Well, today is another really exciting day here at the shop, because every now and then ive been lucky to be invited to a small group of testers that has access to a brand new product from a company weeks before its released to the public and normally that Conversation starts out with a voicemail or an email, thats non descript, its very james bond, like not a lot of the details and what the company is asking is this rick weve got a brand new product coming out in a couple of weeks that we think youll Be interested in, would you like to test it, so i have to think for about a millisecond before i respond and go absolutely. When can i get some details on it? They wont tell you anything so until you sign the nda, everything is kept quiet. You have no idea what the product looks like product name, product specifications, none of that stuff. So i download the nda i sign it. I shoot it back to them and they send me a bunch of details, not the product yet but the details so im reading through the details and the more i read the more excited i get because im reading the specifications so im thinking well thats amazing, well, Thats pretty cool, i cant believe it does that, but the products not here yet so sometimes you wait a week or two and lo and behold this morning the doorbell rings.

I walk out in the front porch and theres this nondescript brown box. I rip it open and inside that box is the brand new dji mini 3 pro now i cant tell you how much restraint it has taken for me not to rip this box open charge up the drone and get it up in the air, but anytime. I get a new product. I always like to spend a few minutes on the channel unboxing it together, because i get super excited with any new technology being a nerd if it runs on electrons. I want to play with it and i cant tell you how excited i am to get this guy charged up and up in the air, but i thought id open it in front of you, because an unboxing video can be fairly boring, but id share the excitement With you by opening up the box, and people seem to like that, so im gon na tear into it for a second, but before i do the mini 3 pro this product in front of me represents really four stages of evolution for dji, because to be fair, Dji started this whole mini drone revolution a few years back when they introduced the original dji mini. Now you could argue there were light drones before that. But dji was the first company that built a sub 250 gram. Drone that really had sophisticated features. A lot of the other drones were toy drones under that weight limit and they flew okay, but theyd go drifting and stuff outside didnt have a lot of features.

Dji basically took their mavic product, which was a heavy drone and somehow shrunk it down in a shrink machine to fit it into that mini mini profile at original mini profile, and then they came out with the mini 2, the mini sc and now the mini 3. Pro and the reason im so jazzed about this drone because i fly all the dji drones, i go way back to the early days of the phantom products. I fly everybodys drone, but what excites me about the mini series in particular, is theyre small theyre, portable theyre quiet in the air. They have phenomenal capabilities and what this mini 3 pro represents is really the pinnacle of a small drone thats easy to take on vacation its easy to fly its incredibly safe and im getting way ahead of myself because i havent tested it yet. But let me let me say one more thing: i have this drone now for a couple of weeks, so its going to be kind of weird because youre viewing this today as an unboxing and dj. I just announced a drone today, but ive had it for several weeks, so between the time ive created this clip and now, which is kind of a time shift ive actually had a lot of time with it. So im sure ive had it out flying it like crazy. I probably crashed it a few times, but what im going to do today is just the unboxing and maybe some specifications, so you understand exactly whats in the box now.

Normally, i do a really long clip ill. Do an unboxing, a closer look of specifications ill, take it out for a first flight ill. Do some flight footage but thats a 40 minute clip and ive had a lot of people say rick im not sitting through a 40 minute clip. So i thought, let me start off with a short clip or do the unboxing ill, follow that, with a closer look ill, follow with my first flight video ill put a flight reel together and put that up ill. Do some comparisons between this and the other minis that are on the market today ill show you the controller ill show you all the connections, you need ill, do a clip on accessories and other things about the drone. So therell be a ton of clips coming ill. Put a whole series together, but today were just going to get into the unboxing, and i promise you ive had a lot of coffee today, but im so jazzed to get into this, because i think without even opening the box, this is going to be the drone Of the summer, quite honestly, its coming out right at the right time where people are starting to think about getting back out in the wild outdoors flying a drone having a lot of fun with families on vacation were coming out of the whole pandemic thing. For the most part, so people are feeling a little more free outside where they can get around, and i think this drone is going to be a really hot commodity, so enough talking lets get inside of it.

