This thing is just amazing: Music. The dji mini 3. Is the price ride for this drone? Where does it leave the air to s? Is it actually that good today is super windy? Lets? Go and find out: Music Applause, Music, Music, a one 1.3 inch sensor up to 48 megapixel photos, 34 minutes flight time, vertical, shooting intelligent flight modes, tracking and sensing systems and, of course, all that fit into each up to 50 grams. Drone hows that even possible dji is marketing the mini 3s, the right drone for beginners, like an entry level, drone and im, not sure guys, because i think this thing is capable of way more than that. I mean just reading the space and everything i think we can do great and achieve great footage with this little thing, oh, and by the way guys, we have already made the comparison versus the hotel, nano plus versus the air 2s and many more crazy videos yeah. You know, as you know, us sub, if youre not yet, because the next weeks are gon na be amazing. First of all, having a bigger sensor now and a low aperture at f 1.7 allows us to look at this. Have an astonishing low light performance. Small image sensor sizes are mainly a pain when shooting, with little light, as many artifacts start to appear and your whole image gets destroyed. This quality is beyond amazing for a tiny drone, honestly Music. What about vertical? Shooting guys? Because with just one tab, you can go into this vertical mode and honestly, i dont know any like popular drone.

That has this feature yet, and this is great for especially social media right, if you just like sharing your stuff on tick, tock on instagram reels and all that, just by one tab, you can record in vertical mode. You forget about all the sequences and changing the settings in premiere or whatever software youre using and its as easy as that, and you can download that to your phone and upload right directly, isnt that amazing, hey guys, look at this just im doing the indoor studio Shots – and i just found out one of the props – is missing the tip so weve been flying out there in the windiest day without the full potential of the propellers, which makes this drone even more amazing, just a small hint guys. You know what were known for on youtube right: our crazy crash tests. Now we do recommend, of course, you to throw water or fly your drone straight into a wall, but i have to tell you that theres, the jazz care refresh it is to be bought separately from the drone. But the good thing it covers. You crashes, fly aways and water damage yeah. Well, if you do what we do just dont film it you send your drone to dji and once they receive it, they immediately ship you a new one and they cover both shipping. So thats good youll also find the link in the description just in case youre interested and heres.

The fun part im giving away one dji care service for the mini 3 pro for you guys commenting this video just put this emoji in your comment, and i will choose this sunday may 15th, a winner plus im doing a live stream. Also this thursday, the 12th, where youll be able to ask me any question about the mini 3 pro and youll, have a chance to get another k. Rephrase so stay tuned comment the emoji down below you can also, of course, write your regular comment. Like i love this drone, or i hate this drone and add the emoji at the end of the comment, thatll count too and of course, the more comments you post, the more chances to win just two very quick things. First of all, im not getting paid for this video, which means that all im saying is my pure personal opinion and second, thank you a lot guys for supporting me and this channel by purchasing always my drone pilot sunglasses that i use in all my videos. It makes me so proud and just in case the links in the description thanks, Music well guys by the way the footage was pretty decent for the whole wind, its its super windy. I mean you can see it right and um theres some jello effect. I saw, but this is because we dont use nd filters right now, im not sure if theyre not being made yet or what we have to fly more combo of this mini three and there were not any filters included, so maybe theyre coming in the future.

I dont know um, as were filming this pre release right, so lets talk about the controllers. What about this guys im? Absolutely in love with this controller. Ever since the phantom 4 pro plus version, remember that controller had also its own screen that you dont have to use your own phone, which is amazing, no draining batteries, no problems with the screen, brightness or whatsoever. This thing is super bright were here in the snow. Now, with a little bit of sun – and i could still perfectly see my screen – and this is actually the mavic 3 controller – you know its like there – isnt its, not even fair anymore, so im going to be expecting this controller in all next dji drones. Im! Sorry about this now the design is completely new and looks fresh. As far as i know, dji says this is for a more efficient use of the battery and a longer flight time. We have now up to 34 minutes flight time and outside europe. You can purchase also the pro battery, which increases the flight time up to 47 minutes, which is absolutely insane its not available in europe due to, of course, regulations and problems. By the way, we have to fly more combo, which includes two extra batteries and the charging hub and the classical messenger bag, and a few extra props all priced for 189 euros. A few other highlights of this drone worth mentioning are the sensing system.

This directional forward backward and down make also available a decent focus, track and apas, and let me quickly show it to you, Music, the tracking went pretty well here and im pretty satisfied with the results and yeah for a tiny drone. This is just amazing. Now we have a new ocusync, the o3, which gives us up to 12 kilometer range, plus a 1080p feed on your screen, which is honestly insane. We know this from the mavic 3 and i really cant think of going back to a drone that does not deliver this for beginners. We also have all the nice intelligent flight modes, which are helpful, especially if youre new to the drone world Music. Well guys before finishing this video and giving you my personal opinion on what i think about this drone, how its made and everything, i must remind you that its a sub 250 gram drone, i mean, with all those crazy drone laws and regulations coming um. I still have a little bit of hope in that category, because i think the next big thing are gon na be this kind of drone. This is also because it may be that expensive and we have now not only djr but also hotel and other brands, doing this kind of drones and remember they are exempt of many drone laws and regulations, but not all of them so still be cautious. Be careful with yourself and what you do to other people and use your head.

You know that i have not been talking about drone laws and regulations in this video, because each country is different, so make sure to check your local laws and drone regulations and make sure to be safe, always by the way guys. One of the things that i dont like about the mini 3, is that the batteries dont show exactly how much percentage is left. Theres no screen theres no led theres, nothing. So unless you put it inside the hub or inside the drone and press the button. Theres. No other way to know how much battery is left in one of your batteries, which you know my personal opinion. Well, it was a ultra windy day, which means that this little drone is strong enough to even fly and film properly in harsh conditions. Then the ability to film and shoot in 4k 60 the 03 make this little drone. As the name says, a pro drone honestly just labeling. This throne is a beginner drone. I dont think thats right at all. We still have the upcoming flat color profile like cinelike, or something like that, which um will it make a final absolute beast as right now i do think that the footage is still a little bit too contrasted and again you see the dji name, the pro, which Makes me think that, for this price well also see eventually a se version or light version or whatever they want to call it where they probably will cut off a few of the top specs.

I do believe paying this price may make many beginners just say: hey im, getting the older or the mini 2 or i dont, know well see and im really curious about all that you think of this prize, the quality. Let me know in the comments anything you want if you make it this far, and i really hope that you enjoyed this video and always remember to keep calm at that qavy. Oh, my goodness guys. This is probably the windiest days. Oh the windiest days perdon. I really hope that you enjoyed this video hope that you enjoyed hold on.