The scottish highlands with the mini 3 pro in this video ill talk you through our first flight, live as it happens, youll be able to see how the drone flies see a bunch of functionality in action and hopefully learn a little bit about cinematography and photography along The way it is, after all, what you do with the drone that counts Music. When the original mini came out, it was an unbelievable achievement. Just holding a 249 gram. Drone in your hand was mind blowing, but there were some compromises: it wasnt very powerful. It didnt have obstacle avoidance, sensors, no intelligent flight modes as a consequence, no color profiles – quite a lot of stuff, was missing now, with this mini 3 pro we get pretty much. All of that are we compromised in any way shape or form? Do we need to think about some of those more expensive drones, its going to be a kind of case by case scenario based on your requirements, but ill get this up in there and show you how it goes Music. A couple of interesting design features worth pointing out. First up is that we dont have a huge amount of clearance here, thats to be expected, with a very small drone kind of sits on its belly. So i would definitely recommend you have a take off landing pad. Im going to take off from this mound of moss if something goes wrong, its pretty soft and squishy.

The other thing as well is we have a new design here at the top that allows for tremendous upward movement of the gimbal, so lets see if we can find some creative ways of taking advantage of that new flexibility down into the corners with both sticks. So far so good yeah we go okay, it was a great take off spot. I knew it. The first thing im noticing is how quiet this is. I think ill hit record now, so we can see whats going on here. Weve got it in auto focus, which means when we press record it should focus if it hasnt already. If you have any doubts about that, then touch the screen to get focus. You can switch into manual focus, of course, by tapping the auto focus button there hold it down. If you want to access full manual focus controls, ive got the controller in normal mode. Here we have cine and sports mode lets, get a little look at how it handles pretty pretty rapid. It has to be said im flying a bit closer to myself than i would recommend now. Lets have a look at this obstacle avoidance for a second. So when i point it at myself here you can hear the optical avoidance having a bit of a freak out. Can i fly it closer to me no right im pushing full forwards on the right stick. It wont fly closer to me, good news, ill turn.

The background towards you obstacle avoidance, stops beeping because we dont have sideways sensors. I can fly into myself sideways Music ill, just check these backwards, facing sensors yeah beeping away. Thats good. Can i fly it backwards into myself, no full backwards on the stick. There. Nice got the 24 millimeter field of view on this drone fairly standard for dji drones. Lets see what that gives us in terms of our pointy mountain. Look at that beautiful, wide angle, theyre, absolutely amazing. Im going to double check, focus there just to be on the safe side. Focus on the mountain looks pretty incredible. Now weve got auto exposure settings there. I like to shoot with manual exposure, so lets tap on the auto there. We go into our pro settings as its called one 2 500 of a second shutter fixed, aperture, f, 1.7 white balance, 5 500 iso set to 100. Can we take some nice shots? Lets fly this right up. We go Music. I want to try out that new range of gimbal motion lets see how far up we can actually point this gimbal very far up. We can almost point the gimbal to the sky. That is crazy. How about we fly forwards and tilt down to reveal the mountain, its a slightly unusual thing to do on a drone, but i like the sound of it so lets. Try it oh right! When we fly forwards there, the gimbal tilts down a little bit.

I guess because the drone is leaning forward and well start to bring in the tilt down reveal here. It comes gently on that gimbal wheel, revealing the mountain and well just ease out ever so slightly. Oh ever so slightly, not too bad yeah, thats cool thats. A great option to have be sure to head down to the description and download yourself a copy of our dji drone comparison chart. It will really help you decipher all of these specifications and, while youre at it, if you havent done it already get yourself a copy of our free ebook from dronezero to dronehero37 tips. To get you flying like a filmmaker now, im sitting, there im playing forwards at full speed and im getting about 10 and a half meters per second speed lets fly backwards at full speed see what kind of speed we get Music. I just want to get a sense of the power of this drone. Okay were obviously flying backwards into the wind now were achieving eight meters per second lets. Do a similar test in sports mode right well fly forwards at full speed in sports mode, see what kind of rate we can get up to. Okay, 14.6 meters per second 14. Oh, were gon na hit 15, not quite battery full load, okay, getting a warning! In fact, okay, so were heading anywhere between 14, almost 15 meters per second flying forward. There lets fly backwards at full speed, see if the wind makes any difference there, Music flying backwards, its full speed.

