Pro were going to be talking about the things i like about it, the things i dont like about it and also compare it to some of the competition this ones made by alltel, and you know this has actually been out for a little while and on paper. At least theyre very similarly spec, so im actually curious to see how this compares against the mini 3 pro, and also thank you to our sponsor licht because of them we get to use these awesome songs in our video without getting a copyright strike. This is not a replacement to the mini 2, so if youre looking for an ultra low cost drone that flies good mini 2 still going to be the way to go. This has features that are actually more in line with like an air 2 or air 2s. So i love that more capability, smaller drone, but the price does reflect that now. Ive actually been flying this thing for over a month. Now reason why i havent been able to talk about it is because, when dji lets us test these, they give us a non disclosure agreement that we have to sign and we have to basically keep our mouse shut until basically right when i post this video as Much as i wanted to talk about it, dji has this back room, its kind of, like you, know, old, school casinos, where, if you do something thats frowned upon, they take you back there and the things that dji do in their back room like its its unspeakable.

So i know you guys: dont really do too much of like the consumer drone stuff, because if it cant carry a red, then you guys seem to not really be that interested in it. But we have plenty of mavics. We use these for scout drones, yeah. We call them canaries, oh wow, the mini the ultralight. Does it charge via the usbc? You can yeah. So if you want to travel without a charger you dont have to the weight is kind of insane isnt it. It feels insanely light. These props have like reasonable pitch on them. Oh its got that new drone smell, but the bad guy. It looks extra small, your hand, yeah one thing: thats kind of cool is as youre unfolding it. You know how theres like a certain order. You usually have to unfold it in this one doesnt really matter exactly yeah cause. I would have broken it. What is what you know how hard it was to try to put the iphone on the thing like yeah thats, sick, but look at this. You can unscrew one blade and just replace that one pop on another thats nice, that smart controller is rad, though the screen is quite nice yeah its, not bad. Look at the viewing angles on it: yeah theyre! Talking about the camera, though, what do we have here? Its not quite a one inch sensor, but its one over one point: three: okay, so its pretty close, f one point: seven yeah its solid yeah with almost a one sensor.

I imagine its gon na be decent yeah. Its got ta be decent. Some updates to design here – oh my gosh, i literally just dropped its just brand new. I was totally intentional a durability test huh doing this because thats my job. Definitely some design updates here like check out where the gimbal kind of sits, whoa, yeah, thats, new, thats cool right like how they have this clearance. I think you get like 20 degrees yeah cause as soon as you see that yeah, but this is great because you just have that little cutout right there. There yeah, like i like that you can go at a faster speed and not worry about the camera. Dipping you know yeah the sport mode. You reach a certain speed, sometimes youll see that like knock down and we got more stuff for this five, more kit, plus okay, so three battery charger, the original one you have, i think, is actually has less sensors no sides. Yeah yeah yeah this one doesnt have size either, so you still have to be careful. Yeah im actually kind of curious on how well its going to do here because its pretty windy here right now, if it is able to handle it great, you know if it isnt, because on the other side of that fence, theres coyotes – oh look! It goes over there. You have nothing to worry about ive, seen your commercials, youre, fine, hey, im, feeling pretty confident with that.

I was like do you know how to fly drones youre like kinda, good im, all right? Oh so, sensors telling you hey theres a tree right there, its like playing frogger its like a little baby drone but its amazing. If you need a babysitter, let me know ill keep it. For me, one of the big things about the weight is that it doesnt make nearly as much noise the phantom man like when it when it would come down. It was like yeah, oh yeah. This is shockingly stable, whats. The flight time like it says 30 minutes with 85 percent left if it gets 30 minutes, thats baffling tracking at all or um lets see get out. They give you a tutorial right in the thing thats. What i like about dji league theyll, give you a tutorial as youre playing with it and youre like i dont know how to do this, but wait thats how you do it. I made a drone video of me proposing to my wife. I told her. We were gon na start, a travel blog and i was like oh lets, go to the beach put the drone up and it just filmed me proposing. Oh wow. I had it stationary because i didnt want it right as you like, get down on the knees. So what are you doing down on your knee and whyd your drone crash man? This screen is handy, though its pretty bright here yeah, you can still see it actually, thats, actually not bad.

