Will it take off? Well, yes, it did. I managed to get a first flight with this during sunset and it performed really well. I was super impressed with the low light video coming out of here, but this is also a huge talking point: the dji rc. Is it any good? How does it compare to the rc pro? Is it worth getting? Is this the package that you should probably go for lets find out so once i got these set up, youll see that this controller is beautiful. I am really impressed with this. So if youre sticking around for a spoiler alert, no im not going to go crazy ham on this, i really im impressed with it. So once ive got it set up im going to go through some of the gestures ill put, some of them over on the screen as well of how this is different, im going to be comparing it to the rc pro, because you know this is a direct Comparison, this is called the dji rc, but its also got some limitations, but im also going to talk about and try and answer some of the questions i got on the last video. So on the controller itself, youll notice it doesnt have a 5d button. It doesnt have a back button either on the front of it, so to actually go back on something you just swipe back so once you turn this on, you get a menu.

It goes through the little gestures that you can do to get this working on. The top of it here youll see that youve got a dedicated record button, a dedicated photo button. You hold that once to focus, and then you can hold it down to take a photo and then on here youve got two gimbal wheels. Now one of those is going to control your zoom and the other one controls. The gimbal orientation and the gimbal orientation on here is phenomenal. Ill speak about this in a second but being able to pitch up 60 degrees on here is going to allow for some fantastic creative moves on the back of the controller youll see here that this is where you put the controller sticks at the back here and Youve got a c1 and a c2 customization button and then the vents for the fans on the bottom youll notice youve got this flap here. This holds another usb c port, an sd card reader and then another usb c cord here now ive been using these for file transfers and for charging it. I havent tested this. Yet if you can connect this to say a usbc to hdmi, i will focus on that soon and give you the answers to that. If we look at the controller were going to speak about the screen in a second, but the actual size of it is pretty much identical to the rc pro. The screen is the same size as the rc pro, but the weight a significant difference.

This weighs 385 grams, whereas the rc pro weighs 680 a significant difference, especially for travel that extra weight youre going to notice that straight away, if youre going to be flying quite a long period of time, holding it in your hand, its just effortless its so easy To carry around with you and hold super lightweight a massive massive advantage there. Now another question was about the antennas. The antennas on here uh inbuilt internal antennas. Here, if you notice on the camera, you might just pick up the two little antenna logos here, so theyre. Actually inside so theres no external ones, you dont clip on nothing like that, so you have this facing in the direction of your drone. Now i have been testing this on a couple of flights and let me tell you the signal performance is brilliant, so i cant tell any difference between this and the rc pro and the rc pro signal was awesome with them external antennas, so sigma performance on here Do not worry about it. Another question was to do the screen recording. Can you screen record on here? Well, you cant you just swipe down from the top and then on this screen. Here you see that theres a screen recording button. You can take a screenshot. You can control the brightness control the volume and then this is then saved at the moment on the sd card. So i tried to screen record with no sd card in and it will let me as soon as i put an sd card into the bottom here.

Then those screen recordings were then saved to the sd card. So if you like screen recording yep, you can do that when youre in that same menu, you just click on the top corner here and this brings into the settings now the settings ill just go through. You with this overlay, so here youve got access to network and internet. You can connect to wi fi. Now you will need to do this because if you dont do this youre not going to have any map data, when you use a drive fly app, you wont be able to do any firmware updates, so it wont have a signal like you might be used to On your phone, so you do need to connect to something like a mobile hotspot. You go back here. We can look, you can connect to devices like with bluetooth to transferring things storage. This is the storage thats on the internal storage. Now you dont get a lot of internal storage because most of that is system memory, but you can put a memory card in here, so i would recommend that and system. This is how you can just change the date and time so not a lot. There really – and this moves me on to my next point – Music, when you are on this screen or any screen the dji fly up when you pull down here, youll see that gets to that screen before now on the rc pro you swipe up from the bottom Or across and this will get rid of the dji fly app or that menu, and it will take you to that android menu where you can then install apps or you can use one of the built in apps like even instagram or facebook on here, you cant.

