So lets click on it. And here we go so this is a professional rendered image, dji mini 3 pro. It would have this rc with the display. The notable features are, of course, 249 grams weight and 4k hdr videos and focus track, so maximum speed for mini 3 pro would be 60 meters per second for sports mode, 10 meters per second for n mode, the normal mode and 6 meters per second on c Mode cinematic mode where it goes very slow and very steady, and how does it compare against dji mini 2, basically, its the same with dji mini 2, so no difference in terms of speed. Maximum flight height is 4, 000 meters above sea level, so thats exactly the same as the predecessor maximum flight time is 34 minutes thats on the standard battery, but there is the pro battery as well, so this 34 minutes is a little bit longer than dji mini 2, because dji mini 2 used to be 31 minutes. Maximum flight distance is 18 kilometers, but im sure none of us will gon na go that crazy, because theyll be totally out of sight. Maximum wind resistance would be 29 to 30 kilometer per hour thats level. Five. So in terms of scale it is exactly the same as mini 2. This is mini 2 spec sheet, so scale 5.. So let me go back to mini 3 pro so wi fi, bluetooth, operating temperature, 0 to 40 degrees celsius, thats exactly the same with any other drones out there, including air 2s, as well as mini 2.

and now the interesting part so earn 2 camera sensor 1. Over 1.3 inch cmos, so that is bigger than mini 2, but of course not as big as air 2s, which boasts 1 inch sensor lens the field of view 82.1 degrees, equivalent format, 24, millimeter and thats written actually in the camera. The aperture is fixed at 1.7, so thats brighter lens than what you had seen in mini 2 or even air 2s. So apparently, these are the pictures. Dji mini 3 pro sample photos fixed at 1.7 and it looks fantastic. The video 4k 2.7 k slow motion 1080p. So i think basically it will be the same as dji mini 2.. Here it doesnt mention specifically about 4k 60 frames per second, but that is expected of mini 3 pro and for quick shot. You get the usual set of droney rocket circle spiral, asteroid boomerang video transmission system, dji ocusync 3, which is same as what we had seen in air 2s, the more premium drone. So it should be good, intelligent flight battery, which i did briefly mentioned before two four. Five three mah, and that should give 34 minutes flight time. So one thing to note about the intelligent flight battery: there is going to be a pro version, so that should give so that should give around 47 minutes flight time, which is fantastic. However, one must notice looking at this sticker, this picture rather big, so im just going to shrink that down so dji mini 3 pro plus batteries.

47 minutes are the same size, but without the 249 gram stamp. So this should have more weight more capacity, so it may be a little bit over 250 grams, so some image that we will see in clearer format on the date when its going to be out and the expected date would be on 10th of may. So on 10th of may we would probably see a lot of big youtubers come up with a true review of this drone, not me, but im sure ill be watching some of their videos. So here this is the normal battery 34 minutes. You can clearly see that sticker does have ultra light 249 grams, so there is that difference against the plus battery and here from dills drone. There is another shot by dji mini 3 pro and it looks fantastic. Some panorama shot, looking absolutely stunning crystal clear image. So, finally, on the price, because now so much information is out so nd filter set 52.6 euros mini 3 pro intelligent flight battery. So this is the normal battery extra one 71.6 euros and some other accessories, but i guess lets see so there are going to be two versions: dji mini 3 pro right now, one euro is 1.05 usd, so not much difference so just take it as like us Dollar cost so back again, this sort of standalone with normal rc 796.6 euros, and if you go for this dji rc with the display, you pay a bit more at 913.

5 euros. This pricing system is really interesting, im, not sure which is whether this is final though, but lets see – and here you can actually add the fly more kit with additional 186.84 euros. So you will get two more batteries with a charging hub and then some extra propellers quite handy and also a bag as well. So that would be quite handy if you need just to finish off with this beautiful professional image, rendering that we should see on official website this rc looking absolutely beautiful, with a huge display. Actually, this mini 3 pro. It does look a little bit like frog, not the best design that ive seen so far, but in this professional image, its looking rather good next is sort of frog legs out with the display looking gorgeous and also the rc, the beautiful rc here and the rc. The beautiful rc here i wonder whether it might be compatible with other devices, im, not sure thats. My hope, but lets see how it goes the lens with interesting, gimbal setup. It is there. So what do you guys think about the latest update? Basically, i think, probably all the information of mini 3 pro is out so do share with us if you plan to get this mini 3 pro on the launch date of possibly 10th of may and ill come back with other interesting reviews. So please stay tuned.