Pro were gon na, go test, it wow, so hey. My name is jake and i create content here to help solo creators on the go. So i test and review drones cameras, lenses, filmmaking equipment here in alaska, and i give you tips and tutorials on how to use them if thats something interests you consider subscribing today, weve been testing and working with. Well actually, ive been working with this for several weeks. Now, but the mini 3 pro from dji, which is, i think, possibly the most ideal drone. If you do stuff like this, that i do here – hiking lots of travel stuff like that because of the size, the weight and the incredible performance out of the latest version of this tiny drone. I got ta say im, not sponsored by dji i bought and paid for this myself id wait four weeks for it to come to me, and so these opinions are 100, my own after using this drone almost exclusively for the last few weeks. So we have to start off by talking about the image quality and lets start with video. Video is taking a big step up, partly and mostly because dji has given us 10 bit color in this drone. With these city lights, now, d cinelike isnt a log profile, its just sort of a flat color profile, but it does give you a lot more room to color grade and to push and pull colors in post and because its 10 bit, you actually can really push And color grade this image quite a bit now also the image quality is taken quite a bit step up, even though, were still limited to 4k.

60. 4K, 30 thats the highest resolution we can go, but it has taken a big step up also because of the larger sensor size thats. In this its a one over one point three inch sensor, instead of a one over two point, three inch sensor. So its a lot larger, it lets it a lot more light and it does a lot better and i have to say im impressed by the image quality coming out of this 4k 60 gives you a little bit of slow mo at a really nice high resolution. So you get really good quality in 4k 60.. You can also get slow motion up to 1080p up to 120 frames, a second which is pretty good uh. The 1080 120 frames per second definitely soft, definitely a little mushy, but it is pretty good, slow motion overall and then you come into 4k. 30. 4K. 48. 4K. 24. All of those are 4k 25, depending on where you are in the world, but those are what they call hq mode, which is kind of a uh sort of hybrid uh, hdr mode. I really figured that out yet, but it definitely gives you a little bit more extended, um ability to see, highlights and shadows than if you were not shooting in 4k, 30 or 4k 24, or something like that definitely gives you really nice quality, video and ive been Spectacularly impressed, but another upgrade that dji made is giving us a much more open aperture.

So you can let a lot more light in. This is an f 1.7 instead of an f, 2.2 or 2.8, depending on what drone youve talked about or 2.4 that lets in a lot more light in case in point on days like this, i have to use nd 64 just to be able to get the Exposure down around where i need it, but that is spectacular for low light performance and the low light performance on this drone is actually much much better than i thought it would be. I think its even rivaling, the air 2s. You can see a whole comparison. Video itll pop up here in the corner, the low light performance of this drone is spectacular. I shot a bunch of hyper lapses. I shot a bunch of low light video and you can see here examples of video at iso 100, iso, 200, iso, 400, iso, 800 and iso 1600. Now definitely at 800, you start to see some noise and noise reduction kick in and at 600 the image definitely starts to fall apart. You could use it for social media, be fine, but anything else. I definitely wouldnt use it for that, but thats not all. We also have to talk about photos as far as photo quality goes. This drone does take nice photos, you get the option of raw and jpeg. Unfortunately, you dont get the option of just raw yet, but maybe dji will give us out in the future, but the raw photos are nice to work with.

They have a fair amount of latitude, but you are limited to 12 megapixels, except for that this is a quad bayer sensor, which means you can divide the sensor up into four and then you get a 48 megapixel still now its not the same 48 megapixels that You would get if you had aps c size or a full frame – 48 megapixel camera, but it does give you more definition and more detail um somewhat and its noticeable its just its, not massive, so 12 or 48 either. One of them look really nice theyve, good, clean images and theyre easy to work with, and actually i was surprised how much dynamic range this drone has for being able to edit these photos in post, so, along with the option of doing 12 or 48 megapixels. You also get auto exposure bracketing for three or five shots, which i use all the time with drones, because it just gives you a lot more. You can make sort of an hdr image or you can just pick the best exposure that you like, and you can do timed shots where the drone will take a photo automatically every three or five or ten seconds whatever you want it to be. So if you want to get photos of yourself doing something like this insane up on a mountaintop, you can do that without having to push a button and push a button and hold the controller or make it look like youre trying to look like youre, not flying A drone and related to, but not exactly related to photo quality is hyperlapse mode.

Ive shot a bunch of hyperlapses. Now, with this drone and to be honest, they can turn out really good, but there is one downside and thats, because this drone is lightweight and youll notice, this in a ton of stuff it does get blown around and pushed around by the wind quite a bit. So you either have to very be very meticulous about editing the raw data or raw photos from those hyper lapses to get in actually a really nice smooth one import all those in your non linear, editor, your video editor and create the hyperlapse yourself and then stabilize It really heavily to be able to get something. This good in this smooth ill have a whole video coming up and whenever it does go live, maybe itll be linked up in the uh corners here somewhere and, of course, you also get wide angle panoramic shots where the drone will stitch those shots together. You can save the raw files and stitch them together yourself, which does give you a lot of different options for being able to take photos, including 360 photos. And of course, you also can rotate the gimbal horizontally or vertically 90 degrees, which gives you vertical vertical photos. And vertical video, but vertical photos which i actually really enjoy, taking and really love certain things like waterfalls stuff, like that, just really lend themselves well to vertical photos. Another big upgrade they gave us is actually giving us three directions of obstacle avoidance.

