So, if youre into filmmaking and cinematic drone footage stick around Music Applause, what is happening? Everybody? It is your boy sean and i mean whatever you are youre doing fantastic. Now i dont know if you saw the video i made shot entirely on the djis mini 3 pro, if you didnt pause this video right now and click the link right here and go watch that now before i start telling you what i think of this drone, I want to read to you one of the comments that that specific video got on youtube. To be honest with you, i havent made a video that has gotten so much love and so many positive comments in such short period of time that has been posted. So i am thankful, thank you guys, so let me go ahead and read it to you at first i was mesmerized as this played it got way too big budget and unreal, the saddest part very little if any of this was shot on the mini 3 pro Its beautiful it is just not real dont, even bother trying to sell this thing, as mini 3 fridge. Now i havent responded to this comment yet because i was saving it for now, so, mr or mrs ballet, if youre watching here it is at first to be honest with you, i was offended. I was like man im, not a liar. I wouldnt lie to my audience. This is not a sponsored video.

Do you know what i mean then i was like hold on a minute lets. Look at this in a positive manner, theres. Some huge compliments hitting in this comment. First of all, if this thing looks like it was shot with some drone better than the mini 3 pro and from your name, it looks like youre, a drone pilot im guessing if youre a drone pilot and youre saying that this means that the mini 3 pro Quality must be really good right, so that is one honest positive feedback on the drone, and the part that makes me proud is where you say that this is way too big of a budget. I mean the truth of the matter. Is i had no budget for this video matter of fact, this is as low budget as it gets. If you want to fly to another country and film, some drone footage. All i paid was my airbnb and my flight tickets, and i ate a donor kebab every day which the donor crew up in istanbul is unbelievable. You should try, but the fact that you come out and say that means the word to me, because this is my mentality with every project. I am not satisfied by taking a camera, whether its a phone camera or a drone back to my backyard and create a cinematic video with it, not that theres anything wrong with that its just not my style. I always try to go out of my way to make your video look high budget, like the mavic 3, where i spend months trying to get a permit to fly in a city like rome to make the footage look more outstanding.

So all in all, thank you for your comments. Now, let me tell you what i think of the mini 3 pro i think by now. You might have a good idea of what i think of this little baby right here and as a cinematographer i got ta say i simply love it and for someone whos at the edge for producing cinematic footage. Ever since i was 14, i tend to gravitate to any device that can produce high end cinematic footage and this little guy right here. Not only didnt disappoint me, but for such a small drone. It definitely surprised the hell out of me and it really blew my mind when i saw what it can do at night. Tell me if you agree with me when i say a killer, drone shot at night beats a daylight drone shot any day of the week. Right now go in the comments and tell me if you agree with me or not, i mean excluding the inspired drones with the mavic 3, where they all cost over three thousand dollars, with their amazing full frame, sensors. Everything else that dji built has built so far. The mavic pro 2s and the air 2s – they both film, beautiful daylight footage and they perform amazingly at sunsets, but right after about a few minutes after sunsets when it starts to get dark, youre gon na have to land and pack that drone up and call it A day right now, i know some of you are like.

I can denounce my footage with a plugin. Well, my friend you dont, have to do that with the mini 3 pro because of the aperture, you get a beautiful night footage without any noise. Just look at this footage straight out of the drone, no color grading whatsoever. As we speak, im making a comparison, video from the mavic 3 and the mini 3 pros footage. It will be available in a week. I will put a link for you right up here, where i will dive deep into comparing the footages of both of these drones, but im going to show you a sneak peek, so lets put some shots from both drones next to each other and compare them quickly. Right here in this video now lets have a look at this shot. The mavic 3 is killer at night. We already know that, but this shot was shot at 800 iso, its a little bit noisy, but after i denoised it, it looked pretty good. Now. Lets look at the same shot, ungraded from the mini 3, pro its unbelievable. In my opinion. Now this is pitch black. We dont expect to see any details in the shadows anyways, but this image is noise free and it looks beautiful. In my opinion, you be the judge, its really the f 1.7, that is allowing so much light hitting the sensor and lets have a look at some of the more shots from the military at night, Music Music.

