So this channel reviews all drones, so i never qualify as a dji fanboy to review their products. So i had to buy this with my own money, so i bought this baby with the integrated display and the fly more kit over here and eventually it was sent to me – and i received it at the end of may early june and ive been testing it. Since then, and now its time for my review now, what makes my review different than other reviews, youve probably seen – is that well, a lot of the reviews youve seen were from people who received this drone back in early may from dji. It wasnt finished back then. So the drone they were reviewing and telling you about was an unfinished product, its pretty much finished now, so the review youre going to see here is an honest reality of what youre going to get if you buy this drone. The second thing is that im only reviewing stuff that you, the viewer, asked for so i made a post a while ago on the youtube community forum, and i said what would you like to see reviewed and many of you sent me all types of ideas for Review and i actually followed them and thats basically what this review is about, and this is part one of that review now quickly before i get into the meat of the review. Let me answer some viewer mail questions. The first question is: should i buy this? Yes, its a buy.

If you have the money and you have the credit card ready to go, buy it ill. Tell you its a really good drone. There are some negatives well. I guess i should mention them here, but first let me answer the second question. The second question im looking at over here is: is this a professional drone? I dont know why people think dji drones are professional, it could be because they labeled this. The dji mini 3 pro, but pro does not mean professional. It means prosumer dji realized a long time ago in the day of the dji phantom 3, that if they make many models, they have to call the top model something so back. Then you had the dji phantom 3 pro next one down dji phantom 3 advanced next one down dji, phantom 3 basic and so on and so forth. They did it as well with the phantom 4. They had phantom 4 standard phantom 4 pro. Then, when it came to mavics they had the mavic pro, then the mavic air, so pro doesnt mean professional like a professional would be using this to do like the next hollywood movie. If they did, you know, youd have stuff like dji, inspire pro dji inspired 2. Pro or youd have a lot of those other things: mavic 3 seni pro. You know it it really. Those are more pro than this, but uh yeah. So this has the pro for prosumer. So on to the next question: oh youre gon na love this one, the dji fanboys, are not gon na.

Like me, when i say this, so the third question is: are there any negatives with this drone im going to read them off right here and im not going to get into it too much in this video, but some of it youre going to see here first Negative focus: this camera does not have the ability to focus as well as something like the nano plus the evo nano plus by atel. If youre focusing on something and then you walk in between what youre focusing on and the camera, it will not focus on you. Theres no face detection, no human detection, anything like that. It just keeps focusing on the background its happened to me many times and on this tiny screen, half time your image is out of focus and you dont even know it number two. It overheats. If you put this on the ground on a hot sunny day and you dont fly fast enough, it will overheat and turn off and you have to wait till it cools off before you can fly same thing happens when youre flying if its really hot and youre Tasking it and its getting hot if it starts to overheat, your range is limited because the vtx overheats brings me up to number three, which is the range using this controller. Your range is kind of limited because theres no external antennas, some people said they have range issues with the ce and the fcc. Sometimes you live in north america, united states or canada, and it goes into ce mode and you have no range.

It could be once again because it overheats and it reduces the vtx, because that is the hottest part on this little baby. Number four is flight time. I took this out many times and flight time is okay, but dont hover for very long when you hover it really uses up the flight time on this. I have done hyper lapses, and sometimes i can only get out two in a row and then its out of battery power. So when youre doing a hyperlapse thats a lot of hovering and its trying to stay stable, especially if you dont have it moving and it sucks up the battery, you might only get like 19 minutes flight time when that happens. Number five youre gon na see in this review. It has no landing light on the bottom. Many other drones have a landing light and they have a landing light because all the sensors on this drone all require light. So when theres no light, they dont work number six vertical mode, so the whole camera is horizontal and all they do is just like the old dji mavic pro. The camera turns sideways and you can take photos, and this one allows you to take video and you can use all the functions youre going to see it in this video doing it in vertical mode. If you wish, the only problem is on the app they have. The app so that when it goes into vertical mode on your screen, you get this tiny little sliver of an image because its in vertical mode, they really need to speak with autel and take a look at the autel evo light.

