Keen stays actually had their mavic 3 for a while uh lets talk about this high level specs. First of all its got, i mean we know its got. 4K uh 60 frames per second for video. It still weighs less than 250 grams, which means no licensing is required. Um main updates, obviously, from the mini 2. This one has got the tri directional obstacle sensing i mean its, not its, not the omnidirectional um. You know obstacle avoidance as on the other dji drones, but at least for a micro drone thats under 250 grams. Its got obstacle sensing on there, uh so tell us. How does it work seth, so um? You know i read the uh tri directional sensing as, like you know, on a uh horizontal plane, not that its you know vertical plane and you can see from the actual drone itself. There is zero ability for it to see sideways, like theres, no sensors at all sideways theres, obviously, the back sensors that are there and the front sensors that are there and even just the way the sensors are mounted theyre theyre straight forward versus. If you look at mavic 3, its a little on um on the angle which can cover at 120 degrees, this is literally straight forward backwards. So i didnt do that. Uh analysis before i started flying so um, you know, like you, just put it into um. You know active track mode, you do uh either trace or um.

You know you fly parallel, so i just started flying and it was fantastic like uh. It was following me pretty well not as good as the mavic 3 in in terms of active track, and i guess thats why that you know 4.0 versus 5.0 right um. So you know like i was uh chasing a rivien and you know when i would accelerate hard it would lose the drone. If i was flying directly in front of you know, i could go under the drone before it could back up in time, but um. You know on normal stuff, where youre like on a mountain bike or something this would be fine. The problem is, is the drone you know wants to go sideways, sometimes if youre, if youre, not filming exactly head on or exactly behind um anything that comes in the way of the drone is gon na um see the in the video you can see its its Tracking pretty well um, but anything that gets in the way like you can see these trees down here, um, if i flew uh near those trees, this thing has zero ability to avoid those things so unless it sees it in the front or the back or beneath It doesnt even know that you know there are obstacles in the way, which is a problem, because a lot of the times when youre doing follows um youre not going to squeeze forwards or backwards yeah. You go inside yeah, its a boring shot to just be forward and back so uh.

That is something that i think dji needs to communicate better to uh prospective buyers and and uh pilots, because you know me as a reviewer. I was like. Oh my god. This is gon na be great. Its gon na do all the things the mavic 3 did, but you know an inexpensive, smaller package. Well, thats, not true like it, its not as good at um following its you know, just not as quick and not as as robust sensor wise, but it just simply, unless youre in a wide open field, with no obstacles, its not going to be able to see. You you can see it lost me behind the barn there um so and then its still looking for me, but where am i i dont know um yeah. This is the same issue that the light plus has, because the light plus also has only f forward and bottom, and when i did tracking on that, just walking around a a baseball field. It was slightly terrifying, um it flying inches away from a bleacher before it going before. You can see on the bottom and it goes up or flying between two poles, its something that could probably use a little bit tweaking on both now. The one thing that light the light plus does is that it also uses the gimbal, so it wont necessarily turn completely sideways. It will move the gimbal and follow you still, which is something that maybe the the mini three could probably implement as well.

As we know, the smaller drones always have limitations, so i always like to say obstacle avoidance or obstacle. Sensing just make sure you use it with uh with understanding of its limitations. Okay, next update its actually longer in flight time than the mini tube, so the the new manufacturer rating is 34 minutes of max flight time. Uh, i mean obviously we wont get 34 but thats still quite a long time for um a drone thats under 250 grams and now with you know, the added sensors, the forward backwards and downward sensors so with the added sensors and the bigger battery um. So its definitely you know beneficial to the pilots is giving you more flight time in the air im impressed that they found room for that all the stuff they threw in here and then still put it below 250 grams, its impressive yeah, the batterys like diminutive its You know it looks like it almost fit in like a smartphone, but it does give you a good half hour of flight and video time um, you know, including tracking, including all the all the tricks um. For me, i was like amazed every time i looked at the battery that it wasnt further down, and i had more time to to film so um like kudos to them, and this is only the 34 – they actually have an extended battery that goes 47 minutes which To me is like kind of insane like thats, almost as much time.

