I want to give you a video about my overall impressions about this drone, the pros the cons, and would i recommend it to you guys so, if youve never flown a small drone like this before your first impressions are going to be what the hell have. I done this is absolutely tiny, but fear not this packs a lot into this small size, its smaller than most mobile phones. It fits in your pocket, it folds up really nice and small. It is great and compared to some of the other drones that dji make you can see the actual size difference. This is the dji air 2s, which is like the mid range drone and just look at the size difference. It is remarkable so my first impressions when i got this drone and i got it opened up. I was like this feels really plasticky. It doesnt feel as well made as the mini 2, and that is true to a point, so it certainly feels more plasticky in the hand, maybe not as well made, but it doesnt have any impact on the performance at all. I have put this through some ridiculous conditions, some really strong winds and it just laughed at them and carried on so its like this to keep it under that crucial 250 grams with all of these features packed into it. So the features on this is the reason why, for that plasticky feel and you soon get over that plastic.

You feel massive upgrades over the mini 2 youve now got 4k 60. You have slo mo at 120 fps, you have tri directional obstacle, avoidance and youve. Also got focus, track, gets more, you get hyper hyperlapse and you also have 48 megapixel photos. You have panorama photos. You literally have every feature in here. You also have had firmware updates. Since it first came out as well so when i first got this, it didnt have 10 bit color. It now does so indeed cine like you have 10 bit now in the testing. I was doing in majorca when i first got this drone. It only had normal and d cine like in eight bits, so majority of the time on that trip. I was filming just in that normal color profile. That was great. It is a bit saturated and contrasty, but you can always turn that down in your editor program, but for the normal color profile on here for most people who dont really know how to color grade. That is going to be good enough. But now because it has a d cine like 10 bit, if you like, color grading, you can use that to get the best out of this drone in terms of the video quality. I cant really see much difference between this and the dji air. This has more advantages to me than say the slight better video quality from the dji 2s, because i can take this with me in places, i wont be able to take the air to west.

So if youre going to be going to beaches or cities where you cant really fly that air to us because of its weight, this is going to be a huge advantage of this and the features on this bad boy are brilliant arent. They i mean who doesnt like hyperlapse and focus track. Youve got it all packed into here and then, if you are gon na fly recklessly like i do, and quite a few of you do as well from what ive seen the obstacle avoidance on here will have your back and it works great. It doesnt have side sensors well get on to that in a second, but it has front backward and down position sensors. So if youre flying like a lunatic – and it sees you fly like a lunatic and its going towards something, this will stop and then going back to say the mini 2. If you still have that drone or if you move back to that drone, you are more wary because you are in complete control there, whereas this has those safety features and thats a great example of how it can basically save you and save your wallet. Now. A problem i was having was not relating to this drone, but more relation to at the time nd filters werent available. Now, thank god they are so when i was in majorca again a lot of those shots were at the beach or over the sea. So there was lots of glares and reflections.

I also had it most of time in that normal color profile, so i did have to do quite a bit of work in the color grading afterwards to try and bring those highlights down, try and reduce those glares, because i was literally just using this. I did try a few times just to glue like an old nd filter onto here, but it wasnt really working and i did lose a few. Thankfully not these are now available. So these are the nd filters. I use by freewell ive been using freewell filters for the last few years. These are great brilliantly. Dji have just allowed us just to pop this filter. This lens comes straight off on the front and then you can get your new nd filters and then they just go and pop straight on as well. So you just put it right onto the front there and turn it, and then that is on. So that is so much easier than it was before quicker as well and more convenient, and these are the ones i use. So these are now on the drone all the time so for going away in the summer, make sure youve got your nd filters or youre to have to do quite a lot in your color grading to bring everything down and your shutter speed is also going to Be like 4, thousands, its going to look so kind of sharp and not really natural. Now, with these bad boys on, i can go as fast as i want get some nice motion blur stick to 180 degree shutter reel and not have as many glares and reflections.

So nd filters on here its not a problem for this drone, but now theyre available its even better, so the rc controller. I got this package here, so the the bowler edition all right. So the controller – and this is the rc package, its not the cheapest one. Its not the middle range one, its the most expensive way of getting this. I know people are already starting typing in the comments about the negatives. To this controller, i think the positives outweigh the negatives. I will talk about any disadvantages to this. In a second of my experience of that, but i do like this controller, it is so lightweight its weighs less than the old n1 controller youve got this nice screen built into it so youre not having to connect your phone or faff around. It was a really good experience. It feels really good in the hand and its a really fast kind of setup process. You can turn your drone on turn this on it auto connects and away you go okay. Lets talk about battery life battery life on any drone. Is really important? We all want more battery life than we get, but battery life on here lets talk about that 34 minutes is what it says: its, never going to be 34 minutes that is in like ideal locations. I have no idea where, but its literally, i think, where theyre going to be flying in windless conditions just hovering in place, and nobody is ever going to buy a drone and do that ever so.

