Oh look at me a little spring in my step. I wonder what the weathers, like all the way at the top. This is so completely ridiculous. Music right folks, if you take the mini 3 pro off in super windy conditions, it will rock off in the direction of the wind, but it will compose itself a little bit bounce around like crazy. At the end of the day, dont expect too much if youre doing close up maneuvers, but if youre a little bit further away youre putting in a bit of power some kind of movement, you probably get some decent results. It really is an incredible performance for such a small drone. Youll see that later on in the live example, so stay tuned. For that, however, there are limits at the end of the day to what you can expect. This is, from the introductory sequence, pay close attention to the telemetry im doing a hand takeoff, as you saw there, it goes at which point it rockets forward right lets pause there for a second that entire time i was pulling back on the right stick in normal Mode, it was doing nothing evidently, emergency switch to sports mode. Surely that will get the job done sure enough. It starts coming back towards me at one or two meters, a second mindful that sports mode can go at 16 meters per second drones, only 13 meters away. Looking good but wait huge gust of wind boom and before we know it its 28 meters away again by my reckoning, that gust must have been about 50 miles an hour or so way too much really silly.

But at the end of the day i got it back to 18 meters and landed it in a puddle. I dont know what to say that was easily the most stupid thing. Ive ever done no thats, not true, but uh with the drone thats thats verging on it right, i got it down and back into the grass uh were never doing that again its curious. How short your memory can be? You say one thing and then do the complete opposite. I havent lost the drone. I nearly lost it. I have it back in the car with me. Think goodness ive been sitting in this car ironically for three hours or so thats. Not ironic whats ironic is that ive been editing the video in this car about flanging windy conditions. I wanted to get a nice shot of a beach down there, which i did and then the drone got caught up in a gust, because i just took it a little bit above this kind of embankment. Now, in fairness to myself, i did make a uh an assessment of what direction the wind was blowing. It was blowing straight in towards the beach, so if there was going to be a problem, the drone wasnt going to get taken out to sea. This is good and behind that beach is just grass and fields and stuff. So ultimately, there was never going to be or shouldnt have been a massive drama. But i tell you what it is still scary, as heck watch, this video im flying forwards at full speed in sports mode, ive lowered the drone as low as possible, and it still will not move forward.

I eventually just had to give up on it and dump it in the grass well before that act of incredible silliness. I did in fact take the drone to the top of another mountain along this astonishing road thats active track by the way following the car. Doing a very good job but thats a topic for another video in a couple of minutes: ill, take you through a live flight, so you can see the drone in action, but first things. First, i want to show you the plethora of warnings that dji gives you when youre flying in these conditions. Now look at this incredible shot. Its smooth, the drone is performing brilliantly. All that being said from the second, it was taken off. We got a strong wind warning. The dji fly up, disables return to home were told. The battery level is low, despite being at 86 percent same flight. It started raining and im trying to get back to the car flying into the wind. Doesnt. Look like im going very fast, but im flying forwards at full speed in sports mode. In terms of what im seeing on the screen, strong wind warning thats to be expected, this ones a bit scary, aircraft, battery low return to home promptly its not low its at 79, now were being told. The battery is under full load and look at the telemetry again im flying forwards at full speed, im achieving about five or six meters per second okay, a little bit more now i should be achieving about 16 meters per second.

Not to worry. I got it back at the end of the day and since im close to the car ill, take some panoramas thats a good thing to do. Oh aircraft moving unable to start shooting, oops location, beautiful setting but too windy to fly comfortably again. Aircraft is moving unable to start shooting a panorama, but look i press the record button. I get the first photo in and it cuts out these landscapes are pretty dramatic. You can see why i would want to get the drone up. The only problem is its crazy windy, so this shot was speeded up two times in post and this shot flying full speed in sports mode into the wind is speeded up four times in post. Keep in mind that, if its windy on the ground in front of your face its going to be way more windy, when you are up in the air im flying backwards at full speed in sports mode and the most i can achieve is six or so meters Per second, compared with the top speed of 16 meters a second now, this has a huge impact in terms of the length of time it takes to get the drone back and if youve not left yourself enough battery, you really could get yourself into trouble. Speaking of getting into trouble, i really had to take these shots. You can see why it just looks amazing in fact, look at this shot its on the two times zoom, the drone is performing outstandingly its stable.

