So if you come down in tall grass or maybe youre landing in soft dirt, you wont have to worry about transferring that dirt and debris and moisture to your camera. The fragile gimbal assembly or the sensors on the bottom of the drone now ive talked about landing gear kits before for all the models of folding drones on the market, and i think it very well may be the most important accessory youd want to consider for your Kit, because the design of a folding drone is brilliant – and i remember back when dji first introduced the mavic pro before that we actually were flying fixed airframe drones like the phantom series and they work great. There was no problem with the drone, but the challenge was because they were fixed airframes. They were big. So if you wanted to take them on vacation, you had this big suitcase you had to bring along. So when the mavic pro first came out, i was blown away by the design of that, because what the engineers, the dji did was to say, lets, take a fixed airframe and make the arms foldable so its portable. But when i unfold the arms ive got a full size. Drone thats going to fly just like the phantom 4 and theyve continued that design through the air series. Now, with the mini series, and the challenge, though, is that even though its a brilliant design its a bit of a catch 22, because it has to be small enough where you can fold it up and put it in your bag, and when you unfold it, it Does fly like a regular sized drone, but the challenge is they cant have big feet, sticking off the bottom, to give you the clearance so that the camera and gimbal dont touch the ground? So if you look closely at the front of this, you can see how close that camera is to the ground.

But the bigger issue, with the mini 3 pro is that the gimbal assembly is now on the bottom. And if you look closely thats the lowest point of the drone, okay, its not lower than the feet, the feet are a little bit lower but from the drones perspective, thats the lowest point. So the clearance isnt really the camera to the ground, its the gimbal to the ground and honestly thats the most sensitive part of the drone. For me, because if i come down in wet grass, i can wipe the camera off. I can wipe the sensors off, but if moisture gets inside that gimbal theres, nothing i can do about it and because its a mechanical device that debris is eventually going to catch up with you. So we started a hunt for a landing gear kit that we could use with the mini 3 pro. I think we brought seven or eight different kits and we tested them all out, and the challenge we found is that most of the landing gear kits fell into one of two categories. They either attached to the body of the drone or they attached to the arms. Now, in previous versions of the drones that had little feet on the arms, like the mavic series and the air series, i didnt mind putting landing gear kits on the arms, because the drone was designed to absorb the shock of landing through those arms. The mini 3 was designed to land on these two feet and the two feet that are on the battery assembly in the back, so they really want to land this thing on its center of gravity, theyre, not putting any kind of strain or stress on the arms.

So the kits that attach to the arms worried me a little bit because were kind of changing the design of the drone. I didnt, i wasnt sure how it would affect the aerodynamics of the drone. So a lot of things were in play there. So we tested those, but i wasnt really crazy about them because, again to add them and take them off takes a little bit of time. We settled on finding a landing gear kit that attached to the drone and stayed underneath the drone and thats exactly what this product provides. Now the big advantage with this one over some of the other ones theres a couple advantages, but the primary advantage is it folds up nice and small. A lot of the other ones had feet that were fixed, so these feet actually ratchet out, which is important, because youre trying to put this away in a small bag because youve got a small drone. You dont want one that the feeders permanently stuck out like that, because where am i going to fit this in my kit right, i dont want to stick it in my kit and have these feet sticking out. So i love the fact that i can fold these feet in to make it really really thin theyre, also ratcheting out. So if you listen closely here, they click out and click back in so theres a ratchet mechanism on the top that are going to hold them firmly.

I also like the feet extending out from the body a little bit. Some of the others have the feet directly. Underneath it which again minimizes your landing zone, so if its heavy winds it may tip over and if it tips a little bit youre going to hit the props on the ground, so i like these feet, come out from the sides. It looks like a i dont know looks like a bulldog there or a sweater spider thats got this really wide base to land on. So i like that, an awful lot. I also love the fact that i know its a small point that matches the color of the drone. I dont, like accessories, that kind of stand out that dont look stock. This looks stock. It looks like it was designed by the company that built the drone and to add it to the drone. It couldnt be easier, youll notice on the front, youve got these two feet right here. This has two little slots cut for the feet, so you basically open up the band like that. Youll put it on the bottom of the drone to match up these slots with the feet. It fits up against the body, extend the strap over the top and then just attach it over here to this little post that sticks out and thats it and its on the drone, and you can see now how much higher it is off the ground and also I really believe thats a lot of stability to the drone during landing, so this things got a wider base to land on than it does without the landing gear attached to it.

A couple of things to consider, i know if youre a hand launcher and hand catcher youre, probably looking at this and going rick thats an accessory im, never going to use but listen to me for a second. I know you hand launched and hand catch, but how many times have you put a drone up, especially one that can fly as long as this drone can and youre up there for 25 30 minutes and all of a sudden the wind kicks up now the drones Heading back and youve got to catch that drone and and the drones moving around in the air and youre trying to get your hand underneath it. This one has crash avoidance sensors on the bottom, so theyre seeing your hand, is maybe a dangerous thing. So its going to move around a little bit more and even if it didnt move youre reaching into the air in a heavy wind for essentially a cuisinart thats got spinning props on it. Im not taking a chance on that. So having a landing gear kit on your drone, even if you hand launch and hand catch, gives you that safety net to say i cant catch it. I landed. I launched it from my hand, but i cant catch it in my hand. So let me land it over there and itll be safe and if youre thinking well, i use a landing mat or rick. I never take off from the grass. I always take off from a parking lot, just think, a second about all the stuff thats on that parking lot, whether its macadam or concrete, take a piece of tape and put it on the parking lot and pick it up all the stuff thats stuck to that Tape is going to get kicked up from the downward prop wash from this drone when it takes off and when it lands and its going to be airborne.

Its going to get airborne and sucked into your front vent on the unit its going to get up inside. The gimbal and all over your camera, so for me this is a really inexpensive accessory compared to the cost of the drone, its incredibly easy to use, weve tested it for the last five weeks, weve had it really early and of all the ones i tested. This is the one we settled on and just like every time we find an accessory, we like we bring it in. We offer it up on the drone valley website. So ive got a link below where you can go check it out on our website. Ive got a link to amazon as well, if youd like to prefer uh buying it off of that platform, but for me everybodys different, you know. I know you have different needs than i have, but i like to present these accessories as things that we use. We recommend – and i think, really protects the drone and this ones a really simple one, but, as i said a few minutes ago, if youre looking at accessories, there are some out there that are nice to have and it led to the drone value. This one is a must to have as far as im concerned, because as a pilot, one of my favorite things to do after flying for 25 or 30 minutes is see how good i can get coming back to the landing pad and putting this down right on The h and the challenge is without the landing gear on there when i land on the mat, especially when im beginning to take off that gimbal is going to move around checking its range of motion.

But i find the weight of the drone pushes down on the mat just enough where that gimbal is going to get caught up so having the landing gear on there means i can land i can take off. I have no issues whatsoever with that gimbal and the camera and the sensors getting full of debris and dirt when i land on a surface thats, maybe uneven or in tall grass, so anyway thats all i had for today. I love reviewing these kind of accessories. So if you have questions about this drop, those in the comments below i promise to get back to as quickly as i can. I will tell you that we have been flying like crazy. This summer, weve had some beautiful weather here in jersey, im out testing the gear im testing. The drone weve got a lot of accessory reviews coming up, so if you havent subscribed to the channel at this point, i say it every time. What are you waiting for? We have so much good information that were putting up on the channel. We have new drone reviews coming very soon on a lot of products. You care about so hit that subscribe button down there and join the drone valley family, because we love doing this kind of content and you guys seem to enjoy it.