I packed in my uh suicide bobber best here. It is amazing one more thing, although not one more thing, because ive not talked about anything before this um, oh god its one of those. Oh, i can get it in, but you cant get it out its. Usually your way around that wasnt meant to be a rude joke, but im sure that can be probably turned into one um. Okay, it is yet another dji dji mini free pro. Let me show you what it is Applause. This video is sponsored by squarespace the place to go to. If you want to set up your own slick, looking website or online store, because it is less than 249 grams, it is very plasticky. They have to make it very lightweight. It. Hasnt got the battery in so the battery is quite light. I mean theres theres, its crazy fingers got actual battery juice inside there yeah im, not exaggerating it. It feels hollow fyi theres, no such thing as battery juice, dont drink it, no its not going to be good for you not good for your bowel, its, not good for anything inside of you. I must also mention that really small size. However, i didnt have any space for the remote control – oh god Laughter gargantuan, but this is a fancy bit of kit isnt it its got a screen to actually come with a screen, thats, quite something its bigger than its wrong and kind of like you can mount The drone, if they can design it the strongest and charge it or something that would be a superb idea, youve got screw on control sticks.

Well, you can have a screw on drone as well, but at least because with the old one, it feels like an entry level product and that this makes it feel a bit more premium, although this does feel pretty much the same. This is a nice touch yeah. This is a nice attached, victory, yeah dji fly. One good thing with this is that you dont have to like go to app store and then which one i should go downl mode. It also saves the hassle of. Oh, you have to connect your phone youve got to put the cable in then youve got to somehow squeeze your phone in and then always falls off and then switches to a different app. Now you just switch on and and then the talent switch telemarketer called. You is the old airport sound boarding now switch. The drone on lets get down to the juicy stuff lets: go whats that space invaders were getting vader space, not too loud, really quiet, no, its really quiet its not going to scare any children or dogs and its not those annoying mosquitoes sound. No, its very soft sounding it sounds like a fan or something yeah totally its cute sounding. It even looks like a flying frog. Look at it! Well, theyre all looking flying for well, especially with those sensors there, the first mavic air. I i i think it looks like those insects that walk on water, its like an insect version of jesus well lets fly close to a tree just to test a new obstacle.

Detection right fly to a tree: do it yeah it works. It sounds a bit like the haymak arena, music. Quite before your time, kids lets try and reverse our ass into a tree. Also, the same he doesnt want to park its arse into a branch, fantastic news. I can actually point the camera when theyre going to show you how close it is. Quiet and interesting features its ability to look upwards. The front arms are a bit longer, so the props dont get in the shot. But if her direction of obstacle – detection, isnt upwards, but rather down, i think this makes it easy for big beginners to fly. Yeah, especially i mean the original mini sounds like its good for beginners, but it doesnt have any obstacle sensing. You can still stack it in the tree yeah, because the spark at least has obstacle sensing in front. The mini doesnt have any when im weaving it in and out of the trees there, and it does stop when im about to crash it im. Just looking at im, not looking at the screen a minute im, just looking at the drone and controlling it like that, and i kind of like the warning noise, its less less alarming yeah before they say. Okay, lets move on away. Oh dogs, getting a bit excited! Oh its, not all about increased safety, though the sensor in the mini free pro has added bite with a bigger sensor than many too color.

Reproduction looks good with the standard picture profile too cuts in nicely with the panasonic footage. Yes, a great a great way of also videoing it as well yeah and putting on the socials, because we can do this lets flip it. I know you have to you have to stop recording before you can flip. The camera makes sense. Look at this. We can do our, we can do our tick tock. We can start our tick tock account. Shall we yeah it doesnt like flying this close to people. This has to be the first drone from dji that does vertical right. I dont remember any other drone doing that. No, i think thats pretty cool so do 4k and 25 30. yeah. 24. 25. 30. 48, 50, 60 hot hot hut looks like im doing american football: okay, 4k. 4K. 60. wow wow. Indeed, it has 1080 120p also, but it feels like 4k 60 is a great addition to the most minified of flying things from dji. So, interestingly, the internal antennas, its not just dual antennas, got four and its got the 03 image transmission system, so youve got 1080p. Hd live feed up to 12 kilometers because youre going to fly this 12 kilometers away. Obviously, but just so just so you know it, can you borrow something? No, you shouldnt youre gon na have on the ground. 12 kilometers away. Dont fly it 12 kilometers away. I mean theres a little bit of wind theres, supposedly better anything than a mild breeze.