So what i have in front of me here is the me3 pro and its the the one with the rc on it. Thats got the screen now theyre going to release this in two different versions: theyll have one that has a simple controller. I believe theyre going to release it and again its really early ive only got details on this theyre going to also release it. I believe its just the drone that you can use if you have an air 2s controller or a mini two controller to fly it theyre also going to release one like this thats got this beautiful. What ill call smart controller in it where its got the screen built into it? Now i love the fact that its a combined unit and ive talked about that before when ive had the smart controller for some of the other drones. The reason smart controller works. For me is that i charge one thing and head out, i dont have to worry about my phone being charged and the cable going bad its all in one unit, but you have a couple of different ways to buy it. This one today is going to be the mini 3 pro with the smart controller and ill get into some of the details as well around the batteries, because theres two different versions of batteries coming out as well, but enough talking lets get into the box. So im going to pop it open now, ive got my slice right here.

I dont like to use a knife or a razor. This is a beautiful device. I havent talked about it too much on the channel, but i love these products all right. So let me get it open. I dont want to rip anything here. Let me just pull the front, maybe down here, yeah thats good. You can see the plastic still on there. I havent opened this thing up yet and im telling you this morning after breakfast im thinking i got to get into the box, i got to get downstairs and do the unboxing all right, so the plastic is off. Let me get this out of the way theres. The box, oh the fronts, popping open already so a different kind of a box. They normally have the flap in the top that opens up this one opens from the front. So let me let me peel it open and take a look and by the way before i open this, because i know once i open it, everybodys going to go nuts, there were a lot of rumors out there about what this product was going to do and Its hard for me because i signed the nda, which means i got to go dead silent. I cant talk to anybody. My wife doesnt even know about this. I had to sneak in on a basement. I felt like i was breaking the rules, but there were a lot of rumors up about what this product could do.

Some were closed. Some were way off the money, but i find it interesting and i enjoy it as well that theres conversations going on, but today youre gon na actually see the product. So let me open the box all right, so theres, the drone, oh man. I know it sounds like im a nut every time i get excited opening up a new drone, but i promise you its just that i appreciate what kind of technology went into building this product and i cant wait to see what it can do out there in The field so theres the drone ill unwrap that, in a second, its a huge difference in the form factor between the mini two and the mini three. All right, then, theres a little a little thing here that holds it a little nice little cave piece here and in the bottom, theres the controller theres, the controller man. Okay, put that aside, theres the drone in the controller. What else is in here? Oh theres, another box, okay theres some desiccant in there now, i always say about the desiccant dont leave this laying around kids like to eat this stuff and they can get really sick but hang on to it. I usually put a ziploc bag together with a bunch of desiccants in it, because if you drop your phone in water, theres no better way to clean that up than to throw out a ziplock bag with a lot of desiccant in there.

So hang on to those. But keep them away from the kids, because theyre pretty tasty im sure when the kids get into it theres going to be trouble all right, so ill open this last because i cant wait to get into this stuff. So lets take a look at the drone. First, its in a nice little bag here, a little poly bag. Let me open this guy up im going to be gentle, because i dont want to break anything because its so small. Now this drone weighs 249 grams, which is under the 250 gram weight limit and the reason thats super important man. This bag is tough to open. The reason thats important is because in the u.s, if youre under 250 grams, you dont officially have to register the drone. Now i always recommend registering a drone anyway, because if you slap any accessories on the drone youre going to have to register it im sure i can get into this bag. Oh man, this is tough. All right, so register your drone, its five dollars. You can register a bunch of drones. You can fly for a couple of years, not a big deal if youre outside the u.s, though that 250 gram limit really matters because you may have to take tests, you may have to get insurance. You may have to register the drone, so i love the fact that a 250 gram drone is a drone, but its not really an official drone, because you dont have to register it all right.

So, oh man, this is this is unique. Just give me a second to to get a little better look at this guy man. This is gorgeous all right, so this is the mini three pro and there are some major changes on this. So the first thing youll notice, is on the top. You have two forward sensing visual sensors, theyre stereoscopic sensors that are for crash avoidance, so youve got crash avoidance in the front. Youll also notice that there are sensors on the bottom. So ive got two stereoscopic sensors on the bottom as well and thats to help avoid any issues below it. Now let me swing the arms out, because the way these arms come out are different, so the top arms come back towards me and the bottom arms would normally swing out, but they swing down and out which is kind of cool, so theyre below the drum which Gives it a little bit of higher flight and then there are rear sensors as well? That are right here that are looking back over the body of the drone, i believe so. Ive got rear sensing front sensing and down sensing and man its a beautiful drone. Just a really nice construction, everything looks totally professional. The fit and form of this thing is absolutely amazing and again its sub 250 about 249 grams. The battery pops in from the back right here so youll, basically squeeze these two and pull it out and ive got a sticker holding it in.

