Dji has given me early access to this drone, so ive been testing it out for the past couple of weeks. To give you a review on launch day its not a paid review, but i got ta say ive been having so much fun with this thing, its so tiny. Now importantly, something that i think people are gon na get wrong. Is that this drone isnt really comparable to djis mini drone series? In fact, dji made it clear to me that its not so much of a next gen mini its more of a pro drone in a mini form factor. Personally, i think this drone is comparable to the dji air 2s, but a lot smaller and only weighing 249 grams. How much does an iphone 13 pro weigh 204 grams? What like what? What was that sound? So this size and weight class actually puts this in the lowest and safest class of drones, and in some countries this can actually make the drone exempt from certain regulations, which makes it pretty great for beginners or even professionals who just want to pick up a drone And quickly get some awesome drone footage, especially when the drone itself has a 3 axis mechanical gimbal. It shoots at 4k resolution up to 60 frames per second, and by the way the propellers are reasonably quiet, which is a great bonus. This is crazy sport mode its. So zippy, but anyway, whats even more exciting about this drone is the controller that comes with it.

So i got the fly more kit with this drone highly recommend it comes with extra batteries and spare props and it fits the controller. The spare batteries and the drone perfectly so this controller is so exciting because its totally new and has a 1080p hd built in screen, and i believe its also 30fps and you dont – need your phone. You dont need this. I couldnt let go of it. You got the uh, little control sticks on the back and you just take them out and screw them on when youre ready to fly and then once youve done that you know, youve got your on and off button. Your mode switch, which has like a sport mode. A normal mode and a city mode which is super smooth and youve, got your pause or bring back the drone to the home landing point button on the back. You have the recording button and the photo button which you can half press to focus and then full press to take a photo. Then youve also got two dials in the back. The left dial adjusts the camera tilt on the gimbal, so you can go down by 90 degrees or up by 60 degrees and then the right uh control, zooms in or out the quality of the footage when zoomed is a little. So so, but you can get some, you know reasonable footage this way. If you need that extra bit of reach and then right on the back here, we have uh two preset control buttons, so you can make these like.

Whatever you want pretty much, oh and i forgot the bottom youve got, these are two little screwys, so you can screw in a lanyard or thread in a little lanyard. So you can hang it off your neck and youve also got the usbc charging port a micro sd slot, so you can screen record whats going on on the screen and even a little host input. This can supply power to external devices, apparently so lets actually try that usbc ill turn the controller on thats on lets plug in my iphone. Oh, it works and its even asking if i want this device to be able to access, uh videos and photos, the controller screen might look a little reflective on camera. For you, but im going to say straight out of the box, it is extremely bright, incredibly touch responsive and its great from all angles like compared to many kind of phones and screens ive used out in the wild in the sunlight. Its really good, like i thought, oh surely its going to be a little its great and you can even tap to focus so its got a bit of a touch screen thing going on or you can adjust the exposure by just sliding your finger up and down. So its just awesome, its got the dji flyout built in just a game changer because before youd have to like clip your phone in and plug it and pair it. But then you have to worry about how much battery your phone has just to be able to see where the drones flying, which you have to do and then, after the drone flight youve, you know used up heaps of your mobile phones battery.

This is so much of a better setup flying this drone with this controller is just an absolute delight and its exactly what youd expect from the experience youve used previously, if youve had one where you need to pay your phone, the drone takes excellent videos and great Photos like ive been taking little like almost drone selfies with this thing, by doing a little focus or tap to focus and look at the quality, its a 48 megapixel camera. Honestly, the video quality out of this thing, especially for a mini drone, is just so good. I showed this video to some of my family members to see what they thought and they were so impressed with the drone footage quality. They were almost actually impressed with me and my youtube video they were like wow. Is this you, like your talent or the drones quality, making it so good its the drone, but im gon na say its me. So, on that note, for creators who are making content for social media, which is often vertical video, there is now native vertical video recording where the gimbal literally rotates vertically to record vertical video content for you, and this is totally new and its really handy. I didnt have the best weather to test this. I kind of did it last minute, but just to show you heres the literal vertical video file format, so cool whats, more is battery life on this thing is really excellent. It competes with the higher tier dji drones.

It lasts for around 25 to 30 minutes, and that is me being cautious and landing the drone when it still has 20 battery left, which you should do but like how good is that? So you know you pack, three of these or four of these batteries. In your bag, you can fly for two hours and the controller easily lasts me two hours, but apparently, according to the spec sheet i saw it can go up to four hours. I guess the only concern with the mini is: how does it go in? You know. Intense wind conditions, because when you have a smaller drone, its harder for it to fight the wind, but this is pretty stable. I flew it in some pretty solid wind conditions cautiously. This is the shot i took. If you were really concerned, you would want to get a bigger drone if you need to fly in these kinds of wind conditions, but i think youd need to be a professional drone pilot to want to have an upgrade from this. So i think it did just fine with that being said, if youre a complete noob to drone flying, make sure to check the weather conditions before you fly, you cant just fly a drone like you know, you can easily buy one these days and get out of The box and fly one, but you really need to check the flight pass if youre allowed to fly in the area and that youre not going to be invading anyones privacy or safety.

Just a good idea to do a bit of research before you fly a drone and maybe even practice kind of at head height in a private place, just kind of make sure youre doing things safely. So, at the end of the day, as a content, creator, thats kind of what i am besides being a tech journalist, this is pretty much the ultimate drone for me, its just a game changer. If youre wanting to make like youtube videos – and you want a drone for it – because its also got the built in features where it can like follow you around – which is called active track and its got quick shot, which are all these preset shots where it will, Like track a subject and do a cool movement around it, so you can do whats called circle. This is the circle effect where it just circles around you or you can do rocket where it shoots up from the ground and films straight down on you. You have to get used to the controls, how the drone moves with the actual remote controller, but it can actually do some shots for you. I suppose the only sort of challenge when it comes to wanting to purchase this drone or not is the price point its a little bit more pricey, especially if you compare it to the mini drones from dji, but you really shouldnt. You should compare it to the mid tier drones like the air 2s, and in that case you are getting a drone that you can set up within a minute its like as fast as taking your camera out of your backpack and like taking a video or a Photo for me its going to sound like im, just obsessed with dji, but i have completely fallen in love with this drone, and i see this as a very solid investment, and i can see myself using this for years to come as just my go to drone.

Whenever i need a drone shot its going to be the mini 3 pro so yeah, let me know what you think in the comments of the drone by the way, and if you have any feedback for this video for me, that would be dope. Give me some engagement on this video please thumbs up, because this is a really new youtube channel. So if you liked it, let me know if you didnt, let me know and uh subscribe if you think you want to come back and hang out some more im.