What were going to be doing is taking a look at the nd filters from dji for the mini free pro ill. Do some test footage for you out um across some water, and things like that, so you can see what theyre like and im really happy to have uh got my hands on these really quickly and thank dgi for sending them out so quickly as well. Um, because with a fixed aperture of f 1.7, if you want to get out and do video work in the daylight, youre gon na need them so its really great to have f 1.7 for low light and video and photos, and things like that. In fact, you dont really need nd filters for photography. However, they do help, but that is one thing about this tiny little awesome drone yeah, i would have loved to have seen just like the mavic 2 and the mavic 3 just have that adjustable aperture. However, now these have arrived im pretty impressed with them and theyre really easy to fit ill. Show you how to do that in a minute plus share some footage with you, comparing um the nd16 and which is the first one in here and theyre. Quite odd onesies theres, a 16 64 and a two five six plus comparing the footage of setting the shutter speed at double the frame rate, which is the correct way to do it. To get that motion blur against bumping up that shutter speed to compensate for bright light and the sun, and things like that and actually filming out in the daylight, but before we start heres todays little joke what did simba order for lunch? A tuna for tata kuna matata, i love my lion.

King, jokes and dont forget if youve got any questions whatsoever or any tips on using the mini 3 and leave them down in the comments down below so do you need nd filters? Well, as i said earlier, if youre going to take photos and know you dont need them. However, most of us are gon na use this for video as well arent we so then you definitely will use them, especially out in the daylight. As this little beauty is, freaking awesome and ive done a comparison test actually with this against the mavic 2 pro and if youre interested in that, hopefully, the video should be up there soon, which gives you a full review on the little beast against the mavic 2. Pro and to be honest, youll be pretty amazed now on previous minis, one of the problems with nd filters, and things like that is how awkward they were to fit now. Ive never owned one of the minis before in the past, because um, you know to be honest, ive never thought it was going to be good enough for the sort of footage i want to take in the photos and things like that but, like i said earlier, This little beast is amazing and dgr ive done a great job here. What theyve done is taken the design from the mavic 2 mavic, 3 and theyre super easy to swap on and off lets have a look at how easy are.

First of all, you take the cover off, as you can see its really easy, you twist it anti clockwise and it pops off just like this. Next, you choose the nd filter. You want to use and then simply twist it clockwise and it pops back on. Just like that now, as i said in the pack, you get a 16 a 64 and a 256.. To be honest, you ive been used to having like an eight and a 32 as well on the other drones. So i would like to see those so hopefully dji going to release some of them or maybe polar pro or some third party company would do that and if they do ill get my hands on a couple of those sets and give them a good test. As well, so if you dont want to miss out on that or see what they like, then dont forget to hit the old subscribe now lets get out there and have a look at some of the footage and help you to understand why you do need nd Filters when youre, filming and making videos, and also to see if these are the right ones for you, what ill be doing as well is um putting the footage and things like that. All the settings on the camera and things like that in some of the comments down below, so you can check out those Music, so Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, Music, Music, uh Music.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments down below so at just 45 quid. I think these little beauties are well worth the money, so one of the things im not that pleased with is when you take off the standard lens hood, you cant fit it into the box that they supplied with it, which is a bit of a pain, because I can imagine losing this little thing if you dont take care of it. Now, going back to the beginning of the video the beauty of motion blur, you see you get that nice, smooth or smooth as pie, footage that you get out there when youre down close to the ground when youre at pi. It probably isnt that noticeable. In fact, lets have a quick look at the difference being up high with a shutter speed set with no nd filters on there, yeah and also down low with the shutter speed set rather than having the nd filters and youll see what i mean the motion blur. We all love isnt that noticeable when youre up high, so you may get away with not using the nd filters and adjusting the shutter speed. But when you come down low, you really do need them, as you can see here. So if youre thinking of buying a mini free yourself, well, you wont be disappointed and if you want to get any extras like the nd filters or the remote control – and this is a really good piece of kit – yeah therell be links to those down below plus.

I found some other little bits and bobs that ill be doing some more videos on going forward. That will make your drone flying more enjoyable. If youve enjoyed this one or found it useful, give it the old thumbs up, because it really helps the channel out and dont forget if youve got any questions whatsoever. Leave in the comments down below and im always happy to share footage with people if they want to try and play around with it, and things like that, just dont claim its your own. So let me know in the comments down below if you want some of that. As i said, i will be doing some more videos on the channel with this little beauty and that leads me to say stay safe out. There have fun making stuff keep smiling cheers for now.