If you put it directly in the sun, yeah its a little bit reflective, if you angle it right, you can still see it to see it in daylight. You want it to be like about a thousand knits, and this is how many nits it is. I should have done my research. The camera quality is pretty impressive. So far. One of the weaknesses of this is that it doesnt have 10 bit like this is just fun like im not going to be doing anything crazy other than making like a like a family. Video with this, do you usually do 4k, 24 or 30.. I do 4k 24.. I i dont mess with 30 frames. I do like messing with 60 frames, though, but first impressions i like it feels very plasticky um yeah. That would be the only complaint but im sure that thats, obviously how its got to be to make something this light. It feels almost cheap, but then you see it fly and, like the stabilization really caught me off guard yeah, i mean dji. Flight controllers have always been the best, so overall yeah im an easy sell, but i id take one: is that not going to bust a window? This makes me happy my buddy, designed this thing, its like fully 3d printed, and basically, you take a bike like an air pump for a bike, and you just plug it in so like if your drone gets stuck in a palm tree.

You just like shoot this line over the branch and then like pull on both sides and shake your drone out of the tree. Dude thats awesome link in description Music. I got ta say its so much fun being able to edit this drone footage to this music, and, of course, that is thanks to our sponsor linked. What exactly is licked linked is a site where you get to use labeled music for your videos, so they suck less so thats. Why were here at coachella? So actually we can see them in person, Music Applause. So, who are some of the artists that you can license through lit lets start with flume Music wan na know, whats even more jam packed than coachella. The million plus tracks to choose from licks mission is to sign all labels, adding more options to people like us. So whos playing now duke dumont, duke dumont, duke um, can you turn that beat up a little bit Music? You individually license a song per video, its a flat rate, thats priced to work with your channel size, and now we get to use this music without getting demonetized party on green light, all right im already starting to feel a hangover lets chill with some goji Music. Pretty cool you know, if you want to try it make your things actually seem cool and not generic. Like some high school video, you know you really want to and actually seem like you.

Dont, live at your moms anymore, get 50 off your first chart track and 60 days. Free stock music, using the link below dont, be a sad ice cream, get licked. Look that gives you an idea of how windy it is here. Thats, not the motors thats. Just the wind, you know, like those toys that you hold in the wind, that they spin okay, these are some strong gusts. If this can handle it ill, be pretty impressed. Well, the mavic mini 2 is definitely way more powerful than the one, but this seems like even stronger. So, oh okay, so its struggling for a bit because it didnt have gps lock before i took off so thats. Why i kind of shifted around, but now its got its gps, lock and its holding, and then i still have plenty of power to go back. Oh thats, good, thats good, because the winds coming from that direction, the original mavic mini, would be blown away. This way, and then if it went too far that way you wouldnt be able to bring it back. Oh man, these are strong gusts to win battery error. Message came up, probably because were just drawing way too much current, which is totally understandable, but man ill. Tell you right now im impressed that it can fly into these winds at that speed. I, like that its not noisy and its compact, so its not going to take up so much room when we go now.

This also does have hdr and it automatically applies it up to 30 frames per second, you can go to like 48 frames per second and it automatically kills it. Now. I do like the hdr. The images tend to come out with more dynamic range, but i do wish there was an option to turn it off for when it turns into low light, because it does seem to blend and mesh some of the frames together. Even when my shutter speed is set correctly – and i know that its hdr, because as soon as i pop it into 48 frames per second, i force that hdr to turn off, and my image looks fine. So for now just popping it to 48 frames per second. Is a decent workaround, but i would like to see a firmware update where i can just manually turn it off now. One thing that we dont get out of here that the air 2s has is 10 bit log, which is super flat, color profile and tons of data in the color with that 10 bit. This is going to be 8 bit with d cine like so not as flat as log but d center. Like is super easy to grade. Usually you just have to bump the saturation contrast youre pretty much there, but it does also give you a lot more dynamic range and control in the color grade. So if you dont mind doing some light, color grading, i would definitely recommend doing so now on the right here is another wheel for zoom.

It is a digital zoom, so its essentially just kind of cropping into the sensors, but if i rock that so this is around 1.5 right here – i probably wouldnt really go much past this once i get into the 2x territory, you definitely see it get soft, also Check this out, we can go vertical with the camera, which is pretty cool. Havent been able to do this, since i think the original mavic pro right now, theres no active track features available in portrait mode, but they did say that they are exploring that for a possible feature, firmware update and as of right now i am still testing an Early firmware version, so i always like to do updates and a pin a comment with any updates. I see going forward, so things might change, make sure you go check that down below all right now lets go into pricing for this mini 3 pro it is 759 for the basic package. So this with the standard controller which doesnt have the screen built in its the same one, that comes with like uh air 2.. Now, if you already have one of those controllers, you could just get the aircraft itself for 669 dollars. But then, if you want it with this controller, then it comes out to 909 dollars, which honestly i was expecting more because these controllers, the smart controllers or the pro controllers that come with the screen built in theyve, always been expensive.