What is that compared to the mavic 3? I think its very similar yeah, its very similar, so i mean from a time of use standpoint. This, like little drone, can fly almost as big or almost as long as the you know. The high end professional uh version so and the one thing, the one thing they didnt mention in their specs is actually, if you look at the design of the drone, the gimbal tilts upwards yep yeah, they seem to like not really mention this a lot. I think they mentioned it. You know briefly, but in other talks, but like nothing in in the videos or in online that this thing can go vertically up and i believe when you guys tested it, it was going vertically up without seeing the propellers, which is pretty good. Because i look like initially from anaphy that it can go vertically up, but youre always seeing the the prop wash in the shot. Yeah parrot, uh didnt really talk too much about the uh, the um, the prop wash um, but in in the. In my experience with the the mini three um, as far up as i went, i didnt see any props and i think thats uh they have the. You know the wide the wide props here and you know if you look at the camera here, its its not really seeing you know its its a very wide angle. You would need to see the props so its its well designed it seems to be in line with um the mavic 3, as well as the matrix uh, the m30 design.

So you can see the aerodynamic. I think i think, even when mavic 3 came out, dji was saying they were able to just optimize the aerodynamic of um of the body and make it more efficient thats how they were also gaining more flight time. Yeah, the you can definitely see the the mavic 3 in the front, propellers like the angle to them very, very statically that they took that design from there now. This drone also came with a new controller right. The building screen slightly smaller than the uh original rc. Pro, but how do you like it kirk? Is it bright enough, its great yeah, ill ill ive never had any issues with the uh with not being able to see any detail, and i went out there with no no clouds in the sky, sun beating right down on the screen and it held up pretty Well and ive only been flying with drones with smartphones, and you know the fly on an actual built in screen just its a game. Changer um definitely one of the definitely an option if youre looking to buy a new one like i, i highly cant suggest it more than getting one. How long did the battery last? On the new controller i never had to die on me like. I went out three days in a row and never charged it so because that was the challenge we had with uh the previous smart controller uh the battery didnt last too long, yeah its its really good on here um.

I think probably i had like three or four sessions where i didnt even charge. This, like you, know, and right now its beeping at like uh, two, so yeah thats much better than a smart controller. Yeah yeah and you know its a little bit more portable too. It doesnt have external antennas um, which is nice its a little bit lighter too, i dont know kirk. Do you think i havent been on hold the other ones, but it felt it felt light like we werent going to have an issue with, like you know, holding it all day, but it also had like a good amount of weight to it. Like you werent, like feeling like you were holding like nothing, so it definitely has a good build quality and good kind of like weight distribution to it as well. I do wish uh dji did something about these guys, like, of course you can. You can store them in the back like typical, but like it would be nice if they were foldable and it would be. You know because thats, how like you know you have this controller all the time you can boot it up immediately, but you then you have to you know screw these things on. So, like you know, if you see a shot, you want to get you. You know you have to pull this out unscrew screw in you know, if you happen to drop them right yeah, it could look fine in one if you drop it in tall grass.

Yeah now lets also talk about pricing, so weve actually got pricing on um, even dji official website, and i have to say this is the first consumer drone ive seen dji released thats not available to ship out asap right at the time of launch um, because previously, When we saw mini 2 or mavic 3, basically, when the product was launched, you were able to buy it from uh from dji website right away um. But on this one weve got three options: theres, the the one with the new dji rc controller and, as you can see at the bottom, the estimated shipping date is only the end of may and we are standing at may 10th. So thats 20 days away and if you want to get just the mini 3 pro without um uh, so this one is no con, so not the new controller, but this is uh the original controller, the same one as on the mavic air, 2 or air 2s. The standard controller, so this one is only available starting in the august of 2022. and if youre like me, whos got too many drones and too many controllers, and you say i just want to connect. You know my smart controller to you to this. Instead of buying a new one, then same thing, if you buy just the drone body, its only available from the uh august from august of 2022, so youre almost missing the whole summer um. So, like i said, you know, pricing wise, um, its almost the same price as the air 2s, which is interesting, so this is definitely way more expensive than the mini 2 um, with the new dji rc controller, although it is still like, if you, i guess, youre Getting the air 2s with the smart controller, its still, i think its isnt, that like 1600 or something like that so yeah thats, that smart controller itself is expensive yeah.

So i mean even again, with the n1 controller, its still like, i think, thats 1300 or something or maybe not the flight – combo, never minus 1300, but i mean you still get. You know its like its a pretty just yes, price increase was, like, i guess, was expected, but if i add the fly more combo here now, this is uh yeah 1200 yeah yeah um. The price increase was expected, but, like this is like a good amount versus the the mini 2 in the mini se, which i wouldnt be surprised. If we see a lot more of the the entry level drone, which is what originally the mini, was kind of like designed for move away from the current mini and go back to the sc version, so this is the uh air 2s with fly more combo is 12.99 and the mavic 3 pro with the dji rc and the fly more combos 1158. So only a hundred, you know 150 dollars difference yeah its a pricey drone. It is a pricey drone. It has. It has a lot of the features of the air 2s, though um, so i wonder you know, is: does dji have to differentiate the uh air a little bit more, because this things kind of coming up and speed in features um. The one thing that you know for me, the r2s still um, you know it it. The the camera on the 2s is going to be.

