I have just put out a brand new firmware update for this device. This is update 0, 1, 5 0, and it has a number of changes listed. First of all, they have now added support for japanese rid requirements. Secondly, there is, or rather they have optimized the quick transfer functionality so that it can now work in low power state, and i do know that a number of people have been having issues with the quick transfer functionality with this drone. So with this latest firmware, if you were one of those that were having issues, have those issues now being resolved, please do let us know, and, interestingly, the update lists that there has been optimizations to the image transmission and i have been getting a little bit of Jerkiness from time to time to my rc device, even when the drone is not all that far away, so i will be interested when testing out this drone in flight. If any of those issues reoccur – and there is this very general note that some minor bugs have also been squished – as always, we dont get very specific update notes from dji, but were going to put things to the test and see how the drone itself flies. Now its also worth noting that, along with this new firmware update, there has been an app update, so the dji fly app is now version 1.6.6 and whats. Interesting about this particular app update is that it has also been pushed to the rc controller.

So the previous app updates were not pushed to the controller. So whilst iphones and android devices were running 1.6.5, the controller was still stuck on 1.6.1, but now everything is up to date across the board. So with that said and done, lets get outside and see what difference the flight makes with the firmware update. So here we are outside looking forward to really pushing this firmware through its paces and seeing if there are any notable changes, improvements may be to the flight experience with the mini 3 pro here on. What is a bit of a chilly day. Ive got to be honest with you in the uk, quite remarkable, in fact, because for the first part of this week, up until friday, we had a bit of a heat wave, it was really really hot. On friday in particular, it was uncomfortably hot, but literally the following day and its like. You know, the weather was never warm at all its really strange. How things happen isnt it, but lets go ahead now and get the drone into the air as we get our connection set up so lets do the important stuff of starting the screen recording here. I would love for the ability to record the controller screen. The rc screen in 1080p, especially because im trying to upload these videos in 4k and the 720p feed on these devices is just not great at all ill, be honest with you, so weve got five satellites lets see how long it takes to get the minimum, which I like to see as 12 before taking off and of course, that notification that the home point has been updated there we go: oh sneezy, sneezy its hay fever season.

Of course it is. I dont know about the mini 3 pro, but hopefully im going to get through this particular flight in one piece right lets go ahead and actually before oh whats, this check proper uh check, propeller, installation, okay, i think its because weve updated the firmware it sort of Resets things back to the default value, so lets just briefly check our settings here. So, okay, this is one of the changes with the firmware to ensure the quality of the image transmission signal. Wi, fi and bluetooth have been automatically turned off. If you need to use it, please turn it on manually right. So i believe, if we want to do, quick transfer well need to re, enable that, but the image transmission has to do with the image youre receiving from the drones camera to your rc controller here. So were currently in normal mode, and i do have autofocus enabled there was a bug, a kind of annoying bug where autofocus would constantly be switching over to manual focus and if youre anything like me, be something you would regularly forget about until you managed to get Your videos or photos into the editing room or on your computer, and then you realized, oh drat, you know its not in focus which is sometimes hard to see on the screen, but at least thats been fixed. Okay, so lets gain some height here. One thing i really really appreciate with djis drones is the accuracy of the gps lock.

I really do – and i mentioned that because ive been flying some non dji drones lately and they are so much more difficult to control. They just swing all over the place. You really have to compensate with the actual controls, and you just take that for granted with djis drones, because they just get a fixed position and they, apart from strong winds, they just do not move, and it just makes flying such a more much more comfortable experience. It really does i never realized until flying some non dji drones that were a little bit cheaper, just what a difference that makes it really does right. So ive reached a distance of 340 meters and i still have a good rat, a good signal transmission. Now that might not sound remarkable to you guys at 340 meters distance, but i have been having issues youve been watching my videos. You will be aware of that. Ive been having several issues with transmission over the last few firmware updates, in fact, for all of the firmware updates, with my mini 3 pro, but also with the mini 2.. So if thats been fixed, i would be very, very happy indeed lets see if we can push things a little bit further. Shall we i mean this is a very, very low interference area. Obviously, theres only trees, theres, no wi fi signals outside of people that are walking with phones and stuff, and even they are few and far between wow.

I am impressed so 500 meters and i did just get a little bit of signal drop out, but ive not had any loss to the image which is really encouraging, because that is one of the issues that the firmware has claimed to have fixed. So yeah ive been getting a pretty solid image so far, something that is being experimented with. I wouldnt expect it any time soon, but ill just fly around and mention this. The civil aviation authority thats, the body that regulates drone use and aircraft use here in the uk, is currently experimenting with bvlos, which is beyond visual line of sight, and that is where you trust more in your instruments than you do in your own eyes. Now, im not saying this is coming to us as public or as hobbyist drone users anytime soon, but it is something they are looking at for various bodies and organizations that are trying this out, and it is very very possible that at some point in the future There may be other categories under which we can choose to fly where our drone goes beyond our visual line of sight. Now, as i say that will not be for a while, it is currently something they are experimenting with to see how it can be done safely. But for those that like to do all these kinds of range tests and and all of that stuff and feel that perhaps over rural areas such as this, where theres very very little danger to the to the public that some of the drone laws are currently a Little too restrictive, then well that should probably be quite exciting for you right, then, okay, so im just going to go ahead and take some shots here, since we are in the sky, lets pop it into cine mode and see if we can get some nice footage.