So if i combine everything i have, including the fly more kit and everything its still less than the rc pro, which is almost 1200 just for that controller. But if youre trying to get the package, i would say definitely spend the extra 150 bucks to get this screen built in it just makes life so much easier when you dont have to hook up your phone and do all the stuff and your phones almost dead. You get a phone call during your flight and stops everything and its a mess. Now that i have a dozen flights on here, i think one of my favorite things is the fact that theres this cutout here like this is a perfect example. I could look up while still moving forward, like how cool is that all right, so im just gon na go ahead and go into sport mode now and just let it rip this waste yeah around 36 miles per hour, and this is also the first mini to Have internal storage, its not much its 1.3 gigabytes, so definitely not a whole day of shooting, but if you get out somewhere and youre like crap, i forgot my micro sd card. At least you could get a few shots in terms of like adjusting parameters. You know i changed mine over to imperial, for whatever reason here we dont use the metric system. Why do we use feet its like a kings, foot or something yeah and we actually got away from the king? So i dont know why were using them yeah its its awful all right.

Here i go again going about 35 miles per hour and man. My angle on this is going 33 degrees upwards, while going full speed, love it when theres features like this, because this isnt just some like gimmicky little trick. This is actually going to improve the types of shots i can get. So we definitely need this kind of design on, like all drones, going forward now so spec sheet says we should be getting about 30 minutes of battery life when its in a hover like this in a windless place, of course, or 34 minutes. If youre going at a decent speed, you actually get better battery life if youre moving and its kind of designed to be moving forward, because when its in a hover like that its kind of tilted up a little bit. But if i move forward it straightens out, another possibility is that when its trying to hover its flying over turbulent air, so it has to work harder, just stay above it. There is a extended battery option which is going to give you more flight time. It is going to raise the weight of the drone over the 249 grams now the one other downside of running this bigger battery is that it reduces your max service ceiling. So, basically, if youre gon na go climb, a mountain go to a super high altitude theres like a max height youre, supposed to really take off from now with the standard battery its 4000 meters.

But with this bigger battery since its heavier, it goes down to 3 000 meters. That is one benefit of the air 2 is that that has a max service ceiling of 5, 000 meters. So on paper, this is the plus battery. It says 47 minutes of max flight time now, of course, youre never really gon na get that because thats in perfect condition and also it starts to beep at you pretty early on to say, hey my batterys almost dead. You should be responsible and bring me back now and thats, usually when i try to bring it back sometimes, but in general i was roughly getting about 33 to 34 minutes in real world flights before it even started. Beeping at me and thats a pretty long time. I also thought this thing was clever, so if i want to charge three at once its a serial charger, so it does one at a time until theyre all full and you just plug in a usbc there, but i just realized that this out actually works. Even if its not plugged in so lets, say youre done flying, you dont need these batteries anymore. You forgot to charge a couple of your accessories youre, trying to top off your action cameras, and it essentially takes your unused drone batteries and turns it into a power bank. Oh yeah, i carry walking the dogs im gon na try out some of the smart features. So this is spotlight, which is one of my favorites, because i can just move the drone and its gon na compost the shots.

Now, older versions, you have to keep the subject in the center, which was not that fun if youre trying to get kind of creative. But here im going to put carry on the top left and lets do a little fly away. So thats spotlight, where its literally just composed in the shop where you can Music, do a helix, always have line of sight. You need to see the drone make sure that its not going to crash into a tree, especially a move like this, where you dont have sideways sensors, and you also have to make sure that youre not flying over people, especially non participants. Its going to do a nice big reveal easy man. These mavics come with so many smart features that its impossible to go over all of them in this video, oh jesus, but the one im trying out now is the time lapse. I basically just say, fly in this direction and right now its taking like a panoramic photo. So the gimbal is just going around getting photos from all the different angles. It stitches it together and then theres, even a crazier one called sphere where it takes photos in every direction and it kind of gives you this global image. So a lot of little features in here to play with youll never get through it all right now, when it comes to drones, who are the competitors? Obviously dji is massive and ill. Tell is actually someone thats been on my radar for a little while and also skydio, i actually like theirs, because they give you a beacon that you can put in your pocket and you could ride a bike and itll chase you, and it has excellent obstacle.

