com, and while i normally dont make separate videos just to talk about the product versions. I really like what dji did here this year with the mini 3.. They really simplified the kits, and they also took into consideration that you might already have a dji drone and might already have one of the previous remote controls. And if you do have one of the previous rc and one remote controls, you can actually now buy the dji mini separately standalone. So you dont have to have multiple controllers. So in this video lets talk about the kits that are going to be available for the dji mini 3., well, break that all down, and also i still need to unbox this thing open this one up. This is the dji mini 3 pro version kit, and not even just the drone kits. We do have the fly more combo kits, which i do have here, which is the fly more kit, plus theres, actually a couple different kits that you can get for the fly more combo and if you guys are new to my channel, my name is aldrin estacio. I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if thats something that interests you please consider subscribing and also hitting that bell to be notified. When i post new videos – and this should be the very first time im opening up the dji mini 3 pro and if you guys want to see my full video, my full review video on this drone make sure you guys check out the links above as well As down below, i go into all the details, all the specs of this drone.

This video is more about what type of product version kits are available for you to purchase there. It is on the very top says: dji mini 3. Pro has a little qr for you to download the dji fly app, so it does use the fly app pull this out. Just like that wow. I love how small the packaging is. They really condense everything and the new remote. Oh, this is nice two extra propellers, because theres already propellers on the drone, so it does come with a set of as and a set of bees comes, of course, with all of your start guide screw for the propellers to take those on and off and a Usbc to a usbc cable, one thing thats interesting after going through the bag, is that there is no charging brick, so it looks like they kind of did. What apple did and just kind of did not include a charging brick, they included the usb cables. But if you guys are wondering no charging brick in this bag completely new design, oh man, that is awesome all right. This video is not about this. As far as well talk about all the specs, like i said, im gon na have a full, separate video talking about all this in great detail, but ah completely new design, so sweet. Oh, this remote control feels nice. So this is the control that you can also get the package with the controller with the dji mini 3 pro all right, so lets talk about the product versions or what the kits are that they are actually releasing with this new dji mini 3.

. This is so cool, oh man, oh, this is so dope all right. So the thing thats different this time around, like i said – and this reason why ill talk about is that theyre actually going to be releasing the mini 3 by itself so which is really cool. So if you already had a dji drone like the air 2s or even if you bought, like the you, know the mavic 3 or any of the other ones that do have this remote right here, which is the dji rcn1, you can now buy the dji mini 3 by itself and pair it with your existing rcn1, remote control and at the time of recording this video, i do not know yet if the rc pro remote control will work with the mini 3 im, assuming it will. But, of course i will know a lot more come release date and if it is going to be compatible, i will make sure i write that here at the very bottom of the screen. Now the next version or product kit, thats going to be available is the dji mini 3 and this one here, which is the rcn1 remote control. So if this is your first drone or if youve had another drone that didnt use the rcn1 remote control, this is the kit youll want, as far as the most affordable kit, to get you up and flying this kit right here it comes with these two products.

The rcn1 remote control and the dji mini 3., and as far as the third combo, we have this the dji mini 3 pro and the new dji controller combo. This one has the built in screen now majority time. When i do fly my drones. I really like flying with the rc pro remote control or the smart controller, mainly because im not dependent on using my phone and when you do use your phone. Sometimes the battery life isnt that great. Now, whenever you get one of these smaller drones, like the mini mini 2 and mini sc and those other ones and of course the mini three, i normally will always recommend getting the fly more combo, because youre gon na get a couple extra batteries, youre gon na Get the charging hub and extra propellers and some accessories, and this actually includes a bag. Now this is a fly more kit plus and theres gon na be two different versions of it. The plus is gon na come with the larger battery, so the dji mini three. Actually has two options as far as battery goes, the one that comes in the drone is a 34 rated for a 34 minute battery and the new plus battery is rated for up to 47 minutes, which is absolutely insane as far as flight. Time goes on something this small. You have up to 47 minutes. Of course, i will do my flight time test that i know i do and give you guys an update on my other review video now.

The difference here is that when you use, or if you use the larger battery, you will be going over the weight limit. As far as that, 249 gram or 250 gram weight limit that a lot of people try to stay under because of regulation. So just know if you are going to be using the plus battery the larger capacity battery, it will put you over and ill definitely put some side by side. As far as the weight goes so heres the fly more combo plus, like i said, the kits, are exactly the same as far as what you get in it. Just the battery capacity is going to be different, so lets just go through this one right here, which comes with a bag at the very top pocket. We do have cables and extra propellers and as far as cables go, it comes with usb c to usbc. Has a few different cables here: usbc to micro, usb and then a to usbc and two sets of propellers. Then you have the batteries. So this is the battery difference with these combos. Now the batteries come in the hub. So lets open this up right there. Oh nice and bigger yeah definitely is a beefier battery. Let me take that out, but i like the hub. The hub is super super compact, so much better than the ones where you have the strip. Oh man, this is so much nicer because the strip ones are always kind of funky, you put it in there and one of them might pop out.

This just makes so much more sense. You have here on the back, you have the power button. You have the in, which is the usbc in, and you have it out so more likely you should be able to. I would assume use this as like its own battery bank. So if you want to charge something else off of this thing, you can more likely use your usb to charge something off of it, but well test that out. Of course, when we do the review so as far as fly more combo kits, you have two options: youre gon na get all the same accessories in both the difference. Here is: if you get the standard kit or the fly more combo kit, you will get two of the 34 minute batteries. If you get the fly more combo plus youre gon na get two extra batteries, and these two batteries are rated for the 47 minutes of flight time. So if you are worried about staying under that 250 gram mark, but you do want more flight time, youre gon na want to get the standard fly more combo kit. But if you wanted to have extra flight time – and you werent too concerned about going over that 250 grand mark, then you can go with the plus and you have a lot more flat time with these batteries. Right here were at 80 grams for the standard battery, which is the 34 minute flight time battery and then well put the plus on there grams unofficial of course.

So this is just my little scale here at home 248 grams. As far as my scale here at home goes, they rated it at already 249, so we are good there, 248 grams with this drone right here with the standard battery put in the plus battery 288 grams. If youre, okay, with going over a little bit 288 grams, is the way you would get with the plus battery, but youre also going to get 47 minutes of flight time. So, even if you cut that down and well just say, roughly 35 38 minutes, if i do have so much time in the air of course, all the links to these product versions – and these kits will be listed down below in the video description. Dont forget to check out my full review. Video of the dji mini 3 itll, be listed above as well as down below in the video description. Also make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel im gon na have a ton of videos on this drone, including flight time quality comparisons. All that good stuff make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel turn that bell notification on this is alsacio with flightpath.