This is the perfect social media drone. That being said, these are some of my favorite things about the dji mini 3, pro starting off with the first one, the size and convenience. Of course, i got ta start with the form factor and the weight 249 grabs super lightweight and easy to set up compared to every other drone ive used before this has been the fastest to get out of the bag and up in the air, especially paired with A dji rc controller i personally dont like having to plug in my phone to the controller every time i want to fly so that was a huge plus for me when it came to convenience. I absolutely love the rc controller would definitely recommend that over the standard. One its bright in almost every situation and very clear to preview your live footage uh without any need for your phone. I cant stress this enough. I absolutely love not having to use my phone. The battery life is really really good. I didnt expect it to last that long. I was getting about 35 minutes of flight time with ease, even in decently, strong winds. I was getting about 32 minutes of flight time. I think that is a pretty big win. The fly more combo comes with two extra batteries and you can easily shoot for about an hour and a half, maybe a little bit more, even with that set moving on to the features and some functionalities on the dji mini 3 pro starting with true vertical shooting.

In 2022, this is the reason i would buy. The dji mini 3 pro ive been getting a lot into instagram reels and even tick tock, and for that kind of content i think theres, no other drone that matches this in terms of four factor. How easy it is to use and just quick social content, but just social aside, you get to shoot in proper settings as well. You get 4k up to 60 fps, you get 1080p, 120 fps or buttery smooth, slow motion and also hdr recording by default. The drone controller is mapped to have digital zoom, using the right dial so for quick, shooting with social media content, its perfect to add some dynamic movement to your standard shots. Apart from just the standard, gimbal movement, speaking of gimbal movements, something i loved about this – was the upward tilt to the gimbal. You can get up to 60 degrees upward tilt, allowing for even more creative shots. This unlocks some even harder to achieve shots with ease. So if you want to shoot upwards without having to actually fly upwards tilt it up and move down, you get really dynamic cool movements, something that caught me off guard is the low light performance. It was surprisingly good, given the fact that this isnt a one inch sensor, i expected low light to be kind of sub par, but even shooting at 3200 iso. The results are actually quite nice. Slap on some color grading and youve got some really good.

Looking footage even for low light on to the third thing: weve got obstacle: sensing and auto shooting modes with the dji mini 3 pro you get tri directional, obstacle, sensing so front sensing back sensing and downwards sideways youre going in blind. So youve got to be careful when youre flying the drone sideways in a busy environment um. But apart from that, the sensing is pretty good for the auto shooting modes youre going to get the dji classics. Youve got the quick shot, master shot panorama wide angle. All of that, and even the active tracking or focus tracking so obstacle sensing, like i said, works great. I max throttled it towards a tree or towards darwin and i towards a building and it was easily able to detect that and stop and halt the drone uh. If not, you even have the apas 4.0, which is allowing you to bypass different objects when theyre blocking you really great for those active tracking modes, when you cant really have the controller in your hand and bypass them manually, so it automatically does that for you, i Actually, personally tried out the active track when i went for a run super reliable. I just threw the controller into my backpack and just went out running and it did super well in that time. I had no issues with it losing me in the track, and even if it did, it would hover exactly where it left off so no issue when it comes to hitting something or anything of that sort, especially if its falling you from behind or in front of You, however, if youre gon na be doing parallel tracking, meaning that youre running along the drone.

Parallel to you, of course, like i said, theres no side obstacle sensing, so you will crash into something along the way. So, if youre planning to do parallel, active tracking just make sure youre in an environment where its not gon na hit a tree or a pole or a person, okay with all the stuff i loved about the drone lets now talk about something i really didnt like About it, that has to be just the one, the interference and the loss of connection from the rc. Let me preface this by saying that this issue is something i only experienced when i was shooting in the city amongst buildings when i was shooting on the penang island rip. The connection was perfect, no drop or rc disconnection, but when i was shooting in more building areas in the city, the interference was was kind of ridiculous. Like god bless you if youre the type of person who wants to shoot in in building areas, even when the drone was not so far away, like lets, say 200 meters away, it started disconnecting already. This was honestly quite disappointing to me because i wanted to get really nice low light shots uh some cityscapes in the evening, but the connection issue really turned me off from even doing that now other than that. I think this is an incredible drone for what youre getting out of it, especially for social media enthusiasts. Is it slightly on the more expensive side, given that it isnt a one inch sensor? Yes, but i take that trade for the vertical shooting super portable and convenient plethora of automated shooting options and even decent processing in low light.

Those are just a few things i really liked about the drone and that one pesky thing that i didnt like this has been omar from product nation. I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure you like it, consider subscribing for more content.