So lets discuss some of my top ways. You can keep your drone safe over water, Music, Music, Music, so flying your drone over water is exceptional fun and can capture some fantastic views. I love doing this, but for beginners it is really daunting, so make sure you fly over land first build up. Some confidence understand the fail, safe features on here and the settings on how to use them now to build up the confidence you need to understand and trust the technology. The failsafe features in these drones, especially the mini 3 pro, is fantastic, so go and practice. First of all, over land put the return to home on and just see how it comes back to you so build up that confidence understand how it all works. So if you set those fail, safe features correctly, like your return to home feature, the drone most of the time will come back to you without a problem. So the videos youll see where you see that the drones like crashing into the sea or going away in the distance like miles away and it doesnt get back thats, mainly because they havent watched this video so make sure you follow these tips along and youll have A fantastic time flying your drone over the sea lets get into number one now. The number one consideration with these drones is about the wind and the weather. These are only 249 gram drones. Now the wind performance on here is decent, but against strong winds, its not going to win.

Is it and you dont want this to lose over the sea, where youve got limited options of where youre going? To put this, so you want to go and get a weather app thats going to show you the wind direction and speed. I use uav forecast its free. This will show you the wind direction and you want to fly towards the wind. So if the wind is blowing like this way, i want to fly into the wind. That means, if i have to get the drone back, ive got the wind on my side to bring the drone back to me really important and you may notice a majority of all my water shots are not that far away from the shoreline im. Not getting. My drone and sending it six miles away to perv on some people, sunbathing on top of a boat and im wondering when it is six miles away. Why its not going to get back to me in time before that battery goes youve got to be really considerate. About where youre actually flying when youre over the sea? So if something is in the distance like an object or a landmark or something – and you want to get that do that first, when youve got full battery the battery on here when its against strong winds will go down really fast. So my advice again is to do all the far away shots first of all, and then you can do all the close by shots over the shoreline and top down shots when its pretty close to you when youve got that lower battery, do all the far away Shots first, so how low can you actually go with this drone over the sea? I would advise no more than five to ten meters, and this is because on the bottom here it has these position, sensors and you cannot turn them off.

So it gets a bit confused about what is land and what is sea and the reflections of the water certainly dont help. So you might get some bizarre readings saying youre, 0.3 meters high or 3 meters high or 10 meters high, so i wouldnt go really low. So what i use a lot on here instead is the zoom on here, so you can zoom up to two times in 4k and three times in 2.7 k, and this creates that illusion you actually a lot lower than really you are so, as i fly towards This now im just at the normal height. You can see this and as i zoom in two times, it looks like im. Actually a lot lower and closer to this. It creates that illusion, and now, if you switch it to 2.7k, i can zoom up to three times which looks like im even lower its a great illusion, whilst keeping your drone safe and just remember this, its only a digital zoom, its not optical. So, as you zoom in the quality will deteriorate, but in 4k its still definitely usable okay. This is important. It falls into that user error if its not done correctly so dont just turn your drone on and go flying off to that party boat because as its actually flying off towards that hes, probably going to be about 50 or 100 meters away from you over the Sea when this drone gets full gps lock, and it sets that home point now – the home point is over in the middle of the sea.

So if you lose a signal, then this drone will return back to its home point and land and continue to land. Unless you cancel it into the sea, not a good start so make sure 100. You dont skip this step, especially if youre going to be flying over the seat so get to your location. Turn your drone on turn. It get it already and then just let it sit in place until it gets full gps lock and then it will say home point updated or if youre too impatient, for that you just want it to get it just hover in place where you are really close To you over land and then once it says home point updated, then you go off towards that party boat. You dont go first. Now importantly, if youre not in a static location, you could be on a boat or another vessel. You want your home point to not be static, otherwise its going to return back to somewhere youre, not going to be youre on a boat youre moving around. So how do we do that? Well, in this situation, you need to then go on to update home point, and you can do this once the drone is in the air. So how do you do this? If you understand a controller, you can do this by your mobile data and if youre on the new rc controller, you need to make sure that you have connected your rc to your phones, wi fi hotspot, once youve done that you can then access this menu and It will then pinpoint on a map whereabouts.

The drone is and where the controller is – and you can adjust this around so you can either select this icon here, and this will make sure that the drone returns to the current controller location or what you can do is you can drag the icon around and Set it to maybe where youre heading to either way you want this to be updating regularly, as it doesnt auto update, so make sure for that reason, youre not mega far away from your drone when youre on a boat and another tip. If youre going to advance safety settings rather than actually returning to you, you can set it so it hovers in place. So that way, the drone, if it say, loses signal it will just sit in its current location and then you can see it through your map and you can either go and swim over to it or get on your boat and go over to it. And you can land it and take over, rather than actually returning to god nose aware if youve not said it correctly, so do one of those things 100. Just remember as much as i love this. These drones are not waterproof. So if youre going to be flying quite close to that water and you get any splashes in here or fish or sharks grabbing this its not going to end well at all salt water, and this drone will not mix and also just think about you taking off.

Where are you taking off from dont take off over sand its going to blow up into their motors its not going to end well and landing dont land on anything wet? Think about maybe landing on your hand, taking off on your hand, go and practice that super important to realize that this drone is not water resistant. It will withstand a little bit of rain, get it back and dry it off quickly, but salt water is a nightmare with these drones and we talked about the actual wind before, and the wind resistance on here is good, but its not perfect. So what about? If youre over the sea suddenly youre struggling to get this drone back and its actually, you know like its its kind of like getting blown backwards. Youre going to be absolutely going. Oh my god, its over. It is gone, but just think dont panic to play into sports mode and lower the altitude, 10 20 meters and then fly it back in sports mode and youd be surprised. The drone will probably come back to you. You might have to change the course, but as long as it comes back to either you all land as a last resort, do that its better than landing it in the sea for sure and itd probably be fine. Then ive had that quite a few times and ive always got it back to me just by following those steps so number one dont panic and number two never ever go into the sea to try and retrieve it swimming away frantically to try and get your drone.

Not a good idea, remember its just a drone, and now ive listened to a lot youre, probably like. Oh, i am out. I am never flying this drone over the water ever, but you have to i love flying over the water, the camera on here. It has some fantastic photo and video capabilities and over water, especially its just a game changer, so its just about understanding the drone and the fail safe options, the technology trust in it.