The dji mini 3 was heavily rumored to be officially announced on april 28th, but unfortunately thats just not going to happen now dj always about a week before put a post out to show like a date and a time to get you going really to announce. One of their next level products weve not seen that also there is a sale currently going on in china by dji and again, statistically dji, never promote a new product or launch a new product during a sale, Music, but fear not though its not all bad weve Been waiting quite a while for this mini 3, as it is ever since november 2021, which was a year after this was launched, and two years after the mavic mini one was launched. Weve been wanting this mini 3 to come out. It was delayed from november of last year and now its going to be delayed a little bit longer, but not by too much so when is it now expected to come out? Well, the sale thats currently going on in china, owned by dji, is from april 23rd until may 9th. So the day after that, on may 10th is the date to write down. This is the date. We are fully expected to see the official announcement of this dji mini 3 when it will be available. So therefore its not that long really, you can wait a little bit longer for this youve been waiting long enough, so maybe round about may 2nd may 3rd.

Next week we will see some kind of teaser or post by dji, with some dates out, saying hopefully may 10th and then some sort of obscure imagery of this mini three without obviously giving it away thats what normally happens on every other launch. So not that far away now a question ive been asked a lot over these last coming weeks. Weve been covering these leaks is: will this mini 3 sell out and now because weve seen in different eu retailers leaking this price? The price is all, but pretty much confirmed now, so its going to be those three different tier options of the mini three plus youre, going to need that fly more kits for those extra batteries so because of those pricings its not going to be something which is Going to just like sell out like hot cakes, like the mini 2 did when that was announced, because the mini 2 in a small package like this was just a drone. You got the battery, but it was a significant price decrease. It was a lot cheaper. So, therefore, the volumes were obviously much higher. Everyone bought that everyone who bought that mini 2 is happy with it, whereas the mini 3, because its more expensive it falls into a little bit more of a niche. So, yes, its still going to be increasingly popular everywhere. You go loads of people are going to buy this im going to love this, but is it going to sell out? Well, it depends if you want it on launch date or not.

Now the most obvious option and the one thats going to be the most popular is for somebody who doesnt even own a drone and they want a small drone or they want another drone, so theyre going to get that mini 3 pro with the controller. So that option there with the n1 controller, which is remember this controller here, but then the second each will be people who already own the mini 2 or an air 2s, and you dont need a complete bag full of all these controllers. You can just use this one, therefore buying this cheaper option, the most cheapest option that you can do, which is just going to be the drone and one battery, is going to be the best way of you getting that mini 3 and thats also going to be A really popular choice now the top niche or the bowler edition i like to call it – is going to be the most luxurious package, youre going to get that mini 3 pro with the new controller, the rc controller, with this screen. But that is now going to be this a really small niche, because the price, a lot of people wont want to spend that much on a small drone. So, although its going to be really popular, not many people are going to buy that as much as the you know, the cheaper entry level one, but it also depends on the retailers that you go for a lot of people like to buy this at launch.

A lot of people like to sit back and wait for the reviews. I always find that dji themselves on the official website once its announced on their site at that day hopefully say: may 10th it will be available on their website theyre going to have the most stock and theyre going to be the best way of guaranteeing to get This without selling out, i always find that theyre pretty good with the deliveries and theres, not really that much of a delay through dji. The other option that springs demand obviously is amazon, but with a lot of the hero products like the mavic 3 came out. The air 2s – you sometimes had to wait a few days or up to a week to even for amazon to get that stock available for you to buy so d dry, most obvious one. I would recommend to get it if you want to get it on launch date. What i do think, though, that would sell out really quick and what i think you should buy this on dji website straight away. Is the kit so, regardless of what tier youre going for the lower edition, the addition with this controller or that smart controller, none of them come with the fly market, so youre going to want extra batteries, one battery normally isnt enough youre going to get the kit. So everyones going to have to buy that kit, regardless so thats going to be really popular so again, accessories for any product and thats going to be classed as an accessory dont seem to get filtered out to the smaller retailers until maybe a week.

Two weeks later. So again, dji is probably going to be the best one where you can get all your accessories, such as that fly more kits as well. So now we spoke about that which one are you thinking of going for? Is any of these delays? Put you off. Are you going to go for the bowler edition? Are you going to go for the entry edition with just the the drone and no controller, because you already got one or are you going to get the controller and the mini 3 pro be really interesting to see to try and gauge you know how popular this Is going to be, i think personally, if we saw a dji mini 3 pro still, but that price point, which was the mini 2, so in that 500, uk or 500 price points just think of how fast that would have sold with the mini 3 pro. Even this controller again, the price wont be more expensive, its going to put me more people off or let them think about it. Do i need another small drone like that and just thats thats really interesting to see. Has that affected you, or are you just all in one point of concern, though, before we end? Is this mini three because of that higher spec, its going to use more storage on your memory cards so now youve got a couple of weeks to think about? Is that memory card youre using youre getting a bit dated isnt it very good memory cards now are super cheap and theyre really good.

I always use this one, which is the sandisk u3x stream memory card, and i have them in this little here. This little hole there, its waterproof rugged, ive always got them in here. I use these memory cards either 128 gig or 64 gig for all the drones and all the cameras that i use so think about it. If youre using quite a dated memory card, it needs to be an upgrade or its like a 16 gig, 32 gig thats going to fill up super fast. I use 128 gig on the mavic 3 and normally that is full after every single shoot. So you know make sure youve got a decent sized memory card and get that ordered now. So when your mini three arrives, youve got the memory card ready, so thanks so much for watching. Hopefully these delays are official on may 10th. Youll get that really soon. A couple of weeks cant wait to show you and review this and give you my honest opinion loads, more videos coming really soon. If youre around here make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell, everyone else have a fantastic day and thanks so much again for watching.