Avoidance. Now the camera specs are very similar on both of these big sensors fast lens, and we have obstacle avoidance sensors on the front bottom as well as the back, but whats interesting is thats where you would expect the back sensors, but with dji you dont have them Back here, anymore, theyre up here kind of facing backwards, which actually kind of makes sense, because, if youre flying backwards, you get more clearance. This way, and also if you have the sensors down here, they said that sometimes the propellers can disrupt it. So it makes sense now, if you want nd filters on here, freewell makes something that can kind of hook over and stays on that way, but the mini is just like a lot of their other drones, where it just rotates and snaps off, like that, you can Put an nd filter on there. Dji is making some filters for this. For me personally, i havent loved the quality out of djis filters, but i often notice like this purple, vignetting that discolors the edges. I have to try out more filters to see which ones are the cleanest. All right lets see here, its pretty windy. The picture looks pretty good huh. This is straight out of camera color and picture at 4k 24.. I will say it flies good, but i just dont feel like i have as much authority in the wind, i will say the mini 3 pro has been spoiling me because it can tilt up and here im, just like oh wait, i cant tilt up any further See with the mavic i just go all the way up and even past the tree, its funny.

How fast you get used to new things and then youre spoiled this controller itself feels like it could use a design update. I do kind of like the user interface, of where all those camera controls are right there. The thing im not a fan of is, if i want to go in and turn on either hdr or log color. I cant in pro mode pro mode. Basically is where im manually adjusting my exposure and white balance, so i actually have to put it on auto and i would say if im shooting log its usually because i want more control over the camera. So its kind of weird that you have to let go of manual exposure honestly im, just not too impressed with this right now and i think thats, because i just tested the mini 3 pro, which has 4k 60, when this has 4k 30.. But i do like that hotel is doing new things they released this months ago, and it has you know, good camera on there, sensors on the front bottom and back, and they even have drones that are 8k and stuff, so im definitely going to keep them on The radar so the mini 2 used to have an operating temperature of 0 degrees celsius to 40 degrees celsius, but now we have minus 10 to 40.. So if you live in a cold place, this will be beneficial. We also have o3 transmission on here, so 12 kilometers max of range.

They also give us a few more details, so in a heavy environment, its point, five to three kilometers or three to seven in a suburb having the 4k60 slo mo on here is nice. There is also full hd 1080p at 120 frames per. Second, you cannot shoot that in d cinelike, so youre gon na have slightly less control over your color grading and dynamic range. So lets wrap this up with my favorite things and least favorite things, and i would say my top favorite thing on here – is that i can tilt up now, like i didnt think i wanted to tilt up very often, but now that i can im doing it All the time also having sensors on here is great, and these sensors are never perfect, so you should never rely on them, but having them on the front, i think, is a pretty big deal, because if anything happens and you lose a signal or your controller does Or whatever happens, itll start flying back and without front sensors. Its just gon na hit the first thing that it could possibly run into, but this has a much higher chance of making it back alive. So i love that and i guess when it comes to things i dont love, i mean i guess it would be nice if it had side sensors. Oh, i know my least favorite thing is the fact that i cant take it off of hdr, but that that could be a pretty straightforward fix in firmware, but for now just hop it into 40 frames per second has been fine for me.

Oh and this controller thats propping up the camera right now, its so cool that we have an affordable, smart controller. I mean, like i said, the rc pro is 1200 bucks, the smart controller. I think i spent like 800 on it once you start flying with a remote that has a screen built into im, telling you will not be able to go back to taking that phone and shoving it in there and the clamp and taking the cable and uh Theyre still trying to figure out exactly which drones theyre gon na try to make this compatible with. So hopefully they open this up to a lot of the other drones like the air. Oh one other thing i dont love about this is that this can only be controlled with two controllers, so theres this one and also the rcn1. But if you invested a bunch of money in the smart controller or the rc pro and unfortunately you cant use this. Yet, but maybe thats something thats coming in the firmware again: im gon na update all that stuff down there in the comments, but overall man, this thing is dope and this video is getting too long and im getting cold, so im gon na have to go now. Does that look convincing? I was flying at myself like back here by the way dont do this at home. I had a friend that got stitches from the mavic pro, so you know this is dangerous.