So i think this feature alone makes this drone worth buying, but thats just obviously my opinion. Now. What else do i like about this drone uh with the latest update it shoots 10 bits, and it has all the shooting features that the mavic 3 has such as the hyperlapse, the master, shots and whatnot. It takes amazing, 48 megapixel photos, which means, as for cinematographer, you can have better looking hyper lapses and the gimbal rotates vertically. I personally didnt use this much because most of the content i create is for youtube, but if thats something that youre into you create more content for instagram. This is something that will definitely be an advantage for you, because you know you dont have to obviously crop your sensor now. The main selling point for this drone by dji was that it weighs less than 250 grams 249, and i can speak for europe because this is where i live, and you know if your drone weighs less than 250 grams. You dont need to get a license like it was hard to get a license to begin with, but this does not mean that you can take this drone and fly it pretty much over anything you want. You cannot, for example, fly within rome, because rome is a no fly zone. It doesnt matter how small your drone is. You still need a permit to fly in such places, so the 249 grams for people like me who like to fly in special places, doesnt really make a difference.

I mean i will enjoy traveling with it because of its size and weight. This thing is not loud at all, you know its so tiny. If you fly up really fast, you wont even hear it. You wont even see it and you wont be disturbing the people around you as much as if you were flying a mavic tree now. I usually talk about the negative points of a device when i talk about its positive points, but in this case the negative points im going to talk about are not necessarily negative things because mainly im comparing it to my mavic tree, because dji went ahead and put The pro name in the title and in some cases it gets up there with the pro drones, considering its size and price, but lets go ahead and talk about some of these points. Number one thing is the sensor after flying the mavic 3. Definitely i felt a downgrade from a full frame sensor to the one over 1.3 sensor of the mini 3 pro, which is, i think, approximately 1 4 of a full frame sensor i mean i could easily match my mavic 3 footage with my sony alpha 7s3, but The mini 3 footage was a little bit too sharp. You could definitely feel that its not full frame, and that was one of the main things that was bothering me. That being said, when its night time and you convert it to a regular eye, might even like the more contrasty sharp image of the mini tree but ill.

Let you be the touch of that. I got the version with the rc controller. Lets talk about the rc controller, the image quality and the brightness that comes out of this is amazing, apparently its not as bright as the rc pro, and the only thing i didnt like about this thing was that every time i had to connect it to my Phones hotspot to get internet to be able to see the map and because i use the map option a lot, especially when i want to fly to home point. And i want to fly fast and i want to get away from seagulls by the way. If youre a drone pilot and if you hate seagulls, raise your hand, great im, not alone, another thing i want to talk about is the battery, and unfortunately, i couldnt get my hands on the fly more combo to get more batteries, and it really set me back With the istanbul project, you know i wasnt able to get all the shots that i wanted to get because of the limited time of battery. I had okay lets charge. This thing we only have one battery for the mini three pro. Unfortunately, i couldnt get one in time, so were gon na have to charge this with a power bank and get ready before it gets too dark. So i would take off get my shots. Come back charge it with a you know, a fast cab using a fast cable and a fast power bank, and then i would go over for another round and you know thats not fun.

Now, theres, obviously more things. We can talk about this drone, but im not really diving too much deep into you know, for example, the photography aspect of it for 99 of the time. I use this drone to create cinematic footage. Now i want to talk to you about the settings i used in the istanbul project lets get to that. So first things. First, i only shoot in pro mode. My mind wont function properly. When i see the little auto sign, i always switch to pro, and these are the things that i check in order. First, i make sure im shooting in this analog picture profile, so i can have that nice dynamic range. Then i decide my resolution and frame rate, and the resolution is always 4k, of course, and the frame rate, depending on the time of the day, i would choose between 50 frames per second for daylight and 25 frames per second at night. Shots because i want to be able to get more light into the sensor, because the shutter speed is supposed to be always double the number of the frame rate. And if i was shooting 50 frames per second at night, which meant my shutter speed had to be at 100 now, because i was flying mostly at dark scenarios, my shutter speed was not higher than 50 or 100, so i didnt need any nd filters. I usually like to fly with the sensors off, so i can get close to objects, but i left the sensors on in this specific project, mainly because i was flying over historic buildings and i usually like to fly close to things because thats, what makes a drone Shot unique, but in this case i was flying over mosques that date back to 1300 years ago.

So no thank you. I kept the sensors on, however, when it got dark, i had no sensors on, so you can imagine how scared i was – and i cant wait for the day where to make drones with sensors that are not only optical now that pretty much wraps it up for A review of the dji mini 3 pro. However, i want to give you a tip on color grading. This drones footage in order to get it out of the log. You need a lot to make your life a lot easier. Now dji created one made it available to download on the website for the mavic 3, but not for the mini tree. So i went ahead and created one for you. You can download it for free link in the description and, if you like how i color graded my footage, i just created a variety of set of lots designed for the mini 3. Pro make sure you check them out, link in the description and they are for sale only for a limited time, all right, guys and girls, if you like this video, make sure to hit that like button also kindly subscribe to my channel.