This is one out of 15 samples that were made white listed for the danish press to be released during an event that i just attended at drona. Dk drone dk is a long time good friend of the channel and have been supporting me in different ways with their drones in the past. I did have to pay for them, but at least their availability has been super great and i have had easy access to all the new products from dji, and this time they hosted an event for the first time inside copenhagen, where we got the official presentation of The drone, as well as they got the chance to fly it inside the copenhagen, as well as a getting one of the 15 samples that were available yeah got the chance to bring that home. So right now i rode outside the city to test flight and i unfortunately found out that it doesnt come with a charge. So luckily i had brought a power bank, so i am right now charging the drone. If you can see that im using the power bank here so right now, im charging the drone here just to see if i could get it on flying just shortly. So while i was fiddling around with this, i actually noticed that there was a huge software upgrade made available in the dji fly app, and then i dont know if that has been released today. But as far as ive heard from others, a lot of the advanced functionalities were not available.

So but looking at this raw list, you are getting all the fun stuff. With this update, there is through to true through true vertical shooting, a larger angle, low angle, shots theres focus track, thats, a 4.0 theres hyperlapse master shots, quick shots, quick transfer, panoramas video resolutions of 4k with 48 50 and 60 fps slow motion, 120 fps general. Optimization of photo and video quality and optimized flight stability, so that is awesome, but im struggling a little bit here to be honest to get that update down its a really its a pretty big one, its one gigabyte and im only on sale. I sell you a data plan. I made a comparison between the old, smart controller and the new smart controller in terms of brightness, etc and ill just overlay. This clip here, because i was doing this for the danish um channel that i have and, as you can see, it seems both smart controls are around the same brightness. They all were both turned to 100 percent, and if you compare them even though its not the same image, you kind of get the feeling that the the the brightness level of the screens are the same. The weight, i would say its one to two – this one – is definitely a lot heavier than the old. Smart controller is definitely a lot heavier than the new one it. The new one also has integrated antennas, which is really nice, where you had to put up these horns Laughter on the old smart controller which were directional.

So you need to be really careful in which direction that you pointed those that is not needed on the new smart controller. You have a dedicated wheels here, one that is, will control the tilt, uh tilt angle of the gimbal and another one that will control the zoom level. You have two function buttons here that can be configured to whatever you want theres. These two cradles that restore the sticks. There are in the front here: theres your power button, theres the rocker that goes between the three flight modes, theres a a combined uh home and pause button, and you know when the drone is doing crazy. Stuff. Your the pause button is your friend and really nice to have that one, because you still need to remember, even though it has sensors in the front and in the sensors in the back and the sensors in the bottom. It does not have any side sensors. So if the drone is doing some sort of, i dont know fancy move uh with some of the automated flight modes and it is about to collide into something its really nice and handy to have a physical button. Physical pause button that will allow you to pause. It or abort the mission – this is a really really nice kit. I didnt get the the flymo combo and this is a its, not my drone. I got it for review and i can keep it for like three weeks flying around doing videos with this, but i only have one battery because the fly more combo is sold as a separate kit.

So so, of course, that would put some limitations say into this. Luckily, we can fly 34 minutes on a single charge, maybe its not 34 in real life, but at least it gives us plenty of time to record some nice videos once were airborne, but can you believe this its like every time that i get a new drone? The weather is bad, its like a little bit like that for the last i dont know three four five drones that i got so it has not been raining here, at least very very little. It has been raining for the last couple of months and its been completely dry and today, of course, major rain, but that will change and we will do a lot of videos um around this drone in the upcoming weeks. So, no doubt about that were gon na test this drone to its full potential. During this event, i already had the chance to fly it, and i can tell you that it flies super super smooth, not this one but the sample that they had in the store. I had to, i got a chance to fly it and it flies super smooth. One thing that you would really appreciate is that its a actually pretty pretty quiet it its not like this very hizzy sound that you normally hear when you fly a drone. So its a youd be really surprised, and i also think that your surroundings will be really surprised because they would not even notice that theres a drone in the air unless they, unless they listen, very carefully um.

So that was a pleasant surprise and it felt fast. I know its the top speed is the same as the mini 2.. I like to show off by flying circles and all sorts of stuff when i was in this crowd with all the other media dudes, where some of them had never flown a drone before so it was kind of nice and it flies and handles exactly like. You would expect a dji drone would do one thing that you would notice is that its kind of positioned in the odd way in when its its hanging there its not flat its standing like this, its standing almost like a hummingbird in the air and then its Kind of cool i know i said i hated the design in the beginning when i got this, but this has really grown on me and, in my opinion, theres. No doubt this is the most important drone that that gti has put out for a long time. I would actually put it in importance at the same level as the original mavic pro. This is a game changer because its below 250 grams, which by the way, will prevent ggi from selling the battery the extended battery. That will give you 47 minutes of flight time. They will not be selling that in europe because that will bring the drones base weight above 250 grams, at least thats. What that was what i was told, so that would only be sold in other places where they dont have this 249 grand restriction.

But it is super important because you are getting almost a yeah. I now i havent seen the footage yet, but but but youre getting performance almost close to air 2s level in a 250 gram package. How awesome is that? So, as i said, i only have a. I have the kit with the smart controller and i have the drone and um i dont have the flymo combo. I dont have any additional extra batteries, so we have to get by with that ill see. If i can pick up an extra battery from drone decay, which is which they are always very very helpful to to bail me out in situations like that, it would help to have two batteries, at least when were doing some additional footage for this look down here. If you add a sd card to the smart controller in the bottom here, if you do that, you are getting the option that you can record the screen. So what youre, actually seeing here on the video is a me that has recorded the screen and you can see what it looks like in real life, because youre not seeing this on the playback theres a counter here in the bottom. That shows you how how much time that it has been recorded. Thats super practical, especially with my line of work, where im going to fly around and show you all sorts of exciting stuff. So this was not an unboxing of the drone, but me just talking a little bit here.

While everything is updating just to let you know that i got the drone and then you will see content produced around the drone here within the next coming days. I will be pumping out quite a lot of videos, because i need to take advantage that not everybody can get this drone until the 17th of may. So that gives me a little window to sort of at least to catch up with some of the other youtubers and and maybe present you with some stuff yeah that the other ones are not doing so im. Sorry, i couldnt take you for a first flight today, but i would definitely compensate for that very very soon, once everything here is updated, but i dont feel its responsible look at this. I dont feel it would be responsible to fly in this kind of weather, even though im very tempted to try it out. It is, as i said, not my drone and i have to deliver it back um around three weeks from now, but one thing that i would assure you is that im definitely going to buy one for myself on this. This turns out to be a complete disaster, which i dont think it will be. Let me know what you think about the mini three. Maybe you have. Maybe you picked up something on some of the other videos that you have been watching and been wondering and wants to get a clear answer off then pop it pop your question in the comments below, then i will do a follow up video where im gon na Catch up on all the questions that you might have around this new product.

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