Thats always been done. Its natural motion blur – and there are times when you dont, use ND filters so at night and if you have an artistic choice that youre trying to make so to make something very stuttery and jittery or to make something very blurry and dreamy sure, then you wont Need ND filters, or you might need a really really big one like an nd1000 to put that shutter speed even lower these from Free Will are absolutely fantastic. You have the all day pack, which is the ND, 4, 8, 16, 3264 and ND thousand for long exposure. Photos and theyre really nicely made. They have no weird color casts and theyre easy to put on. Hopefully they can make a tropical pack with an ND 3264 one to eight and two five six. They also have the bright day pack, which has a CPL in it. As well as an md4, 8, 16, 32 and 64. with no long exposure one, so these are hybrids, they have a h and a V for horizontal and vertical, and they also have a UV filter which you can use instead of the original one. Its a lot wider – and it basically looks nicer today – were talking about why you need ND filters really and its not for a shot like this, because this doesnt have much movement in it sure its a super sexy, shot and thats. My favorite chimney in the world. Ive circled it orbited it a million times, but we forget that a drone is a flying camera and a lot of people who fly drones.

They like to fly them to 300 meters in the air. Looking straight down a drone is more than now now I have ND filters on my drone all the time, because Im flying low Im flying high Im flying sideways Im looking down and whether Im flying past an object or an object is playing past me. I need natural motion. Blur freewall have come out with a few packs, and this is my favorite, the normal Andy version and its really simple to put on you basically hold your gimbal twist it on and boom youre done its on and to get it off twist. It off and take it off and you can put another one on. They have a hybrid one, so a ND with a circular polarizer. Now the ND has a V and a h if you slide it to V its for vertical so portrait mode and if you slide it to H its for horizontal now, lets check it on a weighing scale, because I know you guys the DJI filter the freewell Filter the freewall ND and the Free Will hybrid and lets put on the Drone. Just in case you know, you dont believe me boom youre legal. They also have a clear one, which is a lot nicer than the original now watch. I have nothing more to say: thats it natural motion blur no ND filter so were not going to be using the 180 degree. Rule were going to slide all the way up to well a thousand two thousand its its.

I was a little bit off. It should actually be four thousand so lets just get this sucker in the air. We have a few satellites and what Im gon na do is Im gon na show you without my hand, flapping around the screen, which isnt actually an excellent example, as you saw Im going to show you what it looks like flying in your everyday basic style. So lets get up to four thousand, so that exposure is correct and lets. You know, drop the hammer in sports mode and fly straight down this aisle its a little bit dangerous. So dont do this at home, but um yeah. It looks so sharp. My eyes actually hurt Im gon na stick on the nd64 and Id just like to say freewell. I wish there was 128 and a 256 because at F 1.7, these in full sunlight, are still not enough. I found myself having to go to one over a hundred. A few times at ISO 100. so lets get this in the air again and drop the hammer. Youre gon na see a huge difference and basically what its called is. Natural motion blur Im following the 180 degree rule, which means things, look a lot faster. Just look at the ground look at things Im passing. It looks like Supermans flying. If we put these next to each other, you can instantly see the difference. All you non nd, Believers out there just look at this.

I mean look at the Dustbin. Look at the Lamppost then look down at one over four thousand, its its ridiculous. I have NDS for every single camera and lens I own from action cameras to drones to professional cameras. Nd filters are the foundation of our work and its not going to be needed on an image like this. This is with the hybrid, by the way, doesnt need an ND filter, but there are so many times when I Fly Fast and not slow like this, because this has no movement, it doesnt matter, if youre, one, four thousand or one over fiftieth, but the second you Get down second youre flying past something ND filters are needed, but there are times I like to creep. You know its wonderful and there are times I do it slowly and there are times I do it at Breakneck speeds. So, for me, filters are part of the camera I like to mix it up. I hope you do too youre gon na find a link for all of these down below and if you do purchase them, youre supporting my channel youre, not paying anything more. If you havent chosen to subscribe, please do because um theres going to be a lot more coming. If you have any questions or comments drop them down below, I do my best to get back to everybody. If only I have the time and um yeah happy flying go crazy. You know, if its only your drone, that youre gon na damage fly low break that speeds do crazy, stuff, thats how you get the shot.

You know its not flying 100 meters in the air or into I dont know No Mans Land just be experimental. With your drone, its its a camera that flies. You can fly it a meter off the ground.