What i was getting is around about 25 to 28 minutes, depending on how much of an idiot i was flying. So if im flying in sports mode zipping all over the place, its going to be probably less than that, but for literally average usage, which im going to say 4k flying a little bit of hyperlapse a little bit of tracking and the obstacle avoidance turned on right. About 25 minutes, i think that is pretty decent. What i really like, though, is this: this is a fantastic battery charger. You get this in the fly more kit or you can buy it standalone, so you can put three batteries into here. They just pop in and this charges them all in sequence, once once fully charged move into the next one and the next one takes one hour to charge each one, but youve always got three there. Whats great about this is that this is so lightweight. It literally weighs hardly anything i might even weigh it just to see what this weighs. It is great it charges via usbc on the side there. This is awesome. This is great, so battery life overall on this drone is good. You will need to get some more batteries. One battery is never going to be enough. You know its never enough, so get some more batteries or get a fly more kits. If you are lucky enough to find one or theyve been shipped to you, they should be shipped really soon, but yeah this.

This is this. This is really good. Now wouldnt, we all like a perfect camera and unfortunately, it doesnt exist and thats the same on drones as well. We dont have a perfect drone. This comes close, but it does have some niggles one of those is it doesnt have an internal fan. So if youre going to be flying this in a really really hot country, you dont want to be doing things where its like stationary, because itll get warm and overheat pretty quick. It relies on movements to keep this cool. It doesnt have a fan inside. So that means when youre at home and its on your desk and youre updating your firmware. It got really warm and it was overheating a lot when it first came out. It has improved. Dji ive literally been like firing out firmware updates like literally every week to get this better and it has improved. So the overheating issue on here seems to have kind of like gone away, and it just is a lot better. Okay, the rc control lets move back to that. So i really do like this controller, but its had some reports about poor signal performance. This doesnt have any external antennas theyre built into the top of the controller here, which means youve got to have this pointed into the direction of where youre flying your drone. Some people are saying this signal on here: isnt, very good and its cutting out after like two or three hundred meters.

Personally, from my experience, ive never had that. I found the signals to be great on here. It has dropped out a few times like when youve been in an area where theres a lot of trees or when its close to buildings or behind a building. It will cut out. But i found this to be just as good as the old controller, not as good as the rc pro the rc pro has the external antennas, and it also has that brighter screen. The rc pro is like three times as much. Overall, though this controller, it is limiting, you cant, do much on it apart from flying the drone with it, but i do like this and i know im getting picky now, but the sd card area at the back, its a bit of a pain isnt it so Its really small, just like the mavic 3 to get that sd card in and out, if youre, not careful, it will fling out when youre taking it out and it doesnt have a cover over the back, which means its quite exposed. If you get caught out in the rain, its a worry isnt it id like to have just some kind of like little cover or something over it again, it probably comes down to weight saving. I would rather not have a cover and have these other features. Weve got so overall, you know got to remember that this drone has just come out. The controller has just come out its had a complete redesign, its a new drone isnt it compared to the mini 2, and it is great already its only going to get better with firmware updates its got so many features packed into this small drone hasnt.

It 4k 60, for you slow mo guys, 1080p 120. If you want even more slow mo, i know youre going to want hyperlapse and tracking youve got that youve got 48 megapixel photos. Youve got decent here like color in 10 bits and when you find like a lunatic youve got obstacle: tri directional, obstacle avoidance. That was a mouthful and thats going to have you back and protect your drone, so its a huge upgrade over that mini 2. I think its a fantastic travel drone all beginner drone. I took this to majorca. I didnt really have a clue how to fly this or the experience about it all the features, because i only had it a few weeks took this to the orca and on the first day i didnt have the fly market. So i took like one battery the drone and a car charger, and i was just driving around like in some foreign country trying to find places to fly this, and i ended up in the bloody mountains at secular on the beaches. It was fantastic with this drone. I got really good results. I could only wish id go back with the nd filters. Maybe maybe i should that might be a good idea and get some even better footage, but for traveling this is literally everything. You need its an awesome, travel drone and its also got vertical video, which is a huge deal for a lot of people. It now switches from horizontal to vertical.

I have never seen this before and it makes drones like this prehistoric and if you like, reels, just go and buy this. This is the only drone youre going to need, because then you can literally take a vertical video or photo post it straight to social media. With no loss of quality, none of that cropping in none of that time wasting stuff. It is awesome on here a great advantage. Ive found with this so have i missed anything anything else, bad with this. I really have been struggling to think what is bad with this, and normally after 10 weeks, ive got quite a big list of maybe stuff that can be implemented or changed, or issues with this ive really been struggling when ive been like scripting this up, like what Is absolutely bad with this, so after the last 10 weeks, its all been pretty positive and thats thats only a good thing. So if youve not got this drone, i hope you go and buy it. I hope you love it im sure you will. Let me know the comments down below if ive missed anything bad.