Getting much more powerful. Dji have released the brand new dji mini 3 pro and today were going to have a look at how it performs on quite possibly one of the windiest days in sydney. So first things first lets go over the design of the dji mini 3 and the controller so the controller, its quite compact, but its, not super small. So it feels really nice to hold your hands doesnt matter. If you have small or big hands, the controller is small enough for you to travel with, but large enough for you to comfortably use it when youre flying so thats the layout of the controller, its quite ergonomic, so the joystick positioning is nice. Youve got all the standard buttons that you need as well. Youve got the landing button. Youve got a camera swap button as well and in the middle you can change between the three modes of the drone. So youve got your normal flying mode. Youve got a cd mode for smoother, but slower flying. You also have a sport mode if you want to go really fast at the top. Youve got your camera and record button on the right hand, side, and you also have your tilt control on the left, and one of my favorite features is actually where the cable is housed. So youve got your phone holder up here, and your cable management is amazing because its got a little hidden slot that you can just hide it under the cable mount.

As i was saying, the cable can be neatly flushed in at the top here, hidden behind the phone holder when not in use and finally to charge it youve got a usbc port at the bottom, which is neat all right. Now. Lets talk about the dji mini 3 design. When you hold this thing, it is so much lighter than you think it is like holiness it weighs only 249 grams, and that is a big selling point for the mini three. If youre in a country with a lot of drone regulations such as australia, most drones under 250 grams will not need to be registered. So if youre planning to travel or just take around for a recreational fly, the mini 3 is going to be legally be able to fly in most countries without registration, which just takes the headache out, especially if youre traveling one of the best things about this as Well, like most dji drones, it does fold as well, so you can fold it down, and this will just neatly just dont hold it, how i folded it and just destroy all the propellers, but you can fold it down and its nice and compact and thats just Going to fit in really a lot of bags, your backpack a little bum bag. If you want to as well and its just going to be a good drive for you to be able to carry everywhere wherever you go, and to access the battery its also at the back and its rated up to 34 minutes of fly time and one of The best things is, you do have the option to buy a battery that lasts longer and that will get you up to 47 minutes of flight time.

Lastly, it does come with a gimbal cover, so if youre traveling and you dont want the camera to be damaged, plop this on chuck in your bag and youre good to go now lets talk about the actual camera itself, so the gimbal on the mini 3 is A little bit more unique than normal: not only does it sport a really cool camera. Youve got a lens that opens up to f 1.7, but the camera can also go true vertical and i think thats pretty neat with the influx of vertical content that were consuming these days on our mobile phones. Its really cool to see that you can just quickly switch it so that it goes into vertical format, and you already have ready to go vertical content out of the camera in terms of the safety. Its got tri obstacle sensor detections to help you basically avoid anything major in your way for the drone to crash in, however, as with most obstacle collision sensor technology, its not always going to be perfect, but it will im sure save your bacon in those really really Tough situations now inside the mini 3 to back up the camera. Its got a one over 1.3 inch sensor, which is larger than the previous mini, which only had a one over two over three sensor. Youve got it backed up with dual native iso, its going to give you a lot more dynamic range to work with, as well as better noise performance in varying lighting conditions, and its also got the ability to shoot 4k video up to 60 frames per second out Of the box, which is amazing, backed up with full hd up to 120 frames, a second as well, if you like your slow motion, footage now to have that kind of power in such a small package is amazing.

It is probably one of the best value for money in terms of camera performance in such a tiny form factor drone and lastly, it does have the ability to take 48 megapixel steels as well, which is awesome. Obviously, the sensor is not that big, so 48 megapixels may not mean too much. However, thats going to give you a lot more resolution for you to work with, and i feel like thats going to be great at the end of the day anyway. Now, in terms of image transmission, the mini 3 has os image transmission, backed up with four antennas. To give you a live, hd feed for up to 12 kilometers. If you get the upgraded version of the mini 3, it does come with a controller that has an integrated screen at the bottom. So it gives you that added convenience of not needing to use your phone so that you can fly straight away. Music right so were gon na take the drone for a spin. Now a couple of things is a very windy day today in sydney, so its really gon na put the mini to the test and im very curious to see how it handles the wind, especially because of how light it is. The second thing is the mini. Three has a lot of professional features in it like its got 4k video, dual native iso, the ability to take up to 48 megapixel photos, which is quite large it for a drone, especially at this price point, so im very curious to see how all of that Performs lets lift the off is really quiet now it is sure it is pretty far away, but the take off really smooth.

I havent seen too many problems with the wind at the moment. Its actually handling it quite well, but well see how how it goes when were doing video because itll be probably a true representation, but if the gimbal is good, itll, look like its not windy at all. Music. Music. Music wont Music. So if you want to change into portrait mode, simple press of a button, the gimbals changed: oh just phone battery. So if you have the controller with the with the screen, you dont have to worry about. Battery lets. Take a photo max so were just in the master shot mode, its got us a subject and its kind of just doing a pan away, and you can see its doing like a its automatically doing this by the way im not doing anything. It basically gets you. This nice cinematic shot – i just got ta watch out in case it hits the tree, but i think the parameters i set are okay and now were getting this really cool circle. Shot of us weve flown now, the mini 3 from 100 to dead – and here are our shooting impressions as a package. Video and photo features. Quality amazing in terms of the lightweightness of it, were pretty skeptical of it flying today, because its really windy, but it handled it quite well and one benefit of it being so lightweight, is how agile it was so josh and i flew it for a little bit.

We could change direction and we could get it to where we wanted it to go really quickly. Secondly, if you are a person that likes playing with exposure, the mini 3 has a fixed aperture of f 1.7. However, you can change the iso and you can change the shutter speed and if you dont want to change too much of either of those, you can also get an nd filter, im sure as well for the mini 3s to get the exposure that you need. One thing: the battery its quoted up to 37 minutes. We realistically got just under half an hour, almost pushed it over the 30 minute mark. Now that is because of severing factors we recorded only in 4k video. We were battling against the wind a lot, so i feel like a lot of those came into play for that. However, its still pretty close to the predicted mark, if you do, want to fly a little bit longer and record predominantly in 4k, i highly recommend getting the high capacity battery for the mini 3. in terms of connectivity, the majority of the time the connectivity was solid. We did find that sometimes just very minor when we were behind some really big trees. The connection did lag a little bit, but overall flying it was pretty good. The mini 3 is also really affordable, its just over 1k, and you get so many features, but i really do highly recommend going the extra little bit just to get that control over the screen in it.

So you dont have to worry about battery on your phone and you can just fly whenever you need to if you have any questions on the drone make sure to pop them in the comments below or pop into our store on george street in sydney.