travelling now, with the smaller capacity battery, which is clearly marked ultra light 249 grams.

You can expect 34 minutes of flight time with the larger capacity battery. This goes up to 47 minutes, as well as a complete redesign. The mini 3 pro now also includes twin forward backward and downward dual vision, sensors to help it avoid any unwanted collisions. Now, before we take a look at some video and images, ive captured with this tiny drone lets talk about some of the key features and find out what is exactly that makes this drone worthy of the pro name. Now. For me, as a photographer image, quality is always very important, so i think a good place to begin is to talk about the mini 3 pro camera sensor and image quality, starting with the sensor. The mini 3 pro has a one over 1.3 inch, 48 megapixel cmos sensor. Now this is larger than weve seen previously in the mini drones from dji. The camera lens has also been improved, with an aperture of f 1.7 compared to f 2.8 found in the mini 2, and this is significant now when it comes to aperture. All you really need to know is the lower the f number, the wider, the aperture and the wider, the aperture. The more light can be recorded by the camera sensor. Now in the mini 3 pro the aperture is f 1.7, and this is significantly wider than weve. Seen in previous mini drones, so a combination of that wide aperture and the new larger sensor means much better low light performance, as well as the ability to shoot 48 megapixel raw images for photography fans like myself, the mini 3 pro can also record 4k 60 frames Per second video, as well as 1080p at 120 frames per second for slow motion for the mini 3 pro the gimbal has also been completely redesigned and now offers vertical image capture.

Another brand new feature is the ability to rotate the camera 90 degrees, for what dji are calling true vertical shooting now traditionally to do this, you would capture a landscape image and then simply crop the image to suit the vertical format. The problem here, however, is that you are not making use of the full resolution that the sensor provides, but with true vertical shooting. You are full resolution photos or video with no compromise. Now this feature is not going to be for everybody, but if, like me, you want the option to share vertical format: videos to social media, like tick tock, instagram reels youtube shorts. Then i think youre gon na absolutely love this now. I think this is a really useful feature, but id love to know your thoughts about true vertical shooting. Let me know in the comment section down below another first, for the mini range of drones is that dji have also opted to add what are called intelligent features. Such as hyperlapse master shots and focus tracking, quick shots and master shots include an array of automated flight options that can be used to make your videos even more creative. I particularly like the circle feature where the drone will fly in a circular pattern, based on a point of interest that you choose now. The drone remote that comes in the rc kit is a brand new design and includes a large screen, so you dont have to use your smartphone.

The layout of the remote is pretty standard, with all the usual controls and buttons for maneuvering. The drone adjusting the gimbal and, of course, taking photos or videos. The large lcd screen is really bright and easy to read even outside on a sunny brisbane day and, of course it is touch sensitive. You can also insert a micro sd card if you wish to record the screen and the joysticks can be removed for packing away. Now. Personally, ive never been a fan of using my phone as a remote control monitor. I just found it to be a bit tiresome and cumbersome so having that new style remote with the screen built in for me, thats an absolute game changer as i get more flight time with the mini 3 pro im going to be sharing my videos and images To instagram, so if you want to see what i get up to with this amazing drone, make sure you follow me at photogeniusbrisbane, so over the last few days, ive been flying and testing the mini 3 pro locally here in brisbane now, i count myself lucky to Live and work in such a beautiful part of the world with the bay and the local harbour just a few minutes away from the office im naturally drawn to the water whenever i want to test and try out new gear now. All of the footage here has been shot in 4k at 60 frames per second, sometimes leaving the cameras exposure in auto, but mostly shooting manual exposure and using the d cine like profile.

This gives me more control and a better dynamic range when post processing and color grading using software like adobe premiere, pro ive, mostly been using the drone mid afternoon when the light is softer but, of course, to test out the low light capabilities of the mini 3. Pro ive also been getting up extra early to capture the sunrise and, i have to say, the results so far have been very impressive: Music, Music and, of course, ive also been capturing some vertical videos for my socials using the true vertical shooting feature Music. Now, for me, drones are not just about video im, a photographer at heart, and i absolutely love capturing still images with my drone Music. I particularly enjoyed using the panorama feature to get some really cool expansive panoramic shots of the harbour on a moody overcast afternoon. Take a look at this panorama which actually consists of nine individual images. This was shot on a very dull morning. Just a few minutes after the sun rose, despite the very poor light, the mini 3 pro did a really great job and digital noise is, i feel, more than acceptable and can be credited to the larger sensor, wider f, 1.7 aperture and dual native iso ive. Yet to test out all the features of the mini 3 pro, but from what ive seen so far, ive been more than impressed with the image, quality and ease of use, and i particularly love the new remote control, which has been an absolute joy to use now.

Dont forget if you want to see more videos and photos that ive captured with the mini 3 pro just head over to the photogenius instagram now i really hope youve enjoyed this video. If you did, please consider giving it a thumbs up, because it helps the videos get noticed that helps the channel grow. Consider subscribing. If you want to see more from me – and i want to say a big thank you to dji and of course you for watching hope, see you again.