Those guys have vertical mode down perfectly and its a million times better than the vertical mode. On this little baby number seven, the display on here well its only 700 nits and when youre out in the bright sunlight, you really cant, see anything now for somebody like me, whos been flying since the year 2013. I can look at these super tiny screens and i can make out enough to see what i need to see. So it doesnt really hamper me, but i showed that screen to other people when i was out flying and theyre like, i cant see anything like they thought there was no image on it, its pretty black but uh. If youre used to it youll get used to it, you can shade it just put some shade and then its okay and number eight well its a dji drone. So it has dji no fly zones. That means when youre flying you are gon na, get the notice that you cant take off if youre in a no fly zone. That happened to me once i was out at my local beach a little too far close to an airport, and it said you cant take off so i had to go to the other end of the beach to take off. So, honestly, those are the only negatives ive noticed. Everything else is positive as far as i can tell, maybe in future videos ill have other negatives, but thats it and theyre not show stoppers.

I would still buy this drone. I am very happy with this little guy. So this is my part. One of my review check it out Music, so Applause, Music. Here we go with my first low light test and i can tell you i was very impressed check this out. You can see the moon up top now. Whats interesting is, as i rise up into the sky, the sky is not blown out. The exposure does not change. I can make out the definition on the ground and the definition in the sky and when i zoom in still looks great sure, its a digital zoom and digital zooms are not that great. But dji makes a smooth zoom so check this out. Smooth going in smooth coming out image looks great for social media like youtube ill. Do it again here, you can see in low light its very hard for a digital zoom to actually bring in any detail, but it looks pretty good, still see the detail in the sky and see the detail on the ground. So i was quite impressed Music here. We are filming the ground in low light now in low light, theres, usually not enough light to bring out detail in the image. However, everything looks quite detailed to my eyes, so i think a lot of owners of this drone will be quite impressed and quite happy with filming in low light now heres something i found very interesting, look at the sky and look at the ground as i lower The drone, what should normally happen with most drones is the exposure should change.

I have it on auto camera settings so as objects come to the forefront. Well, then the image should brighten, but look at the sky. Everything stays the same. That is really good for a tiny, little mini, inexpensive drone like this with not a lot of pro settings, hey everyone. Can you see me back here? It is evening the sun has gone down, as you can see, i can see over there see the orange sky. The sun has gone down. I am lit up by a street light thats giving me this orange glow theres a big activity going on over there and thats, where im gon na fly the mini three pro over to check out how good it is in low light. So this is my screen. Can you see it over here kind of small eh anyways? I just want to mention that, if youre, if youre unaware a drone like the mini three, it does not have a takeoff and landing light because its only 250 grams, they couldnt, add it. That means as well, that the sensors on this drone that require light, they wont work so theres, no obstacle avoidance at night, theres, no detection of any kind. It will kind of detect the ground with some sensors barometers inside. But when im flying around im kind of flying blind and just looking through my little display here, which looks like this all right lets, go fly take off going up all right.

I just want to show you me standing down here beside my jeep. This is what it looks like. I look like im kind of lit up because theres a street light there. So, however, good this is recording, this is what you get at night. So let me bring the camera up and show you the festivities so straight through those trees is where all the excitement is happening so lets go. That way. Remember i have no obstacle avoidance, so i can come pretty close to the tree. I almost hit it there. All right so lets take it up, so nobody sees or hears me because i dont want people to be hey, theres, a drone, but there we go. Look at this parking lot, the whole festivities. So this is the image you get so im pointing at the lights that they have on the ground, which will give the brightest spot. If you look in the spots where there are no lights, youll see noise, thats common in a small little sensor like on the mini three, so here ill show you. If i go to the left here, look in the center of the field. You should start see it looks like ants or snow or whatever on the screen, thats just noise. You get that when theres low light, there is a noise reduction going on in this drone. Dji sticks it in all their drones and its in this one. So its trying to work its best at making knight appear pretty good, so here we go, you can see, looks pretty good to me.

