I believe youve already seen DJI Mini 3 pro Ive been using this drone almost a month, so how good it is lets talk about it in 2019, DJI released their first mini drone. Many people like it just because the maximum weight is 249g because in a lot of country you dont need to register your drone or get a test if the drone is under 250g, that makes mini becomes peoples first choice. Also, the price of DJI Mini series is affordable by the new flyers. Time flies. Dji wants to redefine the mini series. Dji Mini series is not only for the beginners, but as the weight limit DJI has to compromise when DJI just announced mini 2. I was hopping, DJI could add avoidance, sensors and 4k 60fps to the next generation mini drones, but a lot of people said its impossible as the light weight, but I always believe DJI can make it. Dji always tries to surpass itself not just released. Some products have some slightly improved features at the beginning of April. Dji contacted me. They hope me could test out a new product, its DJI Mini 3. Pro after I received the specs of Mini3 Im, not joking. I was shocked by the specs I was thinking. Dji is insane why they added the pro features all at once. After reading all the documents from DJI its very obvious, mini 3 pro is not a drone, which is only for the beginners. We should redefined mini 3 pro as a light weight and professional drone.

Lets start from the exterior, as you saw mini 3 pro has 2 big eyes. They are the avoidance sensors. In the front. There are another 2 avoidance sensors in the back. Also, the avoidance sensors in the bottom mini3 pro has exactly the same avoidance system as Mavic air 2 has, but its still only 249g lets talk about the camera. I believe youve already seen a lot of leaked photos. It shows 24mm and f1.7 also the camera could take vertical shots. Those leaks are all real, but the most impressive improvement for me is the sensor size. The sensor is 11.3, it could take 48mp raw photos and also support 4k 60fps videos. The aperture is f1.7. It will have a better lower light performance than Mavic air 2. Dji has more than 70 drone market in the world. Djis competitors are always themselves. I was very impressed by the improvement of the mini 3 pro camera. It comes with dual native ISO. Your HDR 4k video will look very impressive without any editing. Also, it keeps a lot of information in the highlight and the shadow DJI added D cinelike color profile to mini3 pro, which is the flat color profile mavic air 2. Has it will allows you to have more space for your color grading? If you want to know how to color grade d, cinelike video, you can check my previous videos lets talk about vertical shots, DJI designed a brand new gimbal for mini 3 pro so mini 3.

Pro could take vertical shots which even mavic 3 doesnt have. If we want to upload a drone video to tik tok, we have to crop the video in the software first, if the composition of your video is not good enough, it will give your a weird results. After you cropped in also crop, the video will lower the image quality when you switch the gimbal mode to vertical on mini 3 pro, you can get the full resolution videosphotos in vertical mode, no need to worry about the composition or crop the image. The vertical mode is really useful when you shoot the buildings or a waterfall time for the battery. The fly time of mini 3 pro is about 34 min its the same fly time as mavic air 2, but its still 249g. If you buy the special battery designed by DJI mini 3, pro could fly around 47 min. You may worries about that. Mini 3 pro is really light weight. Can it against the strong wind mini 3 pro can against the max wind speed is level 5 the same as mavic air 2? How do you feel if you have your air 2 in your hand, right now not finished yet lets continue beside the avoidance. Sensors mini 3 pro also added the best feature that I really like, which is the focus track DJI. Finally, added this feature on mini series, tracking people, vehicle tracking by circle, side, track and etc. … all the tracking modes are the first time were added on mini 3 pro the avoidance system and tracking mode were only available on the series, Air and Mavic.

Now you probably know why I said: DJI wants to redefine DJI Mini series as the lightweight professional drones. Did you get it its done? Not yet DJI Mini 3 pro also upgraded the transmission system, which is DJI O3. It allows mini 3. Pro could fly 12km. Of course, your battery wont support 12km, but 12km will allow you have a better transmission. Theres more does mini 3 pro support Timelapse video, yes, not only that it also has the master shot feature now. You can understand why I was shocked by the specs when DJI just shows me: mini 3 pro brought the mini series to another level. The new controller, in my hand, is the brand new RC pro for mini 3. Pro now mini 3 pro has its own RC. Pro, comparing to use your smartphone, the RC pro, is a better choice. Its super convenient during my testing HD resolution with super bright screen. If you are considering to get mini 3 pro, I suggest you also get the RC pro mini. 3. Pro has 3 different version for sale. First of all, if you have mini2air2air2s or mavic 3, you could consider the single mini 3 pro version, which has the drone and a single battery 2nd version is the drone with the regular RC n1. The 3rd version is the drone with the brand new RC pro. If you need more batteries and the battery manager, you can also get the fly more combo on the side, so thats all about the mini 3 pro.

Will you consider to get one Im really curious about some people who has mavic air 2? Will you upgrade to mini 3 pro you cam leave your comment down below Im Jing. If you like this video, please thumb up. Also you can subscribe.