Dont know how it works, so lets dig into it and see what we got Music all right. So here we have the drone itself. You can see its quite small yeah. This thing is tiny, it i mean it just fits literally right in the palm of my hand and ive got tiny hands, not sure if i should have done that, but looks like theres the gimbal in there, and this is some type of a housing covering removed Before use all right, well, that doesnt mean all right. So let me set this aside and lets see what else is in the box all right, so it comes with its own, looks like its own screen here. So you can see it comes with its own control screen here. This must be. This is the charging port looks like its a usbc charging and some extra some extra um propellers little screwdriver here, looks like its missing um little toggles. Unless you do it like this, let me see if maybe i can find them someplace yeah. So for the life of me, i was looking for the extra toggles and theyre right here right on the back, so thats cool Music, all right piece of cake. So inside this little box is the instructions here and it looks like you just scan a qr code to get the instructions Music all right. So i have everything charged and its getting a little late tonight, but maybe ill do a first run test tonight right.

So its about twilight out tonight you can see here um the screen is pretty good. You can see it pretty well, theres the dji mini 3 pro, as you can see it kind of unfolds this. These arms come out like this, and then these arms come out. Like this and thats how it looks, this looks like a protective cover over the gimbal, so theres a protective cover over the gimbal and theres. Our dji mini 3 pro now im just going to connect it to the aircraft, its not connected thats. What the red the red light means its not connected to the aircraft, so lets connect it, and let me read this and ill get back to you when ive done and now were connected, just agreed to the terms and use this up here. So you can see a little better. Well, something just happened squeaking at me, so while were waiting for this to download im going to go over a few of the features, so these are the three modes that it has. The c is cinematography mode, which im assuming means slow, so it just can take some stay nice and steady and take some nice photos and is normal and then ss sport mode where it can go really fast. The h button is automatic home mode, so you press that and i guess its supposed to come back home and then the pause is like the brakes or the park button or something i guess now.

If we flip it upside down here, weve got a few controllers. Much like a ps, um, ps5 controller, so this one here you can tell its a record button here so thats to record and then over here we have a camera button. Now, if you press it halfway, i think it focuses, and then you press it the full way and itll take a solo photo, and then we have these little scroller knobs that go back and forth. If i remember correctly, this one moves the gimbal, i think up and down um or left and right maybe it does left or right. I dont know well find that out when were doing it and then this one is a zoom one. So this one, i think, zooms in and zooms out, underneath they have some buttons here – the c1 and c2 buttons not quite sure what they do yet, but i figured out. I think it was like a custom thing, but ill have to look more into that before we get started so just waiting on this to download its doing a little light. Dance were about 40 through and well take off in a bit all right. One of the things i cant seem to get right, while its um setting up is, i cant seem to get the sd card to stay in place like i push it in and then just pops out, no matter how much i push it in it.

Just pops right back out um. Now there is a slot on the uh, the the drone itself, where you can put one in it and it clips in just fine there, but down here im having a little issue with this one so well see what happens with that all right. So i was able to get that to snap into place like normal, like a normal sd card, so lets go ahead and connect these again and see how things go. So we got everything unfolded, looks like it says the battery batterys internal. So we dont have to worry about that um. So then this is where i tap it once and then hold it. It should connect start pre flight check perform a safety check before you fly. All right so thats, why that scene, Music, control, aircraft, Music, Music, Music, so got a really nice camera here, Music theres, the drone up there so lets take it for a ride: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right so thats, the dji mini 3 pro rc. I hope you enjoyed it its getting a little dark out here, so im going to go ahead and put this video together, and i hope you enjoyed it. If you did make sure you leave a thumbs up, uh make sure you subscribe and ill see you on the next video talk to you soon, bye, hey guys, so this is todd uh. I just wanted to do a little follow up to talk about any downsides.

That i had with the dji mini 3 pro rc drone thing: um there werent many um. This is the first time ive ever flown a drone. I just got it a couple of hours ago, uh, of course, when, before you fly a drone, you have to plug it in so its been plugged in for a little bit just so its fully charged uh. The instructions were very easy to go through um. I could fly it. You know first time, just like you saw um very easy goes goes wherever i want it to go. Um, the only issues i kind of had was the the sd card like getting it into the the controller, and you just have to have like fingernails. I dont have fingernails, so i cant really push it in so getting it in and out like. Sometimes i had to use like a knife to like kind of poke it to get it in to get it to like clip in and come out um beyond that man. It was pretty easy, like i got, ta give it like two thumbs up or like maybe like one and three quarters thumbs up so um.