Lets go way up and look straight down here. We are right above and im going way up maximum flying delta. There we go thats, my maximum altitude im allowed to go in canada, so you can see the lights on the side and the darkness in the center, where youll see some noise. Now, if i bring the camera up and look at the world, lets go this way. Pretty fast theres a forest and if you look out there that should be pretty black, so you see any noise hows that looking you know on my screen here. It looks really good. I can see the noise, but i cant see how bad it is. Theres, a road out there with cars on it, hows that look pretty good there. You go thats thats what it looks like at night on this little baby and if i look this way, this is my town, you can see the school below and my little community with all the lights on out farther away lets, take a photo of that Music. All right, our little guys coming back and i put on return to home, lets, see how close he comes back. Hes right over here, i dont know if hes going to be even being the camera. Oh, i look like hes off to the side. I dont know. If the cat – and i is over there hes over there – oh well – see its night time and on my screen because theres no light, i dont know if you can see this, it says see on there.

It says make sure it doesnt know what its landing on it has no idea, because the sensors dont work at night. So i have to make sure, even though its on pavement here ill show you its right over here turn it this way its uh right there and uh nothing under it. Pretty smooth, so im gon na tell it go on down. Okay, its all good. There we go so ill say, unfortunately, thats one of the things dji should have added was a light at the bottom and taken something else off, because the drone is kind of hit and miss at night. Although the camera looked like, it was working well, Music, all right, im out here in this field on a super windy day, to answer your questions about the mini 3 pro. So i did ask previously to ask me what youd like to see, and one was how well does it fly in the wind, its pretty windy? Right now we have wind gusts from 50 kilometers up to 70 kilometers per hour. Hopefully, you can hear my voice going through the microphone theres a lot of wind happening here, so the mini 3 is over there and im going to pop it up in the wind and youll see how it flies. It should fly. Fine. All drones fly fine in the wind; all it is is that if youre inexperienced, you may not realize that you never fly a drone in the wind if the drone doesnt have enough speed to fly in the wind, in other words, in plain english, what does that Mean that means check out what the forward speed on your drone is and then check out what the wind is.

The forward speed of the drone should always be faster than what the wind is, or obviously you know, logically youre not going to go anywhere so theres a lot of youtube reviewers that somehow forgot that when they tested out drones anyway. So for today, this little baby can handle the wind im, pretty sure all right lets turn it on and take it on up in this wind. Here we go see its pretty good. It hasnt flown back. It hit me in the head. Yet, although i am moving back, oh it is bouncing backwards, so look where it is and uh it started over here uh and its going back there. Is it powerful enough to hold itself in place well im looking at it sideways, so you could see it and as long as it doesnt gust too much so each time theres a wind gust. It will push it backwards, but overall in strong winds, its hanging out its doing well, and if you want to see what strong winds bouncing around with video looks like. Let me just turn on the video here. There we go if i bring the camera down on me, that is the mini 3 in strong winds. It probably looks quite stable, even though all around it its anarchy. Here, let me let me turn it around and you can see what i mean about anarchy. Look at the trees behind it here. Look at there, its its crazy dont, bring the camera.

