Free pro ive come down to ronda now rondas down in the south of spain, so its a lovely area and, as you can see there, the suns just starting to go down, but i think were not gon na get a good sunset tonight. Now the drone ive been flying it now for a couple of weeks now, uh and the things ive noticed lately. Now a lot of guys have been saying that theyre free hasnt got any distance. Well, i can safely say: mines had no problems with distance im, not going to sell farm went but ive had no problems with distance and also height. But the only thing i have noticed lately is the screen: will black out and say go to fly um? Obviously, the drones still up there and its still videoing thats one of the things that ive noticed recently that obviously um will need to be sorted out by dji and newer updates, no doubt but other than that, still fantastic, but drawn ill. Give you ill show you some footage of what ive done today with the pro still a lovely drone. I still love it. Obviously, its got a few glitches at the moment, but then thats because its a new drone, its a little bit hot, the temperature here at the moment i mean – were talking off eight in the evening 33 um. But the drones done well, i must say, im most impressed with it, so i just thought id put this out in another review uh for a couple weeks now, because i know theres still a lot of you guys, especially in the us, are still waiting for you.

Your money free guys when you get it youre gon na love it. I know its had a few problems, but guys once you start to get used to this drone, its its fantastic so as always fly safe, uh and yeah.