Okay, were getting 15 meters per second. There. Nice im quite impressed with that. Actually, because one of the concerns is that this drone would be a little bit underpowered compared with the air 2s. For example, i mean its definitely less powerful, but it certainly gets the job done its very calm here in fairness. Today, Music, all right lets try some intelligent flight modes, because that is one of the cool new additions here with this drone Music because were still on autofocus, i think im going to focus there on myself just to be on the safe side. Now you may or may not know, but on these focus track options. You draw a box around your subject and in my case it detects me a human figure. We have active track, spotlight or point of interest. Active track is the one that a lot of people focus on, because the drone follows you and its very, very cool its, not actually my favorite. I think the best mode here is spotlight, but well talk about that some other time so lets click on active track. Trace just means its going to follow me so lets try just that Music hows it doing. Is it a nice smooth follow. I hope so. This is active track. 4.0 were not going for full crazy, active track 5.0 that was introduced on the mavic 3, with kind of mixed degrees of success. 4.0 is the tried and tested system. I love it.

We get great results with active track 4.0 on the air 2s. I suspect were getting good results here as well. Lets switch this round to parallel. Does the drone move position to follow me sideways nope? If i bring the drone around to this side, Music and just fly back a little bit, give it a bit more space. Okay, theres the obstacle avoidance, sensors, well thats, a pretty nice shot. Okay, im gon na just take it up a little bit up a little bit thats too much yeah. I dont like when the camera always just points down at the subject. Lets try that, though, im gon na walk and see if it follows me parallel now, yes, beautiful, okay, ill, put the controller at my side, so its not so obvious that im holding the controller, what a location what a day this is drone filming paradise. It really is absolutely love this stuff yep, the drones still up there. Is it smooth, you tell me ill, have a look when i get home Music and i just want to give you a little flavor of why i like spotlight mode so much its just like having another person there filming for you ill hide this controller at the Side here i know the camera is just going to rotate around and follow me. This is the most basic version of spotlight. It does absolutely beautiful. The tracking is absolutely fantastic, as i say, its tried and tested, and we review new parts of the scene as i walk past here.

If i do this in reverse lets, say, for example, i was doing a piece of camera youre doing your travel vlog or something like that, and i want to talk about this pointy mountain here in scotland and im explaining the facts to now were starting to reveal The location weve got some kind of storytelling shot its so much better than me. Just standing in front of the situ in front of this location. Ive got point of interest set up now, but we really do need to be careful because we dont have sideways obstacle. Avoidance here on the drone, i think what ill do see the difference light makes were pointing the camera at the sun. There, the skys a bit blown out. It still looks good, but i think well turn this around and reverse it. The other way reverse the trajectory. I, like the illumination of the mountain there, its more balanced exposure. I dont have sunlight on me, admittedly, but the shot still looks pretty good right now, as i walk, this is still going to track me as a subject but were revealing the mountain. In the background there – and yes, i can confirm it looks absolutely fantastic, so were showing 27 battery lets get back to the camera. I cant emphasize enough how quiet this is. I i absolutely love that theres nothing to be gained from drawing attention to yourself when youre flying a drone. That was absolutely fantastic. I mean whos not going to enjoy it flying a drone in conditions and in a location like this.

When i landed, i think i had about 18 battery left weve got 17 minutes of footage. There ill double check the recording here to see exactly how long the drone was in the air for pretty decent flight time. All things considered. Okay, you can see my location here, pretty scenic, as you can imagine, it lets be flying it in normal mode im about to fly sideways into some grass wow. That was close. Nice easy manual control, though bit of experience, admittedly, and im doing this nice gentle rotation manually. I dont even have this in cine mode, its pretty cool nice handling, going in the days when things just used to dive around like crazy, and it was very difficult to actually fly these drones. Certainly in nice, smooth arcs anyway, and one thing that we can do with this drone is shoot portrait, video and photos. So we need to stop the recording there press that button and it flips it around into portrait its, not something i intuitively would do im not that kind of content creator you could say, but i think this could definitely have value for some of you here in The photo modes you can see, we have single photo 48 megapixel, bracketed photos, burst photos or timed shots. Lets go with bracketed photos for now, because we have some blown out highlights there in the sky. I think well go with five bracketed photos and check with your settings. If you want to at least capture raw photos, you give yourself some more flexibility in post.

Auto focus is on auto exposure. Thats fine for now lets. Take that bracketed photo tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, cool, Music! Okay! Now, since this is a drone lets get up in the air a little bit, i think thats a nice thing to do isnt it. Interestingly, though, weve lost that foreground element in the form of the stream, so its not always a good thing to fly up high in the sky. I want to shoot a raw panorama, so lets go into our photos here and we scroll down to panoramas nice. We have sphere 180 wide angle or vertical im going to go with wide angle. Nice big kind of squarish photo nine snaps stitched together. Again, you want to double check that you are shooting raw here. You can see that the output option, where it stitches it all together itself jpeg, but you can save the original raw photos im going to go with auto exposure and all of these photos i know thats, probably strictly speaking, not what youre meant to do, but i Think for panoramas it can be quite a good way of doing it. Actually, so lets go and take that panorama since were up there. Lets have a go at the sphere Music, and that concludes our first flight with the mini 3 pro. I hope you enjoyed following along maybe learned something or at the very least, got inspired to go out and do more with your drone.