Music, some 4k footage here. 4K 30fps. I would love the 4k 60 fps mode to be available in the various follow modes on this drone, because you could slow those down in post production to 30 fps and get some really awesome cinematic shots. There i mean you still can, of course, with the 60fps mode, even as the drone is, but you just cant use it on, follow me or anything yeah. What do you think of the quality of the video thats been produced here by the dji mini 3? I really do think it is a step up over the mini 2, and the mini 2 is also fantastic for such a small device. In fact, for both of these devices, they are so small, and yet the amount of technology thats crammed into them is utterly amazing. To me, it really is incredible. Well lets stop this recording for now, and maybe just take a few pictures i do just like to you know, run these drones through their paces, after various updates and stuff im going to go ahead and take a 48 megapixel image. This is something ive not really tested out on the mini 3 pro, so it should give us a lot more pixels and maybe just a crisper image. In fact, im going to do a comparison shot, so lets go for a standard photo first with just the standard settings here. Uh. Can i see a subject thats worth capturing? No, not really, if im honest its so boring around here, but it is what it is.

So lets go ahead and take a photo here of the housing estate, how exciting its only for comparison purposes really, and now, if we go to the 48 megapixel option and take a photo from the exact same location yeah. Does that look any better to you guys? In fact, what we can also do is zoom. In now there is a zoom, oh, but how interesting the zoom is only available on the non 48 megapixel option. Okay, so im not going to take a photo, but you know we can tap in to zoom to 2x there. It is only digital zoom, so you are only getting half the pixels its, not an optical zoom, but its interesting thats not available on the higher resolution image. I wonder if we can do a manual zoom. Let me go back to 48 mp nope its, not allowing me to do that either. Okay, so that feature the zoom feature is just disabled. There, im not too fussed. To be honest with you, id rarely use the zoom feature anyway, but ive got to say this. Has been a very smooth flight, its not exactly wind, free and yet were not getting spammed with wind warnings, despite being at 73 meters. You know when i first flew the mini 3 pro, even when it felt like there was no wind at all. I was constantly being spammed with those kinds of warnings lets just tap it back into normal mode, so this is where people will park if they want to go on walks in those trees or through the wood area.

That youve just seen – and i do tend to get some signal interference around here normally, but as of right now, that is not the case. If we follow this road down a touch yep the last time i flew and followed down this road to about 400 meters. I lost connection completely and had to rely on the mini 3 pros return to home feature, but i tell you what that is just not happening right now. I dropped a bar then, but, to be honest, i am actually noticing a vast improvement here with how the mini 3 is flying. Ive got to be honest with you, yeah im liking it i mean, i know its only kind of circumstantial right now, because this is the first flight on the update but ive been having just so many various connection issues recently that this is by far and away The best flight ive done for a while, i dont think ive had any picture dropouts. Maybe i had a bit of stuttering when i wasnt watching the screen, and i was speaking to you guys, but i dont even know. If ive had that to tell you the truth, but yeah were down to 40 ‘ battery 17 minutes into the flight, so just heading over the fields here and it looks like im getting a little bit more interference over these parts. Although i am now looking at trees, so i would expect some interference here, because these trees are going to interfere with the line of sight between the drone and the controller.

And i can know that for a fact, because the drone has actually gone out of my visual line of sight, which means the trees are blocking it. So if we turn around yep, we are losing a little bit of connection there but, as i say, thats to be expected when there are objects blocking the actual line of sight connection between the two devices but thats coming right back now and there she is now That weve got that connection back again. Now that weve got that line of sight back again, the uh, the actual connection itself is, is very strong and stable. Okay, so weve got 31 battery here, just drop back down again to about 70 meters about yeah about 70 meters. I think im not going to do a full urban test here, but well push it over over some of these residential properties just to to see how it handles that and at 200 meters away flying over that section of houses its doing a grand job. It really is look at that we kept oh, we had one dropped bar there, but that was not too bad at all, so im going to bring it back now, like i said, im not doing a full urban test, i might do a full urban test at Some point the mini three pro, because ive not done one yet but honestly for today, im very, very happy theres, always a lot of debate about whether or not you should update your firmware on these devices on these dji drones.

Now, a lot of youtubers will recommend that you dont do that if its not broken dont fix it type of thing, especially because it has been known lets be honest – that some of these firmware updates tend to make things worse in some areas and in some categories. But dji it is worth noting. Do officially recommend that when there is a new fly app update when there is a new firmware update that you do proceed to update so obviously its entirely up to you guys, i will always do the updates, at the very least. So i can test them out for these youtube videos, and hopefully you guys will be able to make a more informed decision yourself, whether you want to take the risk or not, but im going to go ahead now and land were down to what is it 21. After a flight time of about 22 minutes, all right, then folks, well, hopefully, youve enjoyed this video update just showcasing the latest app version 1.6.6, as well as the latest firmware update for the dji mini 3 pro, and are you going to upgrade, or rather update to These latest versions, or are you happy with the versions youre currently running, because personally, i think i have noticed somewhat of an improvement here, but obviously please do as always share your own thoughts and your own experiences down in the comments and for future dji mini 3. Pro and mini 2 content dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel.