I answered all the questions provided by you. The viewer asking me all about this drone and this controller and all sorts of other things so go check out part. One and youll find all the answers. So in this portion part two Im still answering your questions because you keep on setting them, but you know the question I received the most its about this guy, the DJI RC. So many of you have questions on it. So, Im going to start off with that here we go. The DJI RC is going to be a very popular controller because its not super expensive. So let me tell you a little bit about what you can expect for a budget controller. The joysticks are pretty good. You also have an indicator light right here that shows you when youre connected it turns blue. Then you have the controllers battery remaining indicator, the return to home and pause. The Drone button is located here. The three available flight modes are located here. The power button is located here: Ive listed the specifications you need to know about this controller on the left of the screen theres your resolution, how bright it is the size of the screen, the battery life. It does use ocusync 3 and as of the recording of this video, it only works with the DJI Mini 3 Pro and the DJI mavic 3.. Now let me answer many of your questions. By listing the answers on the right hand, side of the screen, there is no HDMI or video out.

Yes, it does have Bluetooth. Yes, of course it has Wi Fi, yes, theres a speaker, but no theres, no microphone. Yes, it has internal memory, but not very much for use. No, you cant install apps on it, no theres, no SIM card for data and no you cant live stream with it. Taking a look at the ports along the front. First, we have the host Port, not really in use at this time. Then you have a micro, SD, external storage, port and then, finally, you have your USBC charging and data Port. One of the questions I received is: can you format the external micro SD card? Yes, just scroll down from the top tap on SD card and then over on the right hand, side tap the three dots, find storage and now youre going to see your format option and there you go. Another question I often received is: how does this budget controller on the right compare with the DJI RC Pro on the left? Let me just say this: for a budget controller for beginners. This is pretty good. Obviously, if youre a pro youre not going to like this controller but for beginners or people who just want to throw something in their bag and not their phone, this is not too bad. If you need a really bright display and you need to install apps and you need a lot more features – and you need Super far range when youre flying then youre going to want the pro model.

Flight range is limited on the DJI RC because there are no external antennas over here. We have your take a photo button, half press the button to focus. Then we have the zoom control. Then we have the start and stop the video control, and then we have move your camera up and down dial. Finally, on the rear of the controller, you have two customizable buttons to customize to many different options. So you see here Im going into the menu click on control, scroll down and youll, see where you can select which option and you want each button to do now. If you buy this controller, the first thing youre going to realize when you go out to a field, is that you have no Maps because youre not connected to a cell tower theres no SIM card. So what you do is you take your cell phone and you create a hotspot like you see here and then youre going to take your controller swipe down from the top go into the settings and then go to the Wi Fi settings and then find your phone And connect to it its that simple, then your controller will connect to your phone and grab the maps through the data service on your phone. Now, if you dont want to do that, there is an alternate method when youre at home turn on your drone turn on your controller scroll into the maps to the place youre going to go fly.

The resolution you scroll down to is going to be cached in your controller, its going to remember the last place. You looked so when you get out to the field. Youll have Maps lets, say youre on vacation, you have the DJI Mini 3 Pro and the DJI RC. How do you get the photos and video off of that controller onto your phone? So you can send everything to your friends. So here we go with your DJI Mini 3 Pro and your controller powered on start up. The DJI fly app. Your DJI fly app on your phone will, detect the presence of your DJI Mini 3 Pro and ask you to connect then connect by following the on screen. Instructions once connected youll receive this screen. Then click on view album now youre. Looking at the photos and video on your Mini 3 Pro, all you have to do now is Select which video and photos you wish to transfer to your phone. Then, on the bottom left of the screen, you will see the download button tap that and its going to ask you a few more questions. Select what you wish. Then click on! Ok! Now, unfortunately, for me since day, one of the release of the Mini 3 Pro, this has never worked. My screen just stays at the display. You see here, no files are ever downloaded. However, I can get it to work on my Android phone. I thought the latest firmware update would have fixed this, but apparently not Music, its time for a range test with the Mini 3, so Im out of my local field flying planes.

I just love flying planes as well as other items, and you can see all the guys out here and Ive got the Mini 3 down there and the plan is out. There is a road its about. You know a thousand meters out Ill see. If I can go to that road and then follow the road up up up up that way to see how far Id get with the range on this baby, so here we go, Captain drone is doing a range test. Let me just have a quick look at what she looks like see. This is what happens. Ladies and gentlemen. I go to fly. A drone and spectator show up. Oh thats all set to go Steve, no hes mad thats right mess up mess up. My whole settings stand back. Oh there, it goes now. I got IMU error. This is a range test here we go so this is the mini three and Im gon na put the screen record on actually Ill just take it up. Music Ill turn it around. Look at me, Joe whos, going to try to shred my drone with his plane. Hes got machine gun, sounds Music, all right, Music deck deck deck youre in the way of my camera. This Im doing Im trying to do a test. Okay were gon na. Do the test now here? Let me turn around that cameras on Ill do the test now. So I got ta put screen record on here, so people can see it all right were gon na go up Music.