Look at the wind is just blowing back here. Everythings blowing im blowing, so its pretty good. So i would say to answer that question: is it any good in the wind yeah? Let me answer another question. Many of you have asked me: how bright is the screen on this little remote down here? See this thing here? Well, the drone is on – and this here controllers on and i have it on full brightness. Can you see anything? Can you see it on a bright sunny day, im waiting for the sun to come out and im going to tell you right now? No, you cant its very hard to see my cell phone, which is an iphone 11 pro max, is brighter than that screen. However, ive been flying for a long time, so im used to what im looking for and you can see enough to get by, but those little screens that where am i follow me this little screen down here. You know its on right now: the sun is shining there, we got the sun out. Can you see it? These little screens are not designed for any type of pro photography. You cant theyre, too tiny and theyre not bright enough. You really need something very professional. If youre going to do pro photography, you know like adjusting the white balance and all the colors and getting everything perfect. These will not cut it whatsoever, but on the mini three pro who cares its a fun drone, its just to take with you on vacation or everything else here comes that win again so uh.

I answered that question. Can you see this in the bright sunlight? Barely youre gon na have to use some sort of shade over that, because yeah not that not that good Music. Okay were gon na. Try the active track through the trees and see if the avoidance system works so ill. Keep talking as im walking here. So the active track on this drone is really good, in my opinion, its as good as the air 2s and since its a smaller form factor, i think its slightly better than the air 2s for the active track. It does have a pass and i do have it set to bypass objects. You have to set it up in the settings to make it go around objects. If not, if you select break it will just stop every time. It sees an object on the screen. Its flashing different colors telling me theres obstacles in the way, but you see how it goes around the trees and everything no problem. So you can see theres a little hole up ahead in the forest and its just got to follow me through the forest without crashing into anything. It should like it better in the forest because its not as windy in there so lets go theres lots of little overhanging branches that could mess it up and then i got ta send this thing in for repairs, but well see what happens so its going crazy. Now telling me theres obstacles as long as im not moving fast.

It should follow me because these little drones are designed to go walking, speed uh when theres lots of objects around they cant think fast enough. The processor in them is its only so much you can fit in a little tiny drone so and sell it for the price they sell it at so anyways its following me around here: im not doing a thing. My hands are out here. If i hear a big crunch behind me, ill know it didnt work out so so far, so good its kind of dark in here, but theres, no wind, which is good. So little branches like this. Those are hard to see like all this stuff around here, its going nuts, if i hold this close to my mic – listen to it its just going nuts its like its ding ding, ding, ding ding, because theres so many objects around. But this is the great thing with this drone and active track. So to answer the question that people ask me: is the active track on here. Really any good is the avoidance system any good? Well, you see for yourself its really good. You know theres, no doubts in that dji has a really good set of programmers. Theyve got the algorithm in perfectly theyve, got the lenses pointing forward at the right angle so that you dont crash into things and it knows to go around objects. Actually, you know if i had to say what its doing it basically just sees where i go, and then it tries to follow the same path, because if i made it through that means it could make it through too the same thing so thats pretty it thats.

Pretty much it tree up there, you know what i didnt think id walk in this far, but weve come in quite a ways. So, oh it followed me all the way. Oh now i got ta walk all back all the way back to the car. Okay lets. Try that so let me just spin around here, like this lets, see what its going to do im going to turn around here and you see it at the hat cam its going backwards now and at some point it wants to get behind me. But lets see its going to be able to do it. This is really testing it out. Oh theres, a tree there whats it going to do over that tree. No problem its going up in the air so going up in the air is not a good thing because up in the air theres a lot of branches that it may not see did it finally figure out a spot to turn around. Oh. This should be interesting. Wheres it gon na go where is it gon na go? Look at that? Does it still have me, look at this, its stuck behind all those branches. Oh my god, did you see that holy cow that was pretty impressive? There was no way i thought it was going to get out of that thats pretty good. You know the best. The best drone on the planet for active track is the skydeal. Nothing beats the skydeal.

