You dont need to register or anything and just make it super lightweight and portable easy to take wherever you go now. The biggest upgrade from the original mavic, as well as the mini 2, is now weve upgraded. The sensor size over 2.3 to a one over one point. Three size sensor, which means youre gon na, be able to get so much more light. Its gon na be so much better for low light. Its just gon na have a much much nicer image quality, especially with a super fast f, 1.7 lens. It also, then, has probably, in my opinion, the most important feature obstacle avoidance with active tracking, which is going to be super useful in helping you not crash or drone, because no one wants to do that. Obstacle avoidance obviously really helps a lot and its great. They added that in the new mini 3 pro now in terms of specs. The new drone shoots 4k 60 frames per second and will allow you to take 40 of 8 megapixel photos, but with the regular battery it will still last 34 minutes. So i dont think that makes too much of a difference unless youre trying to fly it really far and with the new controller, you can get up to 12 kilometers distance with video transmission, so you can still see whats going on for up to 12 km. Now the new drone still has like foldable arms, just like the last one, its actually a little bit longer, so it might take up a little more space, but its still really small, its just so the battery can fit better and with the new autopilot system, people Are finding that, like itll, detect objects and stuff a lot better objects and obstacles, and it will just find a path to fly around them, which is really good, especially if youre not controlling the drone like if you havent, set up or like follow me or something? And its just following you and then you know its going to obviously avoid obstacles which is pretty nice.

Also, as i mentioned, there is a new remote, as you can see, on the screen, its a lot better. You dont have to use your phone as a controller. Joysticks feel super nice. Its super easy to operate and like the screen is actually pretty good like it will give you like a good 1080p picture. Allow you to see and control your drone really well, i mean obviously its dji. So, as you can see on the screen, the photos and videos these drone takes is just absolutely awesome and it now has a d cine light color profile, which was included in something like the more high end drone it wasnt on the last mini 2, but it Wasnt, the mavic air 2. thats just going to allow you to color grade your stuff, better, its just going to look better its just a nicer color video, but now lets talk about who this drone is really for its definitely still not for like professional users unless Its like a side profession like you wouldnt, want to be a professional drone operator with this drone, if youre like a photographer or videographer, and you just needed something like quick drone footage. This is an awesome drawing because you can fit it in like camera bags, just throw it in your backpack, its really small compact, easy to use, but its definitely still more for, like the consumer, just like the average person that wants to maybe film, like travel, videos, Travel vlogs, just like maybe getting getting your first kind of drone trying to make some cool drone videos surfers mountain bikers people that make car videos all those kinds of things is definitely who its for and its a lot easier to use, because you have that obstacle.

Avoidance than the previous mini 2 and theyve brought back the photo feature, which means you know you can take photos with it. Obviously, so some people might want that, but its not on other drones. Now, if you dont already have a drawing. This is definitely the drone that i recommend, but if you have a drone like the mini 2 or the mavic air 2, then you might like, if you have a mavic air 2. I probably wouldnt upgrade, even though its a cheaper drone, its still a better drone than the mavic air 2. theres, a few more things, its just lighter, more compact um, similar sort of video quality, all that kind of stuff. But if you have the mini 2, i might upgrade youve got that obstacle. Avoidance youve got a bigger size sensor, but i would really think about like if its really worth the money, but if you dont have a drone. This is definitely a better option than both of them hands down its a fire drone. I cant say how much i like it its a lot of fun to use. If you guys enjoy the video, please leave a like subscribe.