You get forward down and rear obstacle avoidance, which is fantastic, because that enabled them to give us also active track and a lot of different smart shots like master shots, which you can see here. This just gives you a lot more options for how you can film how you want to film what you want to use this drone for, and especially for solo creators being able to use something like master shots or being able to use something like active track. To be able to get shots that you just dont have to work so hard to control the drone, while youre filming yourself is absolutely fantastic. The obstacle avoidance does work well, the apas does work well, i havent tested it against something like the skydeal or something like that yet, but i will say i think it works forward and backward at least as well as the mavic 2, the air 2s, the air 2, and maybe even as good as the mavic 3 does, which is pretty spectacular, again, no side obstacle avoidance, so you got to be careful about that, but the forward and rear obstacle avoidance does work very well, and this is where we come to performance. There have been a lot of complaints about range ive pushed this drone out to 35 to 4 000 feet, which i am telling you is the absolute max that you can see this drone out there and i had to put a strobe on it to keep my Eyes on the drone, when it was going out so thats a long way, it definitely doesnt have the signal strength of something like the mavic 3 or the air 2s.

Partly, i think that might be due to just the design of the drone is theres. Nowhere for the antennas to come down like there used to be little feet that came down and so depending on where the antennas are inside of this drone, it just makes it a little bit more difficult to get that same range. That being said, ive been very happy with the amount of range that ive gotten and been able to fly around like through trees and stuff, like that, without losing visual uh video sync another upgrade on this drone that i did not expect is how quiet it is. This is by far the quietest, drone ive ever used and ever flown heres a sample of what it sounds like its the noise test of the mini 3. Its right here arm length in front of me so its between me and the camera about four feet from the camera. The fact that i can talk to the camera with the drone between me and my and the camera using an on camera shotgun mic and not have to raise my voice is absolutely incredible, and what that means is, if you push this drone 50 60 70 feet Away you really cant hear it at all thats, both a plus and a negative if you used to be able to help like find your drone, wherever youre flying by the sound youre gon na have a much more difficult time with that now.

On the other hand, this drone is much nicer if you want to fly in places that you dont want to disturb people, or you just dont – want to draw a lot of attention to yourself, while youre flying your drone, but also on performance. Weve got to talk about the battery life so with the normal. The 259 gram battery, which keeps the whole drone under 259 grams, very important if you dont want to register it or if your country has much more strict rules on drones over that weight limit. But with that ive been getting 26 28 29 ish minutes of flight time, depending on how im flying and the conditions im flying it in and then, with the longer the plus size batteries. The longer run batteries which puts your drone over that weight limit over that 259 grams ive been getting about 36 to 38 minutes of flight time again, depending on conditions which is spectacular, its really great. It means i dont have to charge my batteries as often or take as many batteries with me, but also because these are usbc rechargeable. I can take a power bank and recharge them pretty much anywhere. I am so thats. What ive been doing today is, as ive been using batteries, i put them in a little carrying case or the little 3 case thing which is plugged into a usb port or usb power pack, and then that starts recharging those batteries. So essentially, i can pretty much do everything i want to do all day long with these three batteries and this one usb power bank.

All this stuff is this extra stuff is all linked in the description and also in the performance. Category comes to speed and wind ive been able to ascend and descend at about up to about eight and a half miles an hour ascending and descending, which is pretty good, not as fast as the air 2s, not as fast, the mavic 3, but definitely not too Bad and as far as the fastest, i can go forward its been about 35 to 36 miles an hour pretty consistently uh, regardless of conditions now ive also flown this in some very high winds, 20. 25 even 30 miles an hour with some 30 35 mile, an hour gusts and the drone has handled it well, but this is where the downside of these very small and very lightweight drones comes into play is if youre close to an object, while youre filming you Will see a lot of movement in the footage? Itll still be smooth because the nibble is going to smooth it out, but the drone will move a lot just because its so much smaller and so much lighter weight. It has a much more difficult time fighting against higher winds, so thats, something you need to be aware is if you go to a lot of places where youre going to experience high wind. This might not be the drone for you and one of the things that ive absolutely loved about this, even though its expensive is the new remote controller.

It is great. The battery life is great. Having a built in screen is fantastic. Ive enjoyed it, ive, seen no discernible difference in range between this and this standard controller. So if thats, something youre on the fence about, i dont and i havent seen any difference when ive tested them. But i do really like this new controller. Having two wheels is great: the extra custom button is really nice and the fact that you have a screen built in thats a little brighter than my iphone screen, but i dont have to worry about plugging in my iphone. Every single time is absolutely fantastic. One thing thats astounding about this remote controller too, is that its incredibly lightweight the mini 2 was to me one of the best starter drones because of its performance and the price point that you got it at at 500 or some 500. This is much more expensive at 900. Now, if you have the rcn one remote or whatever the standard remote is from dji. Yes, you can buy this for 600, pretty soon its not shipping yet, but apparently it will like in august or something. However, i do love this remote and i think its worth it, but it does push the price up to a thousand dollars and then, if you have the fly more kit on there for another 250 or so youre pushing into the 1200 range 1150 1200 bucks and That starts to get really expensive when you could also get an air 2s, now theyre, very different drones, different uses, obviously different weights and stuff like that.

So that might be your deciding factor and im not saying that this price isnt worth it for this drone. It just is getting expensive and definitely not something i would recommend for beginners now, if you want to see how this drone stacks up to other drones, click or tap right there, i put together a little playlist, comparing it to the mini 2, the air, 2s, etc. If you want to see how to set this drone up in the settings that i use for mine click or tap right, there ill take you through how i set my drone up. As always. If you have questions, ask me in the comments below or join my live stream, wednesday nights at 4 pm alaska time 8 pm eastern ill.