I think a little bit better than this guy, like the shots i got were solid, but it just didnt feel quite as good as uh the bigger drones, but also dji just announced that the mini 3 pro right, so i find uh, give give it a couple Of months for firmware updates and then well see where it actually lands in terms of uh camera quality, i know personally, i am replacing my mini 2 with the mini 3. For sure um i mean yes, it. It only has forwards backwards and bottom sensor, but thats still better than meaning to not having any sensors at all um right and i do like the gimbal tilting uppers. So if youre flying under lets say a bridge if youre flying through structures, you know i find that gives you know a good, a good perspective, something different right. Um im still using my mavic 2 pro for my main drone and mini 2, has always been my backup so im, definitely replacing that with the mini 3 as the backup drone um, and you know when dji fixes the mavic 3, then that will be my new Main primary drone – so i guess to me, is those who do fly pro and they want to have a little backup unit in their pocket for locations that are challenging um or you know, airspace wise or people wise, then its under the ministry, its under 250 grams. Its a great substitute for uh situations like that and for entry level people you know, would they go for mini 2 or they go for a mini 3.

I would say if, if, if budget isnt the concern, if they can afford the mini 3, i say go for the mini 3, because if youre an entry level, any additional sensors that can help you to fly better right fly safer um, i would say always go For it, im surprised that the mini 2 is still for sale on the website. I would uh, i guess so, maybe that they sell some stock to sell out, because i did remove it from the amazon store for like a few days and then put it back. Um, but i assume that ones probably going to be discontinued for for the se or maybe they might just give you the sc and keep the two and keep like the two as like the se2 or whatever. But if a you dont have the three because of the gps issue, we have the three it just. We dont we dont use it as the primary one right now, because number one is the gps issue number two. Personally, i prefer the dji go 4 app versus the flash. I like i like the fly app on you know mini or on the air 2s um. I just i i preferred the phantom 4 um uh phantom 4 and the mavic 2 pro with the dji go 4 app. Oh interesting, i didnt, i didnt know you still flew the uh before yeah. You fly the four, the four we use it, a lot of it for for survey for preliminary survey um, because theres also the four rtk for you know, actual precision survey, but on the 4 or on the 2 pro i can use third party apps.

I can use drone deploy, i can use pix4d, i can use different apps for it and, depending on the location i like, for without the landing gear so depending on where you are um. If you need that in your space, if you need to catch it or you know, hand launch or or hand catch, i find it its safer than than the mavic tall grass et cetera, yeah yeah, now uh going back to the gps issue. Um would be interesting to see what we see with the mini three, because seth your mavic 3 never had the issue, but other production models had the issue were not seeing. The issue like gps was great, like i got it within a couple seconds every time i i started up but well see maybe production, because i looked and it has the same. You know gps, galileo beidou for the gps thing, so it might be using something similar. Um so that may be something we need to look out for when production units come, we didnt have any issues at the beginning and then, when one of my pilots went down to aruba, the gps issue happened so thats, interesting, because a lot of people were like Saying that that it was the firmware update that killed the gps issue, but dji seems to think that its or or the prevailing thought you know, i guess were kind of going off. The the three yeah but like the prevailing wisdom, was that you know theres a different chip in there, its more used for automotive, and it takes longer to sync up but um.

For me, it was like it worked initially really well, and then it worked less well. After a couple firmware updates and then you know, dji said: hey were gon na fix it in another firmware update and that didnt fix it at all. So um. I wonder if youre a different supplier with um the gps trip yeah, it exists some, but uh doesnt fix the others right and obviously we got you know one of the early ones. So uh we got you know the initial chipset. So maybe that was part of the issue. Well, were in the year of three right: weve got the mavic 3 um theres the announcement of the matrix, the new uh m30, which is still in the in the three, and now we have the mini three pro uh. So the end of this month should be interesting because were were expecting the actual shipment of matrix 30 uh and also you know the actual shipment of um mini 3 pro and as the flight season is just starting. I guess well be circling back every week with new updates, you know, features what did we find and share that with everyone? Yeah im definitely planning on going out way more with this thing and trying to get some more flights. I think a friend of mine were going to go out and do some some mountain biking and tracking with the mavic 3 mini three hus lights, get all comparisons between the three and all of them be careful.

You dont go too close to trees Laughter. I would recommend like uh, to keep keeping it away from any kind of obstacles, lest you end up with a gimbal that looks like mine, so i guess thats the thats, the recommendation to anyone, whos buying mini three uh watch out for any obstacles.