Okay, Ive got the Drone up at 60 meters and Im just going to spin it around. You can see its spinning in the air now and were going to face our destination, which is going to be a way over. When I see a road Ill know, Ive got it correct, theres the road over there all right well, go that way: Ill bring the camera down. So we dont get too much sun block. In our view, there we are, and if the screen record is on, hopefully its working, you can see on the lower left where it says H for height Im at 62 meters and distance for 0.2 meters. We want to get that out to a thousand with no issues so uh. I dont want to sit here all day doing this so Im going to put it in sport mode. There we go its in sport mode and theres. No wind so well actually see how fast this flies at the same time. So uh here we go Im just gon na hit this little joystick and move it forward were going Music now Im getting a warning battery full load check, weather aircraft, see. This is what happens when battery full load happens. Then its going to start to overheat, so Im gon na, have to take it out of sport mode. Sorry, guys normal mode. It is kind of hot out today. Now you can see Im holding the controller up at my head height, because if you hold it down here, youre going to lose reception and transmission, you got to hold it up like this when youre flying far, because I got no antennas up here.

Nothing Music! All right whats, my distance Im, almost at 900 meters and there we go. I knew it was about a thousand because I always fly. This is usually my range to so no problem going out a thousand and if I look at my reception got lots of reception. So obviously I must be flying in FC mode uh to get this Im going to go over the road and then what were going to do is were going to follow that road Im going to turn here and uh. No, no! No sir, sir sir youre standing in front of a camera dont do that Music yeah Im very far away. This is part of a video Music. So yes, when I come out to the field, theres lots of people here and not everybody knows I have cameras going thats for sure all right so Im at uh, 1500 meters. If you take a look at the top right of the screen, you see where it says: RC thats my reception, so Im down to two bars and if you look at the bottom, Im gon na go up to 2000 and then come back because in Canada were Not allowed to fly far without viewing the item so Im almost at 2 000 meters, which would be two kilometers, which would be over a mile. Most people only fly over a mile around the world, so uh here we go were almost there. Still. I still see three bars, so this thing can keep on going for quite a distance as long as you hold it up.

Okay, Im at 2, 000 meters now Im going to hit the return to home its going to come back, and hopefully it lands on the landing pad down there and hopefully Steve who lifted it up and turned it upside down and looked at the camera. Didnt mess up anything when the IMU went off lets see if it lands back on the landing pad, so its in return to home now, but Im going to show you an example of how you get really poor range. Okay, you see how Im holding this so. The Drone is that way line of sight watch what happens when I do this. Okay, look at my screen, Im gon na put it in reverse. So now my head is blocking the signal. All this water in my head is messed. It up see what it says. Your Signals weak so uh yeah. I see a lot of newbies who fly drones and theyve got this controller down. You know by their ankles flying and they cant figure out why they dont get any range. You got to hold it up like that Music. All right, dont land on my head coming down and look at that theres, the little yellow landing pad and there she goes down here. Let me grab this other camera quick, so you can see it there. There we go thats, pretty good, took off from the center and it landed there, and it did a good job since Steve messed up the IMU on the drones Steves like flying, so I cant bug him and Joe shot it with his plane thanks Joe.

In summary, I would be very surprised if you could get more than two miles using the DJI RC controller and now the signal penetration test. This is the hardest one ever because its starting to rain, look at my screen, I dont know. Could you see the water drops if I turn on an angle, theres water on here, so the Minis back there and what I have to do? Is you see the school back here? Well, its kind of hard for the signal to go from this controller to the Drone behind that school very hard, well, Im going to make it even harder Im going to go that way. So Im showing you some footage now thats like a long ways away, goes around the garden center Im going to try to fly around that low to the ground all the way to the back of the school. That is, if it doesnt start pouring rain right now. Its just spitting rain, so it should be okay, Ill record. My screen and youll see everything that happens from there. Now it is a little windy, so my little mini is like bouncing around a little bit, but its got the ground pretty good. I just could keep it away from those metal posts come on up up up up. Yes, I know theres obstacles, so the screen record is on on here and now show you me and the Drone theres somebody learned how to drive right over there here.