The gimbal is controlling everything. Its really really good, however, check this out huge gust of wind. Coming up. Oh thats, a bit hey thats a little bit scary. Trust me when youre standing on the ground and the drone is doing that and youre trying to land it thats uncomfortable speaking of uncomfortable. I really wanted to get a birds eye shot of this road. That seems to go to nowhere. Forgive me for the fact, its totally underexposed i wasnt prepared for the shot, but theres the road there kind of disappearing into the lock. Everything seems okay until huge gust of wind. Oh, my goodness, let me tell you squeaky bomb time. There ive never seen that happen before so. For sure the mini 3 pro puts out an incredible result in windy conditions. You wouldnt know from most of the footage that it was windy, but i dont want you to lose your drone. If the wind is behind that drone, it will disappear. Often before you know its 500 600 700 meters away as youve seen, it can be hard to get that drone back even in sports mode, taking nothing away from the incredible performance of the mini 3 pro that will certainly satisfy djis target market. For this drone. At the end of the day, if i was doing some higher end client work where the result mattered, and i knew i was going to be filming in hostile environments, i would definitely give some thought to paying extra for the air 2s, the mavic 3, or maybe A mavic, 2 pro be sure to head down to the description and download yourself a copy of our dji drone comparison chart.

It will really help you decipher all of these specifications and, while youre at it, if you havent done it already get yourself a copy of our free ebook from dronezero to dronehero37 tips. To get you flying like a filmmaker top of a mountain seems as good a place as any to see how the mini 3 pro performs in the wind. The wind is blasting me in the face yeah its uh, its windy, taking off its not going to be a whole lot of fun. Im going to do a hand, take up because im sure as soon as the props start spinning, if it was on a rock it would just flip ill, do a hand take off the window, push it that way. Out of my hand, all should be well wish me luck, Music Applause, okay, that was easy enough. Im gon na have to be very careful here because it kind of wants to fly into me. So if you see me absolutely dive out the way, youll know why well, as you can see its holding position, fine im gon na have to be a little bit careful because oh its going crazy, but it is holding position. The footage of the camera is kind of shaky, but i think that is in part because were close to the ground. So weve got a real sense of motion because we are so close to the ground. If this was up in the air, it might be okay, so lets do just that.

Lets. Take it up in the air a little bit im not going to take it up too high strong wind warning aircraft unable to return to home automatically well thats a little bit scary, isnt. It so were going to be super super careful lets. Take it up to 50 meters theres the car park. I think we have to turn it around at some point, so we dont have to look at it like that. I can hear those motors going crazy up there, as if it just tore across the top of my head there in sports mode, which it didnt it was just to hold position. Speaking of sports mode lets see how fast it can fly forwards in sports mode. We know that it can reach 16 meters per second in still conditions and its peaking out at five meters. A second battery full load check, whether yes, the aircraft is under heavy load, six meters, a second, the reason this matters is because you might need to rely on sports mode to get you home if its crazy windy someday, you put it into sports mode for extra Oomph, if youre really flying this thing in a hurricane, you might not get it home right lets do sports mode going the other way ill turn this thing around and well have the wind on our back and youll probably find that before before you know it its 600 meters away, or something like that and well just well just go directly in the opposite direction, and one two three go: go: okay, straight away, were up to 16 meters per second 16.

5 16.6 16.7, going over that incredible road right thats. As far as im prepared to go away, because i know that its going to be pretty hard to get it back flying forwards at full speed and there we have it again, five or six meters per second battery reload full. It really doesnt like that at all. Wow im getting rocked in my seat here were now in normal mode, its looking pretty stable. To be honest with you its a little bit gusty now the wind isnt consistent, but still pretty strong. What i want to see is what speed it achieves in normal mode. The rated speed in normal mode is 10 meters per second. Does the drone use its extra power to achieve that 10 meters per second when its flying into the wind, or does it not so lets find out lets fly backwards at full speed in normal mode and see what speed we get? Applause: three meters per second four meters per second, its really struggling wow and lets fly forwards with the wind behind us at full speed. Bang well were up to our nine theres, our 10 meters per second theres full speed and were kind of limited to that. Its not going flying past that im impressed though the original mini would have never got this done. Weve got pretty much the same specifications here on the mini three, as we do with the mini two: oh its getting pushed. Oh.

This is extremely uncomfortable, but ive got my finger ready on the stick to pull it back. If i need to its really diving about there, i think its time to get this down before i get a drone buried in my face down safe and sound. Just in time for a phone call from elena ryto folks im having great fun, filming and editing these adventure style videos. Thank you for all your kind words and support in the comments.