So let me get that off and ill take a closer look at this in a minute, but just for a second. I want to give it a look all right, so usbc charging on the back, which is really great. It probably fast charges as well ill test all this stuff, but fast charging means. If you have a pd charger thats over 30 watts, you probably want to go a little higher, maybe a 65 watt charger plug it in there itll fast charge. The battery to the right of that is a micro sd card slot. So thats, where you put your memory card in you, get the battery out so ill squeeze these two together and pull the battery out, so it slides into the bottom of the unit and it is larger than a mini tube battery, so its a different form completely. So if you have a question about, can i use my mini two batteries in this? You cant theyre different slide it in and youll hear it click in so its got a really nice firm click and then the front has got a really nice gimbal cover on it. Thatll reveal the camera now im going to pop this off and take a look at the camera, because its a larger camera theyve actually gone to a one over 1.3 inch sensor, which gives you a much better view. Its also 4k at 60 frames. A second itll do 1080p at 120 frames a second, so you can get some really nice slow mo up there, but the thing thats unique about this is its got a its got, a gimbal on it.

That will will spin vertically. So it does horizontal like we normally do and its got a wide field of view, its about 90 degrees field of view in the front, but it also flips look at that vertically. So you can actually do vertical videos as well as horizontal video. So two things right out of the gate that are different between the mini 2 and the mini 3 are, i can do vertical pictures. I can also have crash of winds built in front back and bottom, which is a big improvement. I know a lot of people out there were really concerned about that and wanted to have that in their drone. So very nice feature there boy. This is really cool. Now, as i mentioned, there are two different styles of batteries to stay under 249 grams youre, going to use the basic battery, which is going to give you about 34 minutes of flight time theres a larger battery available as well called the plus battery thatll. Give you 42 minutes of flight time, but it puts over, puts it over the 250 gram limit. So if youre in a country where that really matters, you probably wouldnt – want to put it in there unless youre willing to deal with any of the restrictions over that 250 gram limit. If youre in the u.s, like i said, if you register it, not a big deal, five dollars, you can use the bigger battery and fly it to your hearts content.

I love the fact that ive got a choice between those batteries. So when i travel in other countries, i can use the lighter battery if i have to in that country, to adhere to their laws or in the states. If i need more time ill, just put the bigger battery in it so theres the drone. What a beautiful drone! Oh man! I cannot wait to get this thing up in the air im gon na be outside oh im, gon na be outside an hour flying this thing. I promise you as soon as i get these batteries charged all right lets. Look at the controller next, because this blew me away that theyre releasing this with a smart controller and it has roughly the same form factor as the controller, the normal controller. Now this is called the rc pro controller theyre, also releasing it with an rc n1, which is pretty much the same controller youve got on the mini 2 today, but this is like again a shrunk down version of their smart controller and boy. This just feels natural in your hands, its gorgeous its absolutely gorgeous and its got a screen on it, thats about the same size as my large iphone screen. So i like that, an awful lot boy – this is a beauty lets see some connections on the bottom here lets see what we got im looking down here and ive got a usbc connection. There ive got a micro sd card slot right there and ill do close.

Ups of all of this to show you better views of it. When i do the closer look and looks like another usb c connection over there, so thats kind of interesting now, one of those might be in hdmi ill have to play around with it. I should have checked the specs on that i didnt and i apologize, but they actually both look like usbcs but anyway ill. Look into that. Well get further details on that and your sticks are right back here. So theres nice place to hold your sticks. I normally dont take the sticks off when im flying because im an older guy – and i have i have seven thumbs. It seems like on my fingers and i drop stuff all the time when im out in the field – and the last thing i want to do is be on my hands and knees, trying to find a tiny little joystick that ive dropped in the grass, because ive Taken it off the controller, so my case ill hold it nicely and ill leave the sticks on there, but boy. This is a beautiful setup, really just such a natural feel to it its got a nice grippy surface on the bottom. The joysticks fall right under your thumbs and on the front, youve got your picture and your record buttons, as well as thumb, wheels down here to control the way the gimbals moving and underneath looks like two specialty buttons back here.