Could you see it Ill turn the turn the Drone to look at that car going by there? We go that great car theres, a brand new driver learning how to drive in there. Every time I come to the school theres, always somebody learning to drive all right lets. Try the penetration test, see how good this is so Im actually going to face in the direction that I want the Drone to go. So it comes back to the signal, but as soon as it goes behind those buildings in the school, well, then its got to go through the buildings and the school to get back here. I know its really windy, but will it be able to do it? You know a lot of drones fail at this, so dont be surprised if this one fails if it passes its pretty darn awesome with this little thing. So here we go: okay, so Im keeping the height between uh, so Im, keeping the height between two meters and well say five meters. It keeps it pretty long. Im gon na bring the camera down a little bit. There we go so I can see whats below me as Im going so as long as that car of the driver, who is learning how to drive doesnt come behind me and run me over, were all good all right. So so far, shouldnt have any penetration issues. If you dont know what to look for on the controller alert, just look at the top right Ill put an arrow pointing to it thats what you have to look for thats.

The signal so were going this way as if its going to be like Im walking around the school, so lets go this way. This way, hopefully, I dont run into anybody all right and Im going at a good Pace too, because I want to keep this video short, this portion of the video all right, theres, the pathway there. What am I up to three meters? Thats? Okay, I can go over all this stuff at three meters there we are going that way. Going that way and Ill just show you pretty soon. You should not be able to see me anymore because when I turn this way look whats, there Ive got all these Portables, they call them Portables and then you have the school, and you have this Im far far on the other side of all this. So now we have a penetration of signal issue, so lets see. Can we go around the Portables and keep on going to the back so far the signal looks good going this way. The bad thing that can happen is that I get latency and I ran it and I run into something because of the latency. In other words, the signal is coming back too slow and by the time I go to avoid something its too late, all right. So now, Im way behind this is pretty awesome. The signal looks good. All right lets go this way. Oh, oh uh, remote controller signal loss.

I didnt even make it to the back of the school. Ah, I thought it would get farther than that and I was facing in the direction too all right. Well, there we go so that was a short test, but I thought I would try it out here and show you what happened if there were antennas on this controller say I had the other controller like for the mini 2 that they also sell. I might have got a bit more range or distance, maybe more on penetration. This one here, nope not happening all right, its coming back and its gon na land over here all right. So our drone as coming back and its on the ground now thats. Okay, no well letting that test so final thoughts on penetration tests. With this drone, I would say it gets a score of average Music. Another question I keep receiving is: do all the camera functions for taking video work in vertical mode, and the answer is no. So right here were in vertical mode now the image you see in the center is my controller screen. The image you see on the left would be the recorded video in 4k and, as you can see, all the functions of active track point of Interest. They all function in vertical mode. Foreign shots also work in vertical mode, except for tiny planet. So if you need to take some quick shots to send off on social media, well, you can do it in vertical mode, but, as you can see here, Master shots does not work in vertical mode.

Hyperlapse as well does not work in vertical mode. The Panorama shooting options do not work in vertical mode. Finally, the slow motion filming option does indeed work in vertical mode, Music, Music and now its time for the DJI Mini 3. Pro Focus test. So in part one of my review of the Mini 3. I have the Mini 3 down there and theres the controller, and yes, it is on. I know it looks black in part one. I mentioned that I didnt find the focus very good on this drone. So DJI has done a recent update and they fixed the focus. They say they have so thats what Im going to test it out here now some people misunderstood because theyre used to DJI drones and theyre newbies theyre beginners, and you know they know that you tap on the screen that wasnt my point. My point was not tapping on the screen, because you really cant tell if you tap on the screen here, even if youre in Focus the screen is too small. Youll get home and youre like I tapped on the screen and its still out of focus. What the heck happened so its not really all of that its the fact that Im used to other drones on the market that they just focus naturally on objects in front of them, but I find the focus on the mini 3. I keep looking down here its because its down there, I find the focus on the midi.

Three just tends to stay locked on things that it shouldnt so were going to do a little test out here. So you see what I have right now is: Ive got the Mini 3 down there and in front of it. Ive got the little Captain drone carry case that I put it in and of course it should focus on that. Before I take off, then the trick is to as we look down here, the trick is to go up in the air, its no longer going to be pointed at that lets see if its smart enough to focus on Infinity over there. I got all the guys in the field this morning over there, so uh lets. Try it out see what happens. All right were all ready to go. I have the screen record on on the remote, and I have this on record on the camera itself. Recording that 4K 30 frames per second, you should see right now, someplace on the screen, a Big Blob of blue thats, because I have the camera looking down at The Landing Pad lets, bring it up and look at my little thingy in front of me. So here we go going up and look at the is it going to focus on the captain drone and its? Are you coming up hello, my gimbal doesnt work gimbal motor over. He overload it well thats interesting all right. Let me reset this and try this again. Okay, just rebooted the Drone, the mini and uh.

