Ive got the controller on its, not the best weather the suns setting first flight lets see if it works, lets go okay, so ive got the drone on now its now, just turning on cameras doing its thing, just waiting for it to connect. Now to the controller you can see now thats connected. Yes, there we go so lets. Get that drone facing that way. Lets just wait to get a signal and then away. We go so im gon na screen record from this controller as well were just waiting for a signal. Weve got that so that signal literally took about 10 seconds to get satellites. Weve got 16 satellites. So first thing: i notice then im going to screen record this screen, but to do the record screen on here you have to have an sd card in here. Luckily it came prepared, so that is now screen recording on here, just like on the rc pro. So the drones on the floor, there weve got 25 satellites. The satellite lock took about id, say 10 seconds to get satellite lock now lets start these motors, as you can see now motors, are going and lets do this first flight to see. If we can get this in the air lets go, will it take off a good start? Its took off all right lets, get it out there, Music Applause, it works its working on here it looks beautiful. On the controller, the control is super lightweight.

The drone is in the air just over there in the distance im going to get some shots now on this controller before the sun sets, but yeah so far, so good, so ive just checked his controller here and this ill do a full video on the controller. But the this here now on the right hand, side, just as i thought this actually controls the zoom, so you can zoom in on here 4k. It looks up to two times zoom and then this obviously gimbal here is to control the gimbal. Now you can point down 90 degrees and you can also point right up to 60 degrees, so the the rotation of that gimbal is brilliant on here anyway, lets get back to the flight Music Music, Music Music. So it looks like from that first flight there that through the settings on here theres a lot of things which arent ready just yet like the tracking and the obstacle avoidance. Those will be pumped out with a thermal update once it is ready, quick shots and everything. Its not ready just yet, but this it works. I can test this out more. I can test some more of the camera and photos. Let me know in the comments down below, if you want me to test for you as soon as this is released to the public and its been announced, then the firmware will be updating all of this. So all the features will work.