That im sure are programmable, but everything falls right underneath your fingers really neatly so excellent job on the remote now lets. Look at the box. I imagine theres going to be other cool things in here. Other goodies so lets see what you get with the basic kit and weve got. A bunch of manuals looks like a couple of different manuals: basic instructions, warranty battery information, safety guide and some other details about flying your drone so read through these. I know that it can be a fairly boring exercise to read through manuals, and a lot of us just want to get to the flying, but theres a lot of really good information in the manuals. Thatll tell you how to use the drone, how to use it safely, how to charge it safely, how to protect it and youll get a lot of value out of it by reading through the manuals therell be things in there. You probably wouldnt understand unless you read through the manuals and you dont want to be flying it and then weeks later realized man, i didnt know it could do that thats kind of cool, all right spare set of propellers that come with it as well as the Screws that attach those propellers on there, they give you a nice little screwdriver, so you can change those propellers. So these are the same mechanism to hold the propellers on a small screw there for each of the two blades.

Now, when youre changing your propellers, always change them as a set dont, cheap out and just change one of them because they are balanced as a pair. You want to make sure you change both of them. Dont reuse, the screws as well, because theres loctite in the threads and when you break that loctite to take the old propellers off putting the new propellers on you want to use the new screws unless youve got some blue loctite dont use the red loctite, always stick With blue, because thatll come back out, if you use some of the other colors, you may never get the screw back out all right, so theres, also a cable here, its a usbc to usbc now whats interesting is the basic kit from everything i can tell does Not come with a charger, so if youve got a usbc charger as long as its a 30 watt or higher, you can use that to charge the drone again. If you want to fast charge it, it has to be a pd level charger, but its interesting theyve moved away from the usba on one end and are now just a usbc to usbc and thats a good thing, because that interface, the usbc, is the interface going Forward for all the major mature chargers and all the other things that are out there on the market today, so theyve completely abandoned both the micro usb and the usba, which i say kudos to you.

Everybody else is getting there as well, so its a good thing. So thats pretty much it for the unboxing and again i know i went through this kind of quick specification wise its a better drone than the mini 2 and its got some advanced features built into it that the mini 2 doesnt provide. Now i havent done any comparisons against some of the other brands of drones out there, but i think what dji is trying to do with this particular release is number one theyve learned from their experience on the original mini the mini sc and the mini 2, and They built all of that experience into the mini 3 pro and in addition to that, theyve listened to people that want that crash avoidance built in which, by the way, is not a small feat to build crash avoidance into a drone. This small, because its not just a matter of fitting the sensors on the drone, its a matter of having enough horse enough horsepower in the processing inside the drone to actually handle picking up all that information and making sense of it and then taking evasive action. To not run into things and in addition to that, theyve also upgraded the connection topology between the remote and the drone, its now o3, which is going to deliver a a 1080p stream back to the remote. This will fly 12 kilometers away now. Dont fly 12 kilometers away because in the us we have a line of sight requirement where you cant fly further than you can visually keep an eye on it.

So if you fly further, you can see youre kind of breaking the rules. So dont do that. But having a stronger signal means im not going to have dropouts when im flying in locally and theres a lot of interference or theres buildings or trees in the way so really cool there. I just love the fact that this flies longer and fly safer and i cant tell you how excited i am to get this new smart controller out there or the pro controller and actually start flying this drone, so thats it for the unboxing now next ill. Take uh ill: do it through specifications ill? Add that in the end of this and then im going to get outside and start flying it, so thanks a lot a lot for watching stay tuned for the specifications after i do that. I may come back at the end and add a few more comments, but i think its a winner and again i havent flown it, but based on my experience with dji and all the other drones ive built. If this can do half the things that the mini 2 does – or i should say the new air 2s does, this is going to be my drone of choice all summer, so ill be flying this thing like crazy and ill have a ton of clips on the Channel talking about it so stay tuned. Next for the specifications. The new dji mini 3 pro features a professional one over 1.