Actually ive been flying for quite a bit of time and then ive still got. How long have i got thats six six minutes until battery depleted, so 34 minutes actually but 47 minutes. If you purchase the extra large battery accessory a little extra large battery excess, you mean theyre, probably heavier batteries, yeah thats. Why that battery is really super light. I think 34 minutes is still alright isnt it it is which is just as well, if youre in europe. This battery isnt available and it will tip the weight of the drone to more than 249 grams. Obviously i was running about you know. Turning home, more new features than one battery can handle lets change. Battery lets have some more fun. Let the fun continue. What other? Goodness has i got okay, so whats going on video? Yes, master, shots, see what picture profiles have we got? Oh here we go so weve got normal or d cine like does it have a lot nope? No, no! No, its! Not protein theres, no proof! Theres! No! Pro enough, you cant grade it. You know i like reviews where you can do it sitting down somebodys been singing on this bench, a lot yeah that feels good. Now we are in the sandpit. This is called the sand pit. I thought now time to sit down. Still got a few more things to show you, okay, cinema mode, smoother, okay, lets see, lets go to small mode, because this is hardcore, so theres no obstacle sensing, no no obstacles section.

It seems crazier when you see this little thing so close to the ground. Flying like that, its mental all right thats enough sport mode lets go back to ed mode lets. Try some of these fancy features. Weve got master shots so, based on the subject and distance, the aircraft will automatically shoot a normal eclipse and create a master shot. I, like the sound of that this is like the greatest hits of drone footage that you can have and then its going to mix mix it together so well add it together. It seems like it yeah. This will be our b roll intro with some some cool music. Yes, here we go here, we go. Oh yes, rock it lets do all of them and its got a little circle here to tell you, when its going to finish 93 done, thankfully, because its taking up a lot of time, but also high resolution 48 megapixel photos and imagine that is that it takes A couple of images for 48 megapixels right because youve got a single shot option there as well single shot, offset yeah, oh theres, more options, hyperlapse take a long time yeah. It takes a long time lets just say it does hyperlapse its not like. We we um dont have patience, i dont know battery life, i dont know patience lets do pano. Oh, i wish id pick sphere its taking so long im glad we didnt even do hyperlapse there. We are there.

We are thank god, but i mean going back to the whole obstacle detection thing. I think it does make it a better beginner drone, although i think theyre actually keeping the mavic mini 2 and the mini 3 pro side by side, so you can buy still buy them both and i think theyre saying that the mini 2 is the beginner absolute Beginner drone, i dont know if that makes sense. This would seem like the best beginner drone, because harder to crash. Having said that, this mini free pro is something that i could see myself using more id. Probably take a drone out more often with something like this, because when youre packing a camera when youre packing two cameras to do camera, reviews and stuff, like that, you have to film yourself taking photos, you dont have much room and it doesnt feel like. There was a huge compromise from the bigger more expensive dji drones. The obstacle, detection and master shot stuff makes it super easy to get slick. Looking drone footage for beginners, but the image and frame rate options will keep those that have gained a bit more experience hooked to this. This video is sponsored by squarespace if you want to set up your own domain online retail space or website its super simple. To get started and make your next move with squarespace, with an easy to use interface, field of loads of templates and backed up with 24 7 customer service.

You can try out, with a 14 day free trial and get 10 off your first order of this link and discount code. I cant believe what ive got inside my pocket here. We go well. Also, you already seen what is it from the title anyway, we could have a title thats completely different secret thing. We can kind of censor it with the mosaic that you usually get in uh. Some naughty japanese films. Oh, let me focus on it because its a panasonic i mean manually, they like to come up these names and then they decide. Actually, we dont like that then were gon na switch to something else: theres a mavic but its not mavic its a mini, but then weve got the old mavic mini the minis there. This is a mavic mini successor, but its just called mini free pro. So its a pro version of the mini e3, which doesnt exist, because this is the only mini free but the professional version of this, the only version i feel very tactical today, reload reload, oh no, its smooth, yes just in case its very sunny inside and it Wants to look outside and it doesnt get blinded by the sunlight, its got two strap on drill, oh my god, its so small and safe. I have to try and feel myself in the thumbnail as much as possible. 20. Second end screen as well.