. However, the chinese drone maker hasnt confirmed when is the next entry level drone coming, what specs it will sport and how much it will cost. Thankfully, multiple leaks and rumors are likely to give us a brief idea. Recently, we have seen a video featuring what looks like the retail packaging for the dji mini 3 pro, but the legitimacy of the video is not proven yet. In addition, we have also seen multiple leaked videos showcasing the design and specifications of the upcoming drone by dji last year, dji also launched mini se a more affordable drone, acting as a successor to the older dji mavic mini the next dji mini has been in speculation. For a long time now and the latest rumors suggest it could be coming this spring before we start, please make sure to click the like and subscribe button and press the bell icon for regular updates is dji coming out with a mini 3 dji mini 3. Is the much awaited drone by the chinese technology company, primarily known for its drones dji, which will be the successor to the widely popular mini 2 drone model? Mini 3 has been in talks, rumors and speculation. For a long time, multiple leakers revealed critical details about what could be the next drone in the djis mini lineup. Now, dji itself has finally confirmed that it is planning to release new drones under the mini 3 series. After the leaked shell images of the said, drone surfaced on the internet.

The confirmation comes via djis tech support team via a chinese social media platform. Much to the delight of fans, they have confirmed that the next dji mini is coming soon. What else should you expect from the next dji mini 3 dji mini 3, will be the successor for the mini 2 drone and should fill the gaps that the predecessor has left. The first upgrade you can expect is video shooting capabilities at 4k and 60 frames per second mini 2 can only shoot 4k video at 30fps. However, the next mini would have enough size and resolution camera sensors to upgrade that dji mini third may also sport, a larger camera sensor than the half point three chip available in mini 2.. This would allow the drone to capture more stunning, visuals and footage with clean details. The company had also revealed the ocusync. 3.0 technology was unavailable when mini 2 launched, so you should expect the latest ocusync technologies to be available in the new mini. It should also have better obstacle: avoidance, sensors and faster charging may be up to 30 watts with a usbc connector dji mini 3 design and variants. The initial leaks suggest that the upcoming dji mini 3 will have a somewhat different design than the mini 2.. It will likely use a new aerodynamic design featuring a carbon fiber skeleton with downward slanted arms and larger propellers. The updated plan will also help it to have a longer flight time. The first proper leak by oceda lv from march suggests the same.

The image shows a dji drone, likely the mini 3 pro with a fresh rc controller. If it happens to be accurate, this would be a first, as these controllers are reserved for higher end models, while mini has always been an entry level lineup. However, he first mentioned that the picture should be a joke, but recently changed his stance. Another leak from march 15th on billy billy, a chinese video sharing site shared further by deals, drone reveals what is likely the body framework for the dji mini 3.. The design shows large brackets for the drones rotating front arms, which are very different from the predecessor. One more notable aspect of the leaked footage is the redesigned gimbal support offering improved upward, shooting, at the same time, mini 2s gimbal hangs down freely from the front of the drone. According to diels, drone dji may launch up to three variants for the mini 3 lineup. It will distinguish these by weight. The primary mini 3 could have a weight lower than 250 grams to mark it with ce class 0, while a heavier model with a longer battery life will also be available. What would be the price for dji mini 3? It would be tough to predict the price of the upcoming dji mini 3 at this moment, as we hardly know about it. Officially, however, considering the leaks and rumors dji could set the price for mini 3, around 499 to 549, the dji mini se launched last year is available for 299.

Therefore, the predicted price range would create a fair separation between the two entry level drones by dji. Also, the dji mini 3 pro having an rc controller will be costlier. However, if the price rises to the 799 mark, it may successfully replace mavic air 2. As the primary mid range drone, we should wait for official words from the company. However, the announcement of the dji mini third of may arrive sooner than everyone is expecting.