Now i think it came last tuesday is when i first got it and since then ive probably done 30 to 40 flights on it, which has been a little challenging, because i only have the one battery, but i have been flying this thing: a ton just testing It out trying to get to know it its strengths and its weaknesses, because here in canada, these sub 250 gram drones are very important, and i must say that dji has done one incredible job with development of this drone. Its just amazing all the features that are packed into it, the way it flies the way it handles the image quality. The new rc with built in screen all this in a sub 250 gram, drone thats around 900, so ive actually quite enjoyed my time that ive spent with it so far. Now this is not a review of the mini 3 that will be coming shortly, but i have had one problem with my mini 3 and that is poor range and poor signal strength. Now this has been a problem that many other people have reported as well. In facebook, groups, forums and other social media, but what makes it really difficult is that not everybody is having that problem? Some people are reporting theyre, getting phenomenal range, theyre, getting good performance in cities with a lot of wi fi interference, whereas other people can barely get a couple hundred meters and theyre being disconnected and thats actually whats happening with me.

Its not always about having your drone out as far as you can get it. You just need that good connection when youre in a city, because there is a lot of interference and you just want to be able to maintain a nice reliable connection when your video feed is getting jerky and stuttering. Its really hard to get nice smooth footage and realistically, as soon as your drone becomes disconnected from your controller, although it has a ton of safety features in it, it does become a dangerous situation. Now there have been a lot of other youtubers that have done tests and theyre a little bit dismissive. I find in some of them because theyll go out, fly out a kilometer in a city and say: hey yeah, theres, no problem. But what about the people that cant get 100 meters without being disconnected? You know so its not affecting everybody. Now i put a poll on my youtube community tab yesterday and so far weve had 779 votes. Basically, i just asked if you own the mini three. Are you having range issues and if you look at the results, 53 say no range is perfect, but 47 are saying that, yes, they are having range problems 47, so that is almost half of the people who have a mini 3 are saying that they have single Strength and range problems so were not talking just about a few individual, isolated cases, thats a pretty big, significant chunk.

Now, when it comes to signal strength in a city, there are no two locations that are identical and on top of that, it can change from day to day. There are environmental factors that can affect the strength, but i have done numerous tests over the last week and theres a place. I fly at quite a bit when im testing out drones and i have flown there over the last 10 years, at least a thousand times. All different drones from dji other brands, so you get to know what to expect in that area. You know how far you can go. You know what height you should be at and as mentioned many different drones right from different wi fi based connections to ocusync, ocusync, 2 and even ocusync 3.. So for my very first flight, i took the mini 3 there i was going to run some tests check a few things out and one shot that i like to do. Is i go up behind this railroad bridge and then fly up the river when i flew up to the railroad bridge, i turned around to go up the river and i noticed that my signal strength on the remote was getting really low and im. Only a couple hundred meters away here and thats pretty odd for an ocusync drone. My mini 2 at that same location can fly for a couple kilometers. I dont get weak signal notifications at a couple hundred meters. Usually that will start to pop up at that location.

Just over a thousand meters about 1200 meters, so i thought that was kind of strange but anyways i just continued on, but the whole flight as im flying around that area, i kept getting that weak signal message and a couple times it actually disconnected. Now, if you look at this screenshot here, im in this open field, theres not really a lot around me and im right along the tree line. There thats quite often where i fly from and you can see there, that the strength of the rc is in the red. Now, as i was trying to figure things out, i went back later that day with the rcn1, but for the most part i got very similar results, so that kind of ruled out that the controller was causing the issue. Later that day, i went to another location that i fly at and same thing again. I was out a couple hundred meters and i got disconnected again at this location. I can usually get well over a kilometer, but with the mini three i was getting disconnected after a couple hundred meters now ive been bouncing around to different locations, ive been getting the same results. So then i decide im going to get right out of the city. Im going to go out into the country where theres not really much in the way of wi, fi interference and im just going to do like a little mini range test and as you can see in this clip here, i got disconnected at about 2.

7 kilometers. Now some of you might be saying right now: well, 2.7, kilometers thats plenty! If youre trying to follow a visual line of sight – and i agree to that – the thing is a dji drone with ocusync 3 should not be disconnected out in the country at 2.7. Kilometers. You should be able to get to at least five six or seven kilometers easily now heres, something else that is interesting. This here is the mini sc. Now this is a wi fi drone, so this doesnt even have ocusync on it. So this drone doesnt have the greatest signal, strength and range, especially when flying in the city or even out in rural areas. However, when i did a range test on this last year, when it first came out, i was able to fly this for three kilometers before it disconnected so thats 300 meters, farther than i was able to fly the mini 3, and this has ocusync 3.. So this wi fi drone was able to fly farther and thats. Basically, the results ive been getting with my mini 3. performance. Wise range, wise signal, strength, wise its performing like a wi fi drone, and i still own quite a few wi fi drones. Like my skydio, you know it. Doesnt have the greatest range either, but im almost tempted to say it has better range than my mini 3.. Now, like i said, this is not affecting everybody. Im sure im gon na get a lot of comments in here saying that their signal strength has been great and im really happy for those people, but i would like to get to the bottom of it because, as you could see by that poll, there are a Number of people where this problem is becoming an issue now i have been in communication with dji, so ive been sending them different, uh pieces of information that theyve asked for so i will make an updated video if we can get to the bottom of it.

I have a feeling this drone will just have to go back, perhaps theres something defective inside, maybe something to do with one of the antennas. Now, if youre familiar with philly drone life, mikey from philly drone life uh definitely go check his channel out. He did a range test with his mini three. Now he lives in philadelphia, which is probably one of the worst environments, its just basically a concrete jungle, and he was able to send his mini three out ten thousand feet. So in the city he got farther than i was able to get out in the country with no interference, so it just shows you that there is something definitely wrong now. I should also mention that mine is the north american version. Now the reason im making this video is not to knock the mini three. In fact, i love this drone and i would recommend it to anybody. I just know that the north american orders are starting to ship now so theres people going to be receiving their mini threes every day over the coming weeks coming months and many of those people might end up suffering the same problems. So i thought id make a video about it in case they start searching to see if theres any resolutions or what the problem is that way. They know it is kind of an issue for some people and that they should contact dji. I dont want to turn the comments section of this video into a heated debate about line of sight or anything like that, but definitely id be very interested to know what your experience has been with the range of your mini 3.

If youve been flying it in a city or out in a rural area, what has your range been like? Let me know down in the comments now like i said this isnt a review. I have a full review of the mini 3 coming. Maybe on the weekend. I got a little bit more testing to do with it, some more flights id like to do, but that will be coming soon. I want to thank you for watching this video. If you enjoyed it and found it had value, give it a thumbs up as its always greatly appreciated.