I made sure that the camera had lots of room to move, so I dont know why it overloaded, before I think its getting hot Im talking here so Im gon na take off soon as before. It overheats. So lets see uh takeoffs per minute and look at my captain drone in front and lets see if thats in focus is it in focus. It should focus on it. So what Im going to do is Im going to move the camera up a little bit and see if it gets any better focus on the captain drone. Will it focus on Infinity? Okay, there we go. Oh, it did so now its over there. It sees the people its focused in that direction, so were going to do test number well call that test number one now were gon na do test number two. So lets do test number two Im, just gon na walk in front and see. If it focuses on me so Im going to be the object in front, so here we go and there we go Music. So far looks good. It looks like Im in focus and the guy is in back. There we go and the guys in back are out of focus, so the focus seems to be working now here we go. This is a good thing. It wasnt working before and I used intensity update. So maybe the update has fixed it so lets try this Ill hop out.

Lets go back to the guys out in the field, so to focus on them and come on back once again. Ill come back Ill, be really close to it. There we are so am I in Focus I cant tell. Maybe I should bring it down and put like this. There we go so now, Im filling there, we go Im filling the screen I have to be in Focus now got to be perfectly in Focus right, right, okay, lets hop out, lets see if it goes and works again, Music. One item of interest that I noticed is that the DJI Mini 3 Pro is a little larger in physical size than the other mini drones on the market. From this front view, you can see that the DJI Mini 3 Pro looks to be larger in physical size than the autel Evo Nano Plus. This is the box. Your Mini 3 Pro comes in opening the box. Youll find your drone and accessories. The battery included with the Mini 3 has a capacity of 2453 milliamp hours and it weighs 80.5 grams. You can get the much larger battery at 38.50 milliamp hours, but the 121 grams it weighs is going to put your drone over 250 grams. Total weight of the Drone with the included battery is 248 grams. Now, when you order your Mini 3, you must pick which controller youd, like the one, with a display or the one without a display. I believe most people will pick the version with the display, since it really doesnt cost that much more and this controller can be used with many future DJI drones to come.

Total weight of the controller is 386 grams. Other included items include USBC, cable, spare, props, a screwdriver and some documentation and another item you can add, is the DJI fly more kit. I didnt show it in my unboxing because its an optional thing so its up to you to pick and it comes in two versions. So let me explain version number one is similar to version number two. You will get this charging base and you get two additional batteries that I have right here. The cool thing with the charging base is that you can put three batteries in it and charge it up. It does not charge them all at the same time, its one after another after another, but on the charging base. Right here is a USB out, so you can charge up your cell phone or other devices with this. The other thing you get is you get a whole pile of props, you get a USBC cable and you get this carry bag. Now, if you get the version up from this in the DJI fly more kit, its called the plus version, all youre getting is the larger capacity batteries that will give you a longer flight time. Everything else is the same. Just keep in mind those larger capacity batteries way more in grams, and it puts this guy over 250 grams. So with all that said, this brings me to the end of part two. Now there is a part three coming up and in part three Ill, take the Mini, 3 and Ill.

Compare it again, the mini 2, because I know theres a lot of you out there who are on a budget and you dont want to spend all the money on the mini 3. Whereas on the mini 2, you can get like the mini 2. With the fly more kit for the price of just the Mini 3, almost and maybe even some more things and then in part, four of my review. Im gon na compare the DJI Mini 3 Pro against the autel Evo Nano plus. That should be interesting, because the Nano plus has a really good camera on it. Is it better than the camera on the little mini three I dont know but well check it out at part. Four so well see that, then all right until that time, I say thanks for watching and links are below to all of this stuff here, go check it out pick it up for yourself. I do find its a very good drone. I am very happy with it. Im starting to use this drone, as my primary mini drone to take with me everywhere, even though I complain a lot about this controller, I love the controller. I honestly love it even though its missing a lot of the other cool options and the more advanced features it has the features. I need, like the basic features to make my life enjoyable with this drone, so once again, two thumbs up. I recommend this and, if you dont have one links are below go, find it there.

Alright guys thanks for watching this video, If you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and Ill catch.