Should you Music, and here it is dji mini 3 with dji rc comes in this nicely designed box inside the box were greeted with mini 3 pro, and the first thing that catches my attention about this tiny drone is that its a little bigger than its predecessors And has wider arms, the camera is mounted on a brand new gimbal. Also, the camera can look up and rotate 90 degrees if you want to shoot vertical photos and videos mini 3. Pro comes with this battery that has 249 gram marking on it and thats, because theres also another battery with bigger capacity, but, of course, with bigger capacity comes bigger weight and the mini 3 pro passes 249 gram limit mini 3 pro has downward backward and forward sensors. It has smart features like focus tracking point of interest and spotlight. It can shoot up to 4k 60 frames per second d cine like video, 12 or 48 megapixel photos, and we will be talking about all of that later. Underneath the drone were greeted with the brand new remote that has its own screen and dji fly app. This remote has removable, sticks and all the buttons and dials you need to operate. The drone the screen is bright, the processor is fast enough. Touch response is just as youd expect it is light and the antennas are inside. Besides that theres a usbc to usbc cable, a screwdriver to change the propellers some papers and an extra set of propellers.

If you get to fly more kit, plus that comes with a bag, two extra batteries with higher capacity battery charging hub usb a to usb c cable and two sets of propellers the bag, is very functional and holds everything and a little more charging hop has battery Level indicators and the hub can be used to charge other stuff as well. Music me, Music. This is djs brand new drone, dji mini 3, and it is incredible. I dont know what else to say about it. If you never had a drone, this is the one you want. If you had a drone, this is the one you want. I dont know how they made this. First of all, the tracking works great. The flying is great. The handling is great everything about. It is really good and really refined. Also, all the features are ready right now lets talk about the specs a little bit because theres a lot going on at the front. We have a 48 megapixel camera with f 1.7 aperture and it has 82.1 degrees field of view, which is wide enough, but you can also get an ultra wide angle lens attachment to it. If you want its a 24 millimeter equivalent lens, which is fantastic, this thing has focus its not fixed focus and it focuses literally when youre in manual focus from this distance. But if you set it to autofocus, i think it focuses from a little far away. You can get really nice natural depth of field effects using the camera on this thing, but the thing that makes this camera so special that it has dual iso and they work at the same time.

Imagine one pixel. This thing sees a pixel with two different light information and combines them in its chip. It has internal storage too, which is really important, because when you forget your memory card, you can still record some stuff also like when this drone is sitting on the table and its time for a firmware update and if theres no memory card in it. Usually the most products dont update without a memory card because it has internal storage, it will update so its a huge plus to have internal storage every device doesnt matter. How much should have a little bit of internal storage in them. It has 4k 60 frames per. Second, video capability up to 4k 30 frames per second, it does that dual iso thingy and i think after that, up to 4k 60 frames per second that thing gets cancelled out, because in low light i was able to see a difference between the 30 and 60.. Also, it has a 2x digital zoom at 4k 3x digital zoom at 2.7, k, 4x digital zoom at 1080p. Also, we have slow motion. It can record 1080p 120 frames per second, which is always great, and i tried it its really nice. The gimbal on this drone can look up now. This is such a great feature gives you so much more flexibility when you want to look at the clouds or when youre down below, and you want to look at the tree or you want to film yourself like a heroic shot.

You can achieve all of that. Also, it rotates for portrait video. Now, if you remember my mavic video, i said if you film in portrait mall, i will find you times have changed. I got ta eat what i said back there. Now we have tick tock, which is my favorite platform in all internet, and then we have instagram reels and then we have youtube shorts. So now we actually need the portrait video and this thing instead of cropping a regular video. You can film directly in the portrait mode, which gives you better understanding of your framing, which gives you a better understanding of whats, going on better, better image quality because youre not cropping and zooming. In so its a really good feature. And i like it, a lot and ive been using it im. Sorry past self, but times have changed. You got to move on. This thing has forward sensors backward sensors and downward sensors, which means this thing has now object sensing it can either go around it or it can stop objective. One is its just gon na come towards you and its just gon na stop. So, no matter how much i push the stick forward, its not gon na go because it knows its an object there, but with a pass and select bypass so now, im just gon na push forward and its going to the side, its just avoiding you. This is a great feature. Lets do this im going to go down like that, just gon na push forward its gon na come close to us and boom just goes from the side in the remote we have a setting that senses objects.

