So the expectations are even higher. It looks, unlike anything weve seen before from dji with a whole bunch of new features, so lets get straight into it. Just a quick disclaimer, we are endorsed by dji in any way we buy these products as they brought out and give honest and real reactions to anything we review. So the way this review is going to work is ill talk about the design and price of the drone. Then the specs and new features of this mini 3 pro then ill. Go into a footage. Comparison footage a footage comparison, comparing the mini 3 pro to the mini 2, the autel nano plus and the mavic 3. finally ill give an overview share some of my personal thoughts on the drone itself and how i think it could have been improved without further ado Lets finally get into it, so the mini 3 pro base model comes in at 709 pounds here in the uk, which comes with the dji rcn1, which youll see with most drones. There is also an option of buying it with the new dji rc version 3, which will come in at 859 pounds we arent going to be using that today, but keep an eye out for a future video on this brand new controller. There is also an option to buy this drone without any controller. If you already own one of these basic dji controllers, which i think is a great option from dji as were getting a lot of customers who are swapping this with their mini 2 or their air 2s, those kind of drones which already come with this in terms Of getting extra flight time, the fly motor kit will cost you an x 159 pounds with that youll get two extra batteries charging hub for all your batteries, a complete backup set of propellers and a nice bag to keep it all together.

This kit is difficult to source at the moment, but im sure itll become more easily available with time. So if you were to buy the fly more kit and the new controller, then youre, looking at around 1018 pounds for the whole package, a significant jump in terms of the mini 2s price on release. But dont forget this is a pro version, so lets get into what makes it a pro so design wise. There are some big differences between this new drone and its predecessor, the mini 2., its slightly bigger, but its the same weight. Of course, the front arms are longer as well as the propellers, so it will handle even stronger winds than the mini 2, with dji claiming up to 24 miles per hour, but well be testing that fully in a future. Video as i believe it could go higher with this new frame, the arms are raised a good one to two inches off the ground, which makes it take off and landing from difficult areas. A lot easier, a small change that im extremely happy about, which is the battery power button being on top, as opposed to being on the bottom. The biggest changes are, of course, the cameras and the sensors, which brings us onto specs and new features, so features wise. Its 249 grams, of course, to keep it as regulation friendly as possible for many of the drone laws around the world. It has the usual master, shots and time lapses, but everything else is new.

The new mini 3 pro now offers tri directional sensing. So, unlike the previous model of the mini 2, which could only sense downwards, it offers forwards and backwards. It has a 34 minute max flight time and it also offers batteries that can fly up to 47 minutes. But these will take the drone over the 249 gram weight that makes it so sought after, and these are only available in select countries of which europe as a whole isnt one of them for the first time a mini offers active track and ill be testing. This fully in a future video so make sure to subscribe and keep an eye out for that down the line. It also offers 12 kilometer 1080p video transmission. A brand new feature to any dji drone is what they are calling true vertical: shooting, where the camera can roll 90 degrees and film vertically for social media. Tick tock. Anything like that so, and this is something thats growing and its a request among certain clients. In the industry thats happening more often, it also offers hyper lapses for this first time on a mini drone. Another feature that is brand new to dji drones is a unique design for low angle shots with a tilt of up to 60 degrees, which is more than any other dji drone. So video wise, it can record up to 4k 60fps and 1080p at 120fps. So a massive potential for high quality, slow motion, footage, which is astonishing for this size of drone.

Of course, the camera has been significantly increased with a one over 1.3 inch cm os sensor, cmos sensor that offers dual native iso and an astonishing 48 megapixels. It also offers a d cine, like color profile, with up to 10 bit. So this really is what youre starting to see when the pro aspects come into play. So, for the first time we have a drone that is under 250 grams and with quick picture quality that holds up against drones, three times its size, so to fully test the drone lets get on to the footage comparison. So here is some footage: comparing the mini 3 pro to the mini 2 autel, nano plus and the mavic 3. All the settings are the same, with everything being shot in 4k 30fps and with the same white balance. In my opinion, the footage looks closest to the mavic 3, which gives you a great insight as to how good this new camera is. The main differences are, of course, color, but, as ive said before, the color profile of a camera can be the difference between a thousand pounds and ten thousand pound camera im. Just going to hold the footage for a bit to give you a proper look, then well get into the final overview. So, in my opinion, this drone is very much worthy of the pro title and for me i need to get my hands on the unreleased nd filters to fully reap the rewards, but its the first mini drone.

Ive come across that offers nd filters, so this in itself is amazing. I think the price is fair and will come down over time like most bits of tech, but for now it is what it is. There are some things i would have liked to have seen or would have liked to seen on the next model, such as upward sensing as thats, where a lot of crashes can happen with things like return to home and just sort of flying upwards is always going To be a bit of a problem with twigs and stuff after the mavic 3 came out with its fully wrapped case. I have to say i no longer have time for the plastic cases, so it would have been nice to have a smaller version of that. Come with this drone, this truly vertical filming is great, but i wish they went one further and offered a feature for the camera to roll all the way around, like you can do with the ronin gimbal to make for some really cool shots as well as this, The 1.2 gigabyte of built in storage is great, but realistically thats going to give you two. Maybe three shots worth so just a little bit more would have been nice. Finally, from a repair side of our company, we can tell you that these drones wont be as easily repaired as the legs go further into the body and leg. Repairs are a lot of what we do so keep that in mind and maybe consider getting the dji care package when buying this drone.

I personally dont see this as a successor to its previous model mini 2, as i believe that drone definitely still has a place in the market. However, like its called its a pro version of it for people that are willing to spend a little bit extra on a drone that can avoid regulations but have the best picture quality possible, i will be doing a full video on the mini 2 versus the mini 3 pro so keep an eye out for that as well.