The camera on here we know is an f 1.7 aperture, so it should be really good. Quality in low light lets go and test it out. Oh for those asking how bright this screen is as well look how bright this screen is here. So this is incredible. I know its low light, but its like it lights me up its that bright. No problems with this controller anyway got the drone going its nearly dark im going to stay here until well, get a pretty much a completely darkened shot soon, but lets go and do a bit of low light testing with this as well. Hopefully, its really good Music, Music, Music Music. So far, this is looking absolutely outstanding, especially through this screen. The brightness on this screen is currently about 10 20 brightness full brightness on here. Im gon na have to turn it down its actually too bright when its like this. So the screen on here, the experience is really good. I cant wait to see what this looks like on the laptop as well, but through this screen. The low light on here is incredible, wish you could actually see through the phone camera, which has brought the better camera that its really bright, so the position lights on the back of it stands out so much more than the mini 2, so thats a fantastic advantage To this drone as well, especially flying at night, so were going to fly now towards blackwell tower to say it looks great on the screen.

The battery life is still on 72 battery life, so thats great lets go over there and see how this turns out. Music. Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, so im now at blackpool tower just in front of it, so the gimbal panning on here it can page up 60 degrees, so without even increasing the altitude of the drone im just going to see what that looks like Music, so Music. Oh, its at ‘ were still going. This gimbal pitch is incredible: Music, Music, absolutely amazing, so that was absolutely brilliant. The low light through this controller, which is also lighting my face its my own special light for this video. I cant wait to see what this looks. Like it looks brilliant through the controller im amazed, the the the camera on here is really good. The photos looked good videos look good. What do you think? What does it look like for the actual video comment down below, but the f 1.7 on here? This is the drone you need see the next one comment down below you want to see. Next, see you all soon bye. We filmed all this in blackpool for the sake of this video were gon na pack away and try and get out of here as quick as possible.