Pro drone and testing it out on location were just hearing this beautiful spot that were going to be flying it out in im, so excited so. Ive got heaps and heaps of video footage sample and photos that were going to be taking a look at this drone is absolutely tiny. You can especially see the size difference when you put it next to the other mavic 3 that i have at the moment its. So so small, so this mini 3 pro weighs only 249 grams and thats, including the battery in the face. Not only is it really small, but it also films up to 4k 60 fps, so im really really excited to fly it out and see what that footage looks like and im also going to be flying it with the new controller as well, so well see what That looks like and ill talk in more detail about the controller a little bit later on in the video. The mini 3 pro has a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor. We have a 48 megapixel camera with a 6.7 millimeter f 1.7 fixed aperture lens, which is a full frame equivalent of 24 millimeters. In video we can record 1080p and 4k footage in 25, 30, 50 and 60p, which is an improvement from the mini 2, where you could only film those frame rates at 2.7 k. We can also do 120 fps in 1080p, so i feel like the normal controllers straight out of the box, are a little bit more sensitive than what im used to with the mavic 3.

So i think i do need to tweak these sensitivity settings for the normal controls, but for the time being, im going to fly it in city mode. As i like, those slower softer settings with the standard battery which keeps the drone at 249 grams. You can fly up to 34 minutes. You can also get a higher capacity battery that allows you to fly up to 47 minutes with the fly more plus kit, which is what i have, and this brings the weight of the drone to 289 grams. Also before we continue full disclaimer, that dji did send me this drone to be able to test it out, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. The mini 3 pro has up to 10.5 meters per second wind resistance, and it was pretty breezy during the mountains and both beach locations. I keep the drone still for a second and you can see just how much the trees are moving here. So the gimbal makes adjustments to keep the footage steady. So when youre flying it looks smooth – and you can really see that in this sped up footage, are you seeing that oh thats, where thats, when im filming, i better get my shot and get out of there? So im going to try out d cinelike, which is like d log, so im going to tap here and press d citylight and im going to point it in this direction, because we have a lot of darkness in the mountains and bright spots in the sky there.

As well, we have a decent amount of information in our d cine like file, so i was able to balance the bright highlights and dark shadows in the footage. You can only record in h.265 when in 50 or 60p, and you have the option between h.264 or h.265 when in 25 or 30 fps. I really love what this footage looks like its kind of hard to believe that this is coming from such a small drone. The colors of the video files look great. In my opinion. We have a lot of definition and details in the landscape. The video footage is nice and sharp as well. However, when we had some deep shadows, i did notice some noise even at base iso of the darkest parts of the footage for the size and price point of this drawing. I do think that this image quality is amazing, all the footage youre seeing in this video. I filmed without an nd filter, but i asked and according to dji there will be nd filters available. I can see its going to have a similar clicking system like the mavic 3.. The next thing i want to dive into – because i am so so excited about this and im pretty sure you will be as well – is that, with the mini 3 pro we now have native vertical shooting available in both photo and video, which is so cool. So if you are a drone videographer who posts to social media, you dont need to be cropping.

Your landscape, video anymore youll, have that full resolution vertical video to upload and if youre a drone photographer again, you dont need to be cropping. Your landscape compositions to get a portrait orientation photo. So i have the vertical shooting mapped as a shortcut to my c2 button on the back of my controller. So when i press that its just going to quickly switch to vertical shooting and as you can see, weve got the whole resolution its a little funny getting used to it panning up and down when youre in vertical mode but yeah. This is going to be so so handy for so many people so heres an example of the 4k portrait mode video. This is what it looks like at 100 crop, and here it is filling the 4k frame when you rotate it back to landscape Music. Oh, the controllers, my hands are so cold. When i looked at them, i was like, oh, how am i gon na fly that okay, so i have the mavic 3 with me as well, and i want to take a as similar as i can like side by side shot of the same thing with the Mini 3 pro and the mavic 3, so we can put up both footages side by side theyre, both in 4k, 50p and im gon na try and get like very similar settings between the two as well one of the main differences you can see when looking at These drones side by side is that we have increased dynamic range in the mavic 3, but when you zoom in you can see the quality of the mini 3 pro.

Is there its nice and sharp and holds up well against the mavic 3, which is at a higher price point? Both drones look super steady in both locations as well at the beach in brightest, sunlight, the drones look so similar. There is still extra definition in the sky and more sharpness with the raw mavic 3 footage, but when you grade the mini 3 pro its a lot harder to tell them apart, let me know what you think of these comparisons. In the comments wow, the clouds are flying so fast. It looks so good. Oh i just such a video right again. I can never decide whether i want photo or video when ive got a good shot or something um, but i do like that. Weve got the little shortcuts on the back of the controller, so if you press that it switches to photo mode and if you press that it switches back to video mode, so i can get a little bit of both. I really like the process of taking a photo with this controller. Just like a camera, you half press the photo button to lock, focus and then fully press it down to take a photo. We have two different photo modes with this drone, so ive taken examples with each of them from the exact same spot on the left. We have the normal photo mode, as you can see its a smaller resolution file and on the right. We have the 48 megapixel photo mode, as you can see its a larger file.

So if i zoom in to 100 here on this rock and then zoom in on the 48 megapixel file, you can see just how much more resolution we have in this image. But, as you can see, we mostly only have added resolution to the 48 megapixel file. Both photos, look nice and sharp with good colors and pretty much the same amount of dynamic range, so you would use normal photo mode if you wanted to take more photos faster. As you can see, it does take a moment longer for the 48 megapixel file to save and be ready for another photo. This is a 48 megapixel file and you can see my camera settings up here. I took this photo quite underexposed as i wanted to see how much dynamic range and what was recoverable with this file, and i think we have a very nice amount of details in the shadows and the highlights that we were able to save something that i did Notice with some of these files is that towards the corners we do have a fair amount of red noise, but i was able to fix that up just by using noise reduction here in lightroom and by bringing up the color, slider and thats cleaned it up really Nicely heres another photo that i took during golden hour im going to apply my aspen preset and just bring the exposure down and, as you can see again, weve got a really nice range of colors and dynamic range in this photo again.

We have some minor noise in the corner, but its not as noticeable since this image is correctly exposed and heres. Another file that i wanted to share with you, because we have a lot of colors to look at here. So im going to go into hsl and in saturation im going to move some of these sliders around. Just to show you that we have quite a lot of control over each of the colors of the files of the mini 3 pro, so i can increase the yellows. I can make this super vibrant. If i want and theres just heaps to play with here, which is really nice to see, we have a new controller with the mini 3 pro as well. It feels really light and really comfortable to hold as well its got a nice big screen on the front and weve got a few buttons too, not too many, which i like its nice and simple. So weve got the two controls here at the front. We have a home button and an on and off button, and we also have the dial to switch between cine, normal and sports mode. On the back, we have the record and photo button, and we also have two dials one is to tilt the camera up and down, and the other one is to zoom. There are also two shortcut buttons: two custom buttons on the back of the controller which fit really nicely when youre holding it.

Just under your middle finger here and ive got c1 set to tilt the camera from landscape straight to 90 degrees and ive got the c2 button set to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. The screen is really nice and clear its super easy to see what youre filming its nice and sharp and the colors look true to the video files as well. I compared it on my computer and i find that its still pretty easy to see in daylight its kind of like looking at a phone also i mentioned it before, but if you get the fly more kit, uh the drone and the controller and the battery pack Fits in this little side bag that you get, i also tested out a few intelligent functions. The mini 3 pro supports master shots, quick shots, hyperlapse, panoramas and tracking. I tried out the circle, quick shots which works really well. This is also a super easy way to get cinematic footage. I also did a quick hyperlapse and i like how it creates a video file for you, but you also have access to all the raw images too. If you want to edit the photos. Last but not least, were going to test out obstacle, avoidance and subject track with dan mountain biking in this cool fire trail. Something to note is that the mini 3 pro doesnt currently support any of these intelligent functions such as tracking and hyperlapse in vertical orientation. You can only do them in standard landscape.

I would love to see this feature added in a future. Firmware update overall im really impressed with the active track. This was not an easy location to track a moving subject as its a crowded fire trail with lots of big trees, doubled, sunlight and shadows at first. I was a little too far away from dan, so the active track lost sight of him twice because he is wearing all black and im, assuming he just blended into the shadows too much for the drone to see when i got in a bit closer, i was Able to track him up and down the mountain four times total without any issues. The mini 3 pro does a great job at avoiding obstacles i have it set to bypass, rather than break and ill speed up some of this tracking footage. So you can see how smooth it is when its flying around the trees. This drone has six obstacle avoidance sensors, two on the top two on the bottom and two facing the back. It did go of course, once while tracking dan, so i decided to manually, bring the drone back to the path just to be safe, but aside from that instance, it was able to track him without me having to do anything Music, so thats it. For my review of the mini 3 pro, let me know what you think of this drone down in the comments below what do you think of the quality? Do you think its worth it? Are you gon na go for it or not, but as always, thank you.