Late come on me and peter went down here a couple of weeks ago to grab a couple of drone shots with the new mini three pro hes gon na even tell me to bring a jacket. Thats nice im, just in skinny jeans, thats normal thats, a classic ill prepared as always, but they delayed the launch date. So we couldnt really post the videos that was intended to be posted. But since we had such a good time, we couldnt like not post anything from trip, and that is why im back in italy once again in this video to show you the actual video, enjoy the confidence, the confidence dude wow, its just theres, nothing! Dont! Do this! You dont even never start from the hand its like one of those things thats a bad thing: right: dangerous, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music. Have you seen my uh? Have you seen my mini 3 bro thats mine? This thing is 249 grams. You can fly it anywhere. You dont care its under the weight limit of a drone operator in the eu right now, so you can just send it up. Go ahead, get the shot that you want bring it back down. Dont have to worry when it comes to flying drones. I am a huge fan of both like the flying, but also capturing the different moments in time. What i really like about the mavic 3 is like how its built and the camera and everything else that this drone is, but its also way too expensive and too much to carry around on a daily basis.

It kind of stops. You from i dont know what what does stop you from doing having fun yeah way too big bro. This is where its at and when it comes to build quality im, actually pretty amazed, because, even though you have like this super lightweight plastic, the batteries like this, it weighs nothing, but it still feels very sturdy, and i also like the battery goes in the back. Just as the mavic 3 does right now is more like a cassette like a nintendo swirl, and then, of course, you have the sensors in the front and in the bottom, which is amazing how they managed to put these in to this drone with the size of The drone being able to have that is also going to prevent you from crashing into things when youre flying in the city when youre getting those like in the moment shots. I have never ever crashed a drone into the water. Today, it happened. The gimbal, i would say, is probably the biggest difference when it comes to this drone compared to the mini 2. It feels sturdy and has two attachment points, and this gimbal is way better than the mavic 1 pro was when it was released. This feels sturdy. It feels like its not gon na break on you, even if you throw it in the bag and ive actually been using this drone in my bag without the cover, because im yeah it broke ive been flying this for almost a month when this video is released.

I keep it in auto and just like tap the screen on the remote adjust the exposure up and down just like an iphone, get get get yup, theyre, sure dont know huh, basically, all set, so you dont have to go in, adjust the shutter, isos and stuff. Like that, it just works straight at the box, and that is what makes it so much fun when it comes to shooting with this drone. The thing that baffled me when i set it up for the first time was no doubt the flight maneuverability. It feels like the mavic 3, but in this size i know youre, probably sitting there thinking. How good is the wind resistance, its only 249 grams come on Music Music. This link will generate a 200 kilometer wind. I dont know what i do. I think that this tiny drone can handle pretty darn good, considering the size of it Music back to italy, its not only that the drone is good, but its also the upgrade when it comes to the controller. These things is just the same as the dji rc pro controller that you get for the mavic 3. You have the same kind of like joystick movements, its very smooth, and you have joysticks here in the back that you just pick up screw on and then youre ready to go two wheels its a built in display. You dont have to use your phone. If you dont, have it with you or if your battery will a little bit whole battery is out that in itself, for me is definitely something that i love about this, because when i started using mavi 3 cine, it kind of like changed the way that i Shot videos because i did not have to bring my phone connect it and then wait for like its just a hassle and removes an element of capturing videos that i thought was annoying, which makes capturing videos more fun.

The seeing ddi being able to pull something like this off in a size and format like this is kind of mind blowing. To be honest because i was not a huge fan of the previous mini versions, but this one is such a fun drone to fly and definitely makes a real difference in the camera bag as well. I mean this together with a controller thats, its a heavy heavy thing. I have like my back when im carrying my camera bag check this out. This is how much my mavic 3 usually takes up with only one battery and the remote looking at the mean needle down here flop, two extra batteries, flop, unc remote flop, three batteries, the remote and the drone in a smaller space than one might be three one Battery in one remote so being able to streamline that and bring this with me on a day to day basis is definitely gon na make a difference, but then again, im still gon na use the mavic 3. Whenever i want to capture some more cinematic shots and more professional shots in the sense of when i need them to be perfectly graded or being able to shoot in d log and stuff like that, because thats something that you cant do with this drone, the different Color profiles that you can choose from is decent alike or normal and decent light is kind of like d log, but a lighter version of it.

But i think like in a drone like this, it doesnt really matter and when it comes to flight time. Its kind of wild because i got an an actual 30 minutes of flight time from this tiny thing, and that is with a small battery yeah theres. Another battery coming with intelligent flight battery plus youre gon na be able to fly this drone for 45 minutes thats. As long as the mavic 3, i mean like come on this size. This makes things not only easier, but also fun and more. How do you say like more creative? Because you want to use the tool that is in your hands? Im, just happy that things like this is coming out from companies, because it makes my job easier. It makes it a lot more fun to capture content and create memories with i would love to know. What do you think about the drone? Do drop a comment down below and uh. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you in the next video and uh. Oh, that is peter from sweden. Saying goodbye, bye, no thats me come on you stole it, you destroyed it, you destroyed it. Youve been talking for like an hour. You destroyed it. How much raw food that that was my ending? Are you left over with, like a full other video editing he stole my ending, like i was doing the swedish i like to think you come like i like to think i contributed to its contributed yeah.

How i added a little little humor, do you know the swedish though they not like humor yeah, but i mean like? Can you say goodbye like i do in swedish? How do you say that yeah that was uh? I was trying to do that. How do you say goodbye in swedish? Hey duel, hey dude, i do is that good yeah were going in Music. Oh, are you filming? Oh yeah? Oh i thought you were like like rehearsing or researching or something i guess. This whole setup does make sense. Yeah im. Sorry ill, be, i didnt, know Laughter. Oh you got a nice little background here, ill leave that set up for me. You know the light might be more. Even if you were i know, but then you dont get the yeah. I see you want to have that. I understand one of the scenery right. Look how big this is dude. It is. Is this what you use at the gym yeah? Is that how youre on its like its just a dumbbell, you carry this around and you get biceps like that. You should start. I should totally start dude. You got like pencil crayons right here. The difference in quality when it comes to these two drones is definitely noticeable its a great view. Dude youtubers, the thing that was with the like down here. Have you looked down here yet its like? Have you looked down there? Wow? Oh, my god, have you been there wow? Thank you.