You can go and turn that on so when it sees someone or when sees a car or stuff like that, it shows a plus on the screen and you can just tap on it and start following it. We have that plastic part at the end of the propellers, and this thing sounds so much quieter. A drone this size usually sounds very loud, but not this one. This is really quiet. So as soon as you start moving as soon as you fly away a little bit its not going to disturb anyone, you can fly around easily while people are watching the sunrise or sunset. Its not gon na be an annoyance with a tiny drone that just goes Music. This drone handles really well dji perfect. It is so good that i i wasnt surprised. I think this is the best handling mini drone ive ever flown. It doesnt feel like mini at all. It was really good in the past, it is refined and it is much better now as soon as you start flying this, you will realize with the standard battery the wind resistance is better. I can see it, but with the battery plus its so much better dji says with battery plus you can fly for 47 minutes and with the regular battery you can fly for 34 minutes. Of course, all of that is done in perfect conditions. In my tests i was flying around switching between mods in sport mode filming in 4k.

I was doing everything so i was using it as you would use it and with the battery plus, i was able to pass 30 minutes really easily and with the regular battery. I was at 27 minutes im gon na put something here. This is, as far as i remember. I think it was 27 minutes. The range is 12 kilometers, which is bananas it, but the its not like youre gon na go and fly 12 kilometers away. This also means how strong the connection is to your remote, so when youre flying around, if theres interference and stuff like that, it just means this is so much stronger than previous ones. Maximum speed is 57.6 kilometers, which is really fun for a drone this size and it doesnt. It does a lot of things about this. Drone doesnt make sense, and while i was following the car, it didnt make sense. I was catching up to the car and we were on the phone. At the same time, we were giving each other directions, you know theres no cars coming or this, and that we were on a very secluded road. Anyway, we drove hours away to be able to get that shot. It also has all the smart features like master shots, quick shots, hyperlapse and then panorama, and the price is interesting. Dji did something new this time. If you just want to get the drone, you can just get the drone and its 669 just a drone.

So if you have the previous remote, you can use it with this drone. But if you want to get the dji mini 3 pro with the standard remote, it is 759 and if you want to get it with this one dji rc, it is 909 909. If my notes are wrong, i dont think my notes are wrong. Let me see here: this is a pretty good remote processor in it is not the fastest processor, its not slow, but its. Not. You know as fast as your phone. The screen is surprisingly bright, it is really bright and the touch response is really good. Also, this remote design is really nice, its a really light remote. We have two buttons here. We have two dials and then two buttons. Here we have the return home, stop the smart flight turn on and off mode change, and the sticks feel really good too sticks come off. You can put them back here. We have a little cooling grill here, all right so far. Everything has been incredible, but lets talk about some stuff that may need some improvements or you know you should know about. First of all, if you turn this drone on and leave it on the table for a while it overheats and when it overheats it doesnt take off. So keep that in mind with the firmware i had with the firmware im flying right now. Maybe it will change in the future if its sitting on the desk and its been on for a while.

This happened to me, while i was doing the image quality test, so it was sitting on the desk for for a while. Maybe, like 10 15 minutes turned on with the wings closed and everything, so i got the overheat sign and then the overheat sign said its not going to take off its, not a big deal. You can immediately change the battery and it is so light its like an empty cam. When you take the battery out, you can easily cool it down and start flying in no time, but keep that in mind. You know how i always make fun and say: if youre not able to put the cover onto the lens, then youre not qualified enough to fly a drone. Well, this got me this cover is, is really weird because, as youre trying to put it youre look at this this this one is this one is a challenge so im not sure if i, if i like this, cover, is challenging to put it on. There is no tracking in vertical mode because theres not enough uh space, for it to see and start following you, so theres, no tracking or point of interest or uh spotlight in vertical video, also theres, no tracking about about 30 frames per second in 4k. And, of course, as i mentioned before, there is no hq high quality video about 30 frames per second in 4k, and the zoom is digital, so dji action 2 over samples.

So if you change the field of view, if you zoom in its actually done over the sensor, so you dont lose image cloud, which is something amazing that we have on a tiny action camera. But this one when it zooms in, is it its an actual digital zoom, so theres theres a quality loss there and i think, when the tracking is on, the footage gets a little bit shaky its not as smooth as the bigger drones. Actually, by the time you watch this video, most of those bugs could be fixed as well. In the end, this is a fantastic mini drone with very impressive features. I am blown away by the image quality that comes out of this tiny drone, and i cannot wait to push it to its limits to see what else it can do. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode and i hope you enjoyed it. I mean, ah finally, im back with a real nice product having a great time. The entire journey about this review has been fantastic. I was in vegas i drove around. I flew it. It was really good, but as usual, what matters is what you think. What did you think about this drone? Is this something you want to buy? What kind of drones do you fly? Do you like autonomous drones? Do you like fpv? Do you think theres a place for this, for you if you never had a drone? If this sparks your attention, go and check it out, come find me on tik, tok and instagram im posting a lot of content over.

There were kind of like spreading out a little bit but come find me there and until i see the next time, take really good care of yourselves and hosh chocolate. Music.