With that controller, the luxury version has now been leaked onto a uk retailer argos. This retail has been around for a number of years. Now so this only means one thing: this is coming really soon guaranteed the mini 3 pro is going to be released. We can also see that new controller basically looks like the rc pro in gray. Is it gon na? Have the same? Knits value well were not sure yet, but one thing it looks fantastic. We now can see these images straight from dji, so nothing to dispute this at all. Weve also got now a backup confirmed from this well renowned retailer about the spec. We can see the spec on the website as well, which is going to confirm a few key points. It is going to have a one over 1.3 inch sensor, its going to be 249 grams with those safety sensors as well with that higher dynamic ranges. Everything weve said over the last few weeks. The quality of this drone looks like to be fantastic. Also, the sensors weve said about its going to have position sensors. It confirms it again here front back and downwards vision: sensors, a new, complete redesign, enhanced safety features and then that hdr footage as well, but also that 1.13 inch sensor its gon na be fantastic in low light, and then we can just see it here. It it doesnt look ugly anymore. Does it then? First pictures we got like what is that look at it now so 4k, 60 48 megapixel raw photos and then youre gon na have 120 fps in 1080p.

For that slow motion, video also confirmed this vertical videos. It rotates 90 degrees, so youre gon na have its what they call true vertical shooting. So its going to be fantastic. If you like doing tic, tocs and reels maximum speed is 16 meters per second, a maximum height of 4 000 meters and then the charging as well right about an hours charge for 34 minutes of flight time 48 megapixel and that 4k, its basically spec theyre, confirming That so i mean the charging time looks great as well, basically everything we said in last few weeks whether it was like. Oh, this is true. Is it not? Are these just rumors its pretty much now just nailed, true that this is coming if youve not sold your mini 2 and you want to buy this? Now is a great time to do so. We can see the kits youre going to get of this with bowler edition, so youre going to have one battery the drone, the controller some extra propellers gimbal guard. So what do we think? Is this now going to confirm with this price of 859 pounds in the uk for the top tier bowler edition? With the controller i mean this looks like to be the luxury of package doesnt it its more expensive than your mini 2 for sure, but youre. Getting this controller with it the controller the screen looks to be identical size to the rc pro we can see.

If we just zoom in here, there is seems to be a flap there, thats, probably going to hold the joysticks and the charging port to the right hand side. So no hdmi it looks like. But if thats going to be the only difference between this and the rc pro, i think a lot of people will be more than happy with. This may 10th is still the rumored date. This is going to be officially announced and released ready to buy. It is over a week, though, that this has now been put onto argos, so it is bizarre that its been done so early, but just look at this now with those huge position: sensors, the front and down that complete rotation of that camera. It looks like this is going to tick a lot of boxes for people and i would say it is expensive, but if you want the all in one package, the rc pro, i love its a fantastic experience, not having your phone with you. If you was to move up and get this this package for 859 in the uk, then i think people are gon na love. This also is the fly more kits. We can see for 159 pounds in the uk. We can see this and if we just look at some of the pictures, its going to show you that you get two batteries, the propellers, the bag who uses that bag by the way, the cable and the charging brick just look at some of the individual photos.

I mean ill give it the bags good its a good quality bag. I just i dont see a lot of people using it, but its good that they still include it. Though thats good to see you can put it all in together. You can see you get some extra propellers here which definitely on these drones. We need its always good to have the two batteries you can see, look completely different to the mini two batteries, so i dont think the miniature batteries will work on the mini three at all thats a regular question, and then this really big charging, brick um. It looks like to be a monster for this charging brake, but overall, you know im im super excited for this drone me personally. I want to get this this package, the bowler edition cant, wait to review it and let you guys know which is the best one to get, but now weve seen these actual proper images, proper specs confirmed.