So thats the limitation to this on here you have at the moment the dji fly up and settings. That is it. So if you really want third party apps, if you like, having other apps on your controller like this, the rc pro is probably for you. If not bothered and all you want is a dji fly app to fly your drone with this controller there you go but thats the limitation so far that ive found on here. So the big one is to do with this screen. Isnt it the brightness. So i have looked everywhere all over the app on here and the controller itself to look for the knits value. It doesnt say it dji spec sheet isnt out yet so i cant 100 tell you the nits value on here, but what i can tell you is is that this screen is phenomenal and if we swipe down thats on about 30 at the moments brightness, if we Move that across you move that across all the way to the top so about 100, and it no points have. I struggled to see this screen in really bright conditions earlier on today or last night, i cant tell any difference between this and the rc pro. I think the size and the actual brightness is the same. There could be a chance i might be wrong, but for me from having both comparing both looking at both, i cant tell any difference a huge advantage there.

I want to just quickly show you the usability between the controller and this mini 3 pro how it looks on the settings on the dji fly app, just a quick video here, its about 30 seconds long and ill join you back in a minute, so whats it Like to use this controller well, that screen obviously is fantastic. I dont have any nd filters on yet because we havent got any and also another question i got asked was about the color. So at the moment, this firmware is limited to just normal color profile, but because this controller is so lightweight its a dream – and i am blown away with the gimbal on here – theyre able to rotate it this high to get these type of shots up to 60 Degrees pitching up on that gimbal wheel. This is incredible and its going to give you so many opportunities for some creative videos, and i cant wait to get back to those videos of how to fly the drones, cinematic shots, etc. But it comes with a drawback because that gimbal pitch is so extreme. Its also fast as well so id recommend turning back down because it is super sensitive, but also with using this controller, because youve now got the options to adjust the gimbal pitch. You can also use that zoom, so you can see that at the end i was zooming in using that right dial at the top allows you to zoom in and currently in 4k, which is what i was filming in.

You can zoom into two times, but its super smooth as well. So if you can get the zoom zooming in and also that gimbal dial moving down at the same time, youre gon na get a really cool, looking shot so yeah using this controller over the rc pro. I prefer it because of the bulkiness and the the weight of that rc pro so for a small drone. A light controller is brilliant, okay, photos, a few photos jpeg and then a couple of different raw ones. Once ive edited them ill. Do a full video showing you all the different photos and videos at a later date, im going to concentrate on the controller here, but yes being able to access and use the zoom wheel as a dedicated zoom wheel. On that top right hand, corner is excellent. So i hope you enjoyed that it shows you how you can use this and the ability to pitch up on here im going to have such fun with that thats brilliant. But yes, this controller more than impressed with. If i give you my initial impressions and thoughts of this and what i would recommend to you, if you can, i would go for this so ill. Keep calling it the baller edition. So if youre getting this controller and youre getting the mini three pro in one now in the uk, this was 860 pounds now to just put that into some sort of context 860 pounds for both of these together, whereas the rc pro alone cost me 860 pounds.

So for me, if i had the choice, the rc pro, to give me some 5d button, a back button – arguably better built heavier, but might you know take an impact a bit better? I i dont know i really cant recommend going and buying that rc pro at the moment now. Ive seen this, i would spend 860 pounds and buying these two together and not getting the rc pro, but that does leave a bit of a conundrum doesnt it. But what about those people who already have the rc pro, so you might have got it bundled with this with the dji mavic 3., if you want the mini 3, a really common question and what youre going to be asking is: can you use these two together Because if you can, then you would just pick up the cheapest version of that dji mini 3 pro and thats, something which im going to, let you guys know really soon. Ive not tested that yet, but literally im, not sleeping im, trying to get all these answers and questions to you as fast as possible, and that, along with will this work with the dji mini 2. Is something im going to get to you really fast. So if youre new around here make sure you like and subscribe, the video make sure you hit notification bell, so you dont miss out on anything. If youve got any more questions on this on the dji rc then do let me know, but overall im so impressed with this.

I am not bothered in the slightest that i cant load third party apps on here. I cant think of one occasion actually when i actually even used them on the rc pro. I did like the 5d button, the back button and it did feel you know a bit more better built but thats it. So for that im more than happy to have this rather than the rc pro, so thanks so much for watching thanks so much for the support on the previous videos, you go and have a fantastic day and ill catch.