It is absolutely howling out here today cruising over 55 kilometers an hour right now. The winds coming through here measure at the end of the piers right there and its getting faster and faster as we go along so im gon na get this thing straight away in the air and well talk about details as we get going because its getting a Bit wet as well so im hoping you can see this ill put it right here. Hopefully you can still see that on the ground right there. Here we go okay, screen recording on video recording on clear whole area, good there we go and up so let me pull it back a little bit. You can see its a little bit wide a little bit spicy right now, but not too bad. Now, at this point a bit of wave weather there, let me get it back, so you can see it here. Come on, come on, settle out, you got it there. We go now were settling out bring it down. So you can see it here now. At this point, it is actually going to be using its ground sensors on the bottom of it. It has three sets of sensors forward facing river facing and downward facing when its close to the ground, like this, with anything about eight meters or so its going to use these downward facing sensors to keep place. You can see right now. I dont have any hands on the control at all its just chilling right there.

Hopefully again, you can see it and bring it down in case you cant uh. Definitely some little wind gusts coming through here, but not too bad. Overall. Now, at this point, im going to pop it into sport mode, because that gives me more speed to play with in the case of sport, motor tops out at roughly 36 miles an hour, uh 56. I think uh kilometers an hour so im gon na pop it into that. The only downside, of course, is i lose obstacle avoidance, but now im gon na go and fly on down there. The wind right now is coming at me. This way the beach is that way. My general goal in life is to be able to get back to here or get back to the beach if fallout fails. So im gon na first go down this way, because i think its fine right now, oh and this video is definitely not sponsored im. Just gon na show it like it is if the drone lives its great if it dies, thats uh, not so great, but im gon na show it to you too, just fly along the pier like this. There we go strong wind warning yeah. We got a few of those today, so its definitely looking pretty sideways, but its cruising like no problems, gimbal wise again, i can kind of just keep it stable im, just going to keep a stable right here for a quick second, in fact, well get back to This and well look at the 120 frame per second option for these waves, because thatll be amazing.

Instead, im going to follow this pier straight down and right now, you would not know looking at this footage that it is bouncing all over the sky and its doing just fine im using the dji rc thats. The newer one here, uh but ive, also used a regular remote control as well. No real issues, oh, that was wet. That was not good um, but anyways. No real issues. So far. This may have some problems later on, but thats uh thats, a problem for a different day were gon na get ourselves down here to that uh lighthouse. At the end, the channel marker there for the ships and im gon na do a bit of an orbit around it and see if well can hold that position as we fly along so get down there. Well, get this strong wind warding out of the way thats going to be again, like i said the case, the entire time we got a bit more altitude and now im going to enable the focus track modes im going to actually clean off the screen. Real quick on this because i got a lot of water and its kind of hard to to see there. We go perfect. Okay, im just going to simply highlight that there we go. I got to get back perfect, okay and then point of interest yep. The whole thing press go and off we go im. Gon na go and swing that up a little faster.

Now, hello, birds, yolo, okay, so were going out now. At this point it should be basically equal to the wind and, as we swing around this back side here, thats, where youre gon na see it probably slow down a little bit because of the fact thats now going into the wind so right here, it should be Starting its turn into the wind, but again you would never know this was out in crazy windy conditions right now, unless you saw me here with all the wind, so you can see it slightly lost the actual positioning on the lighthouse itself, its kind of moved us, A bit off there, but its still holding on i am getting a bit of a weak antenna signal there, which im somewhat surprised at im only 700 meters away – and this is rated quite a bit further than that. But you know its all right. There we go completed that no problem at all, so well go ahead and well. Stop that and well bring it back up here and im going to circle back and go close this out there we go and were going to cruise on back now right now, im going pretty close to dead in the wind. If i were to turn a bit more, you can see im about 20 kilometers an hour uh interesting battery, full load method, battery full load message, ive seen this a couple times in the mini 3 in these sort of heavier conditions.

Nothing. I can do about that. Its just gon na have to have to roll there, so hopefully it wont be too much of an issue. Okay and a quick note, if youre finding this video interesting useful, entertaining something just simply whack that, like button the bottom there, it really helps out this video and the channel quite a bit. Im only going lets see yeah 20 kilometers an hour im in sport mode right now getting back on this break, but it is traversing this just fine and right now i am kind of traversing the wind as this brake rotates around and thats a bit of a Tip in terms of when you have to get back somewhere uh, you always want to kind of cut against the wind, just like a sailboat would do and you could also drop down. So let me show you this im going to drop down closer to the water, ensure the brake is helping a fair bit here, but watch this boom im now at 50 kilometers an hour, and that applies for all the wind tests ive done out here – is that When you get in trouble, the lower you are, the better. The wind conditions are the less the wind conditions are, if you will so the higher up you go, the more wind youve got to deal with, so you can see now cruise along here, get down a little bit lower again strong wind warning, no problem cool.

So now lets just show you how fast we can get rolling im going to go and turn with the wind entirely. Let me get above this break here were going to go out a little ways. First, because again my general rule of thumb is fly out into the wind and never get myself in a situation where i cant get back home because pie wins so now, im going dead into the wind right now, uh its still holding on at 23 kilometers an Hour, its not too bad right now, im pretty happy with this and then once in a second were gon na swing it around and go full speed back, and i think im gon na do 120 frames per second, just because thats to be an awesome shot at Full speed so swing it around im gon na stop this right. Here there we go, bring it up a little bit now. Im gon na go into the modes, slow motion, 120 frames per second and get the wind warning out of the way. Here we go oops here we go full speed, a little bit down gimbal as i go across this there. We go thats going to look nice later on, hopefully ill put these at the end of the video. If i get some boats out here, its a harbor boat out there, if i get some good cargo ships coming in ill, stick it all at the end of the video, you can check that out kind of slow motion as well as regular stuff.

Uh super super cool im gon na go back, though, and i want to get a couple more shots here of this in slow motion, yo birds, again, these birds are uh. Herbs are after me today, no literally theyre actually trying to to fly off this little thing. There we go can out of the way so theyre no longer on that, so i popped into 4k right now and im going to try to manually track these folks going back. I know in parallel mode i have to get too close. I dont want to be that close to these people, so im just going to kind of hang out right now, right here and im, having no problems at all right now, manually tracking him just move it along again. The aircraft is perfectly stable and i mean im really hoping for just a massive wave. I know i mean he wrote out here, so he knows what hes into at this point, but im hoping for something epic come on. Give me something epic. If you havent seen my skadio tracking video in the wind, by the way i go out there myself and it is pretty epic but uh – well see if this guy can make it through the cut here. Weve got a couple more big sections coming up. I think thats the women, so apologies to her. No shes got the clear here unless she gets something in the last couple seconds shes in the clear yeah she is okay.

Her friend is coming through here at this point, tracking him lets see if hes as lucky. So this seems like a good time to talk about the max speed technical specifications of the mini 3, because there are essentially four different specifications. There is the max flyable speed, which then has three sub specifications: cinemode normal mode and sport mode and then theres the max air resistance speed. The way dji does all their specs their normal speed matches the max wind resistance speed. However, in real life, the way it works that you actually care about the maximum overall speed of the aircraft, in this case about 56 kilometers an hour. So as long as my wind stays below 56 kilometers an hour, this thing will stay right there and right now i am on the fringe of that in terms of the gusts and stuff like that, but i still have that play room to get myself back. If i need to again because ive always got kind of my outs, my emergency house, my emergency outs here – are flying oars to the other, pier flying back to the beach i get down close to the edge, bring them back. I got lots and lots of options. I would never ever do this test if the winds going this way out to sea, because the winds pick up the gusts are high or whatever the case is, then i cant get my aircraft back. So at this point this is a good time to get the aircraft back to me, so you can see im right on down there.

Easy peasy well go ahead and bring it down on the dry side right now, its all relative – i guess, put it back in front of the camera, so you can see whats going to go on here, im going to go back into normal mode in just a Second, it should engage the sensors on the bottom. There we go now its locked im going to bring it a little bit closer, bring it a little bit forward, bring it over here. So you can see whats going to go on here and again now. At this point, its using these bottom optical sensors to lock on its not going to be using gps anymore in that past up there, it will use all those gps, satellites, 26 of them, and all i got to do is simply reach up there. We go and turn it over and its done and the way dji drones work the moment you turn it over like that. It instantly stops the props speaking of which, if you havent seen my full 45 minute. Beginner video on the dji mini 3. Pro definitely check that out in the corner, as well as aftertrack, all that goodness ive got covered right there. Okay, there you go a complete look at the dji mini 3 pro in the wind and a little bit of wet, as you can see. No problems at all handling this wind. If you havent, checked out the rest of my dji wind videos, theyre all up there somewhere in the corner, so theres lots to check out.

Thank you for watching, go and lock that, like button at the bottom there or a subscribe for plenty, more sports technology, goodness have a good one. Oh and since ive got two more batteries left im gon na stay out here a while and see.