It looks like, and another thing is about – a new feature which maybe i forgot to tell you about in the last video, but lets get going Music. Okay. So the first one. So if you just click on the top right hand, corner go to your settings, go to control and go down scroll down on tc button customization i use mode 2 for the stick mode, but in boston customization. You can now see. There is quite a lot of customization options now for the rc model, so if we click on the top one you can see under control. This is the c1 customization button. You can customize this to do various things now, which is a lot more than you could do there isnt also an other tab which doesnt do anything so its quite strange, but you can see here that now under camera, you can select that to be camera settings And then the c2 button can be the portrait button. So if i press c2, this switches instantly from portrait to landscapes, thats super convenient and then by pressing c1. It goes straight back to the settings so thats good, thats, a good one and then also in here. You can now customize the right dial. So this can do certain things as well. I always keep it on zoom, but it says focal length, which is weird because this is a fixed f. 1.7. So i dont know why thats there, because youve never been able to change the focal length and i dont believe you ever will be able to but c1 and right dial see two and right dial.

So now you can press one of those customization buttons and use that wheel and itll do something even more, which is brilliant for your shutter speed in pro mode settings. Youre going to be adjusting your shutter speed a lot. If i press c1 and the right wheel, i can now adjust my shutter speed without having to tap on the screen. That is awesome, so i really recommend you switching it to that, and then you can do the same with the c2 plus the right dial. You can change iso, you can change a few different things, so that alone is a fantastic addition which i did forgot to tell you about yesterday, but i hope you go and enjoy it Music. When you turn your drone on now, youll see this message telling you that wi, fi and bluetooth has been automatically turned off. What this means ill, explain it in a minute. But when you go onto your drop down menu youll see. Wi fi in bluetooth is no longer on now. This is obviously a bit of a concern which ill speak about, but look in the bottom corner here the mobile data button. We now have this on the screen as an option once you click on this, you get this message which comes up saying mobile plan. Once you click on that it says, please insert a card and restart now. Clearly, at the moment, there is no way of doing this, but is this coming soon? Is this going to be an option with the host port, as in some kind of dongle or ability to use a mobile data plan on this just similar to the rc pro? So that means then you can always have an internet connection when youre using this youre not having to use your phones hotspot.

I think that would be awesome now. The turning off of the wi fi and the bluetooth is to reduce any kind of interference that some people were experiencing. Fortunately, i wasnt experiencing any at all, but i know a few of you have been so this has been turned off now by default. I do recommend, though, turning this back on at some point either before you go out and fly and connect to your phones, hotspot or you can turn this on when youre in flight again. So this will then give you the ability to update your home point and load the maps. So you can see where your drone is. You can see where you are on a map, you can adjust your home point etc, and what you can do is you can do this before you even take off, let the maps load up and then you can turn wi, fi and bluetooth off, and then you Will notice that the maps are still loaded, even though that youve turned your hotspot off so do one of those two things. I hope you guys have been enjoying the recent videos and being a video editor. Finding royalty free music, which fits the vibe, is essential, and this is possible due to todays sponsor art list. Songs like this fits perfectly with my drone videos, and it was so easy to find. All i had to do, for example, was in the search bar search for cinematic, and then a huge list of songs comes up for me to choose.

I can then look at similar tracks or download and drag that straight onto my timeline. If i they want a slow song, i can choose love or another genre for endless possibilities and sound effects are another massive part of the puzzle. Adding emotion with sounds of waves, winds and whoosh sounds artless has a massive selection of sound effects which gets added to daily. They even have a spotlight section, which has some awesome playlists all created for you, including the new stranger things playlist and im, loving the drone fpv collection for a lot of my videos with the new atlas personal plan, which is tailored for social media creators. You have unlimited downloads of music and sound effects, and the license covers all of your social media platforms with high quality, music and sound effects, which gets added to every day. The personal plan is just 9.99 a month build annually, and this gives you full access to the content. The unlimited plan allows you to use it on commercial projects, but for most content creators. The personal plan is all that you will need and if you sign up through my link, you will also get an additional two months. Free added and now lets get back to the video okay so now on to the performance test. So how does this drone do? Hows the signal hows the reception in this area, quite a lot of interference and were gon na see if theres any stuttering, any lag.

How does this do, and i want this to be perfect, and let me tell you it is so. I was able to fly this in multiple different areas with lots of interference, and i think i dropped one bar in the whole time. One or two bars at most it is brilliant lets, try sports mode now, Music, and for me this is what the signal is all about: im not going to be flying it five six miles away, and then just you know see what its like. Then i want it to be perfect in the areas that im filming so without any dropouts. I want the performance to be spot on thats. What we want this occu sync to be like to have top notch signal, wherever you are in your location, to be able to get all these shots without dropouts, and this is what its all about lets: try: 60fps, Music, Music. Oh 4k. 60, though, look at some photos jpeg, and then this is edited now with my presets, the vivid tone presets and the goose presets. So i can mess around with all these and lets try a wide angle shot. This is what it looks like. It was a really overexposed day and then we can just literally slap the preset on and then there we go. So what do we think and lets have a look at these cine like to end Music Applause, Music? Well guys, i was so impressed with this firmware update the performance on this.

The signal everything is just working brilliantly, its all coming together and i cannot wait for the inclusion of, hopefully some kind of data or sim card, and then we may also get the option to be able to use this with the rc pro. That would also be awesome, but everything is coming together, everythings coming well, so excellent. I really do recommend you go out and updating this dont forget my presets. I did say in the last video theyre going to be on sale for 24 hours. Im going to do it for the whole weekend, so just enter the discount code waffle. If you want to use my photo presets theyre currently linked in the description you get 20 off them have a fantastic time.