3 inch cmos sensor that can deliver incredible 4k footage at 60 frames per second, as well as crisp 48 megapixel images through the use of its 3 axis stabilized gimbal, the camera sports, a 24 millimeter lens With an f 1.7 aperture, a large 83 degree field of view helps you capture nice wide landscape shots without distortion. The mini 3 also allows you to zoom up to 4 times, while recording 1080p content and up to 2 times in 4k mode, so youll never miss a detail. Another unique upgrade the mini 3 includes is the ability to flip the camera vertically to capture content in portrait mode, giving you a completely new perspective. Other innovations include three direction: obstacle avoidance in the front, rear and bottom to keep you safe in flight, as well as the latest apas 4.0 to help the drone navigate a clear path around obstacles when, following a subject through complex terrain, the drone includes the latest o3 Transmission technology that ensures a rock solid connection up to 12 kilometers away, but should only be flown as far as you can maintain a visual line of sight for the drone. The standard 2453 milliampere hour batteries provide a full 34 minutes of flight time on a single charge. There is also a larger plus battery available with a capacity of 3 850 milliampere hours that can deliver an astounding 47 minutes of flight time. Keep in mind that the larger plus battery will put the mini 3 weight above the 249 gram limit, and both batteries are interchangeable and can be quick charged with the standard qc charger when needed.

The mini 3 also has improved flight characteristics over previous generations, which allow it to be flown in level. 5, wins up to 10.7 meters per second, with one button takeoff and landing rock solid gps, galileo and vido positioning and automated return to home. The mini 3 always knows where it is in the air and can easily find its way back to its takeoff point to land safely if needed, the updated dji fly. Application includes quick shot modes for the mini 3 pro that will guide the drone through a set of pre programmed flight patterns to make capturing that perfect shot easier for new flyers. You can also use the time lapse, feature to create a stunning clip where it seems like youre, compressing time. The software also includes master shots to help you quickly capture and create a video for posting to your favorite social media page. There are two options available for controlling the mini 3 pro in flight. You can use the familiar rc n1 controller that was introduced with the mini 2 drone or there is an upgraded dji rc controller, with an integrated color display available. This new controller provides a full 1080p hd video feed from the drone back to the controller and includes an upgraded 4 antenna system for a rock solid connection to your drone. This new controller eliminates the need to connect your phone or tablet to fly and allows you to simply power up and start flying.

The new dji mini 3 pro is available in three different product versions: the dji mini 3 pro standalone, which doesnt include a remote controller. The dji mini 3 pro plus the rc n1 standard controller and the dji mini 3 pro plus the dji rc controller. There are also two new fly: more kits available: the standard version which includes two standard batteries, the charging hub, two propellers and a backpack, and the plus version that includes two plus batteries. The charging hub, two propeller sets and a backpack. I hope those specifications were helpful and i have to say i am blown away by the fact that dji could fit this much technology into a tiny little drone that weighs less than 250 grams, and i think what theyve done is essentially learned from all the other Drones, theyve built and somehow again, theyve shrunk, it down to fit into a tiny little package and the perfect thing about a drone. This size is again its ultimately portable, which means youre going to take it with you everywhere. So youre going to go on vacation youre, going to run out to the store for an errand, and you think well im riding past that lake. Let me take the drone and put it up in the air and capture some amazing footage. So i think this is going to be the drone to own for the summer. I also love the fact that theyve upgraded the controller and they give you a choice between buying the controller with the display built into it or buying a regular controller, or even using your controller.

If you have a mini too, i love the controller with the display built in because it eliminates all the hassles of making sure my phone has the application running its updated. The cables are working ive charged everything with this. You have one controller. You stick a usbc cable into it. You charge it up. You head out with your drone and your controller, and you can fly to your hearts content. Now. I promise you ive got a ton more clips coming. The next clip ill. Do is my first flight video, where ill record the first flight up in the air and give you some impressions on how the drone behaves when its up in the air ill put a reel together of some footage, because i love flying this thing at the farms. Nearby and down by the shore and a couple other cool places in the pine barrens just so you can get an idea of what the drone looks like when its up in the air and then ill do some comparisons between this and the mini two and some Other drones on the market just to try and help you decide if this is the right drone for you, because there are a lot of products out there in the market, and i know theres a lot of strong opinions about manufacturers and different models and such. But what i try to do in this channel is to present the product as you see it and ill show you how i use it and that may help you decide if its the right product for you now, if youre interested in this ive got a link Below where you can go check it out on the dji site, if you use that link to buy the product, we get a little credit.

So if you want to support the channel thats a great way to go, i will have a ton of accessories releasing for this product as well on the website, so keep an eye on the channel. But i got to tell you if you havent, subscribed to drone valley yet hit that subscribe button down there, because i have a ton of really cool stuff coming over the next couple of weeks that youre not going to want to miss.