You know this. This doesnt even come close to the skydeal. However, for a drone of this size, which is really not designed for active track, its more for filming, ah thats, pretty darn decent ill, tell you that much so uh two thumbs up from me as i walk through the mud and almost slip and fall on my Backside well since, were still walking here ill answer. Another question: a lot of people ask they said: is it really portable take a look at this? My backpack has all my camera gear in it, ive got microphones batteries, tripods bigger cameras, smaller cameras. I also throw this little camera in the backpack as well. It is quite portable and i just have to throw that little drone and this little screen and were all good now that its dark here, you might be able to see the screen on there. Can you see it, can you see what it looks like i got here ill show it this way. Can you see the screen now? Looking at my gopro here on my head thats, what it looks like as im walking here there we go. Is it bright enough? I dont know the angle: does the gopro pick up if its dark and not bright, sunlight on your screen, then it looks really good but out on a bright sunny day. It just goes pretty much black all right so, for the end. Lets just pick up speed here and come on out as im limping through and back out into the wind Applause Music, all right, so the mini 3 pro is there and it does have a camera on the front that can spin vertically.

And you have a little item on your screen at the top right here or well. Halfway down on the right hand, side that you touch it and youll go vertical there. We go so now im in vertical mode and im going to put the record on and its gon na record me in vertical mode, and the video will be all vertical all its done. As you see the camera, i dont know if you can really see it up front, the camera is now vertical, so the whole image has gone from this way to this way, so you get 4k just vertical anyways. This is more for social media. You can do a lot of the features uh. I thought it had a tracking hang on a second. This is for social media. You can do a lot of the features. Youd normally do when its in you know horizontal mode, because it really doesnt matter if its in vertical mode, so uh yeah its. If thats what youre into its pretty good theres, only one major problem with it. And that is that, when dji added that it was kind of an afterthought, i think you know why i think somebody came up with the idea lets do this or make it different than other drones on the market. But the problem is: if you look at my screen, can you see it on there? All i have is black on this side, black on this side and a little strip in the center, which is the vertical video.

It does not have the ability when you turn this sideways, the screen does not flip and i do not get a whole vertical image. Like this, and and no way am i able to walk around and look at it like that, so i get a tiny little picture that is, unfortunately, what you get on the mini 3 pro dji has not fixed the controller so that it goes sideways. If you buy an autel evo light, they have a different system for vertical mode and its a million times better than the dji system, because its really good as soon as you turn sideways, it just turns everything into vertical mode. It uses a different system, but its much more applicable to people that would want to film in vertical. This is more like a gimmicky thing that you know some people will use that want to put their stuff on tick, tock and all the social media sites and stuff like that. Now, if you look at my screen record, uh ill show you right here. I still have the ability for all these settings. I can do master shots in vertical. I could take photos and vertical. I could do quick shots hyperlapse everything in vertical, because its just turning the camera sideways thats it so myself as a youtuber who does youtube reviews and everything. I have no need at this time for vertical mode. However, if i wanted to post my reviews and other things on social media to do quick short videos, you know, like even youtube, has the shorts uh.

Then this here vertical mode, is a bonus except that im stuck with vertical mode, and i never have the horizontal mode to make a really good video, okay, im gon na, take it out of vertical mode and go back into lovely horizontal mode. Oh and its its starting to rain a little bit now and to answer the last question, or at least the last one at this point: uh no, its, not waterproof. You cannot fly this in the rain. This drone has a vtx video transmission system in it. That requires uh an awful lot of cooling. That is why this drone overheats an awful lot. If i put this drone down on the ground and leave, it turned on its going to overheat and shut itself off, and then you cant use it for a while. If youre flying and its not super hot out, you can fly forever but uh because of that theres a lot of holes in it to get the venting going its definitely not waterproof whatsoever, hey back to me so normally in any of my videos. At this point, i would normally show you an unboxing. However, i do not want to put you to sleep with an unboxing at this point, so ill show you an unboxing in future videos, maybe part two or part three or part, four youll see the unboxing and ill show you some cool things with that with comparisons Against the dji mini 2 and the evo nano plus youll see that coming up in future videos with this little guy.

So for now all im going to say is i put links below where you can buy this product. Uh buy it off. Amazon, buy it off the dji store, buy it off other stores, ill put some links below go check it out, see if its for you remember.