Impressions of the dji mini 3 pro lets check it out, Music, all right, so we have quite a lot of information to cover so lets. First start with the size, the weight and the build quality of this drone. I think the biggest strength of this drone is the fact that its a 249 gram drone, meaning that its very lightweight its super compact. You can literally bring it with you anywhere. You go if you want to theres, no excuse not to bring it with you and, as a matter of fact, the remote controller of this drone is bigger than the drone itself. So that speaks volumes in my opinion and its very, very convenient to have such a small portable, but also powerful drone with you anywhere. You go now speaking about the fact that this drone is very lightweight and compact. There is no way not to mention my other favorite thing about this drone and one of the other biggest strengths of this drone, which is the lack of really annoying noise that it makes Music its just very silent, its very noticeable and ill try to say this Word, i believe, thats the right way to pronounce it, but yeah its its really hard to notice that there is a drone in the air. It doesnt attract the tension that pretty much any other drone attracts, which is a great thing if you want to be able to relax while you fly so you dont have five or six people coming to you to ask you questions about the drone and how much It costs and how much battery life it has and stuff like that, its just a peace of mind knowing that you can get your shots at peace without being disturbed by other people, which is a great thing and i think shouldnt be overlooked.

Obviously it doesnt matter if the drone is small, compact and silent, if it doesnt have a good camera. This is a camera drone. This is what its made to do so. Obviously, the camera is the most important feature of this drone and luckily it doesnt disappoint. For me, the fact that this drone shoots 4k 60 frames per second meaning that you cannot only shoot in regular 30 frames per second, but also 60, to slow down your footage and post later. If you really need to the fact that you have an aperture of f 1.7, meaning that you have a lot more light coming into the sensor, resulting in a lot better and sharper, looking footage 10 bit decent like color profile, which is huge for this drone. As it really gives you the ability to push your footage a lot more than you normally would with an 8 bit footage. And lastly, the fact that you can shoot raw photos on it makes this whole aspect of having this camera great. And it gives me great pleasure to know that the camera is that good, because sometimes in the past, when dealing with smaller drones, like the mini one or the mini two, i felt like im missing out when im not bringing my bigger and better drones. Right now, of course, this is no match for the mavic 3. Of course, the mavic 3 is that much better. However, i dont feel like the the distance uh in terms of quality between the two.

Is that significant, if youre, only looking for you know flying casually? If youre shooting for youtube, you can really get away with only filming with the mini 3 pro. You dont need the bigger better stuff to have good quality image and lets not forget something that i made an entire video about. One feature that i think shouldnt be overlooked and thats the upward gimbal tilt of the mini 3 pro because of the new design of the body. You have so much space for the camera to move up and you can actually tilt it so high up to create those shots that otherwise have never been possible before. Not only that, of course, because of that design, you can twist the camera rotate the camera in a vertical way to shoot for instagram, tik, tok or whatever you prefer. I personally dont feel like i use this feature enough. I use it for photos because i tend to mostly shoot my photos for instagram, which is where i post them the most so vertical shooting is mostly usable for me in photo mode. However, for for creators who are looking for video capabilities in a vertical format, the mini 3 pro is definitely the one to get now. Another thing i want to talk about and focus on is this remote controller? This is a big talking point when it comes to the dji mini 3 pro because of this built in screen 5.5 inches 700 nits of brightness built in antennas, dont fall and four hours of operating time up to four hours.

One of the things i noticed and like about this drone a lot is the fact that i dont have to always keep it charged. It lasts forever. Ive never experienced any range issues. I know some people have been complaining about the fact that this has a built in antennas, meaning that they are a little bit tucked in and they dont produce the best signal uh for the mini 3 pro to use when flying a little bit further away. However, ive never experienced any issues with the signal, strength and the range im getting with the mini 3 pro. If i really want to push this drone, it will not be in an area where i can get a lot of signal interference. It wont be in the city so uh so far in the areas where ive tested this drone, it has been rock solid and ive, never had any issues with the signal, strength or the range i might have been one of the lucky people to to not experience Any issues, but these are my impressions and they have been good up until this point now. I have two main complaints about the mini 3 pro. The first of them is that dji was putting nd filters in the fly more kits of many of their recent drones, but they didnt do it this time with the mini 3 pro, so no nd filters in the package of the mini 3 pro this time, even Though youre getting the fly more kit, which comes with so many different accessories, but no nd filters and since i still dont, have any nd filters im waiting for my polar pro filters to arrive any day now, but ive been using this.

This drone, without any nd filters for these two or so months that i have been flying it um. I dont like the fact that im that limited, because im used to using nd filters on every single camera i own, but i just completely missed the mark. This time, by not getting filters any earlier, i still dont have any nd filters to use on the mini 3 pro, but still, i believe my footage is still great looking. I might be a little bit biased. You will tell me in the comments below, but i think the lack of nd filters is not a deal breaker. However, it would have been really good if we at least had some nd filters to use now. My next complaint is the following. Imagine this scenario? I have three three batteries for the mini 3 pro. I want to change one of them and i have them with me inside my backpack im, taking one out and im, not sure how much charge it has now to check that. I need to either eject the battery that is currently in the drone, put it inside and press the button to see how much charge it has, or i need to put it in this charger that comes with the fly more kit, so i can press that little Button here – and it will show me how much charge i have, but if i dont have this with me, theres no way to easily check the status of the battery and how much charge it has its a really small thing.

I know its its a small complaint, but sometimes when youre dealing with a lot of batteries, a lot of changes of those batteries, you get confused, which battery youve already used, which one is new and fully charged and youre losing time exchanging those batteries and checking the Status and the charge level so its really not ideal. Unless you bring this with you everywhere, you go so this has been my my way of dealing with this issue. I just put them here, and this is the way i bring them with me always with this that way. I can also use this as a power bank, which could be a great thing. Sometimes you really need more charge and you can use that to charge some other devices, but its a small thing that i just i just had to share it now. Some people would complain that the mini 3 pro is very expensive and, to be honest, i wouldnt really say its very expensive, but it is more on the expensive side, especially if you compare it to the mini 2. if youre coming from the mini 2. Of course, its a jump up from the previous price that you have paid for the mini 2, but youre getting more for your money, youre getting so many more features that previously have never been present on a dji mini drone such as active track focus track. Hyperlapse. You have decent alike and 10 bit. You have all of these things.

That, of course, are a step up coming from the mini 2, so it makes sense that its going to be a little bit more expensive, especially if you opt for that bundle. That comes with the dji rc, which is the one that i highly recommend you to get if youre planning to buy one, because it just works and its very, very convenient to have one of the biggest competitors of this drone. Is this right here, the autel nano plus, and i made a full video comparing these two so make sure you go ahead and check that out if youre interested in a comparison between the two. So personally, i would still go for this one. If im choosing between the two, i would still choose the mini 3 pro, even though this one has some very strong points, uh and strong features uh, which are better than the media pro, but in general. Overall, i think this one is the better buy. So, to sum everything up, i think the mini 3 pro is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy a sub 250 gram drone its had a lot of new features and improvements over the months that has been out on the market from dji. It has received a couple of former updates already, and i think dji is doing a great job of supporting this drone. So far, im really excited for the future. Hopefully they will add even more things to it and make it even better so thats everything i have for you today guys.

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