Welcome back! Thank you. This vlog is going to be special because its going to be about a few things. First, we are in a brand new location, but second its to try this brand new dji mini 3 pro that is going to be pretty nice, and the goal of this vlog is to basically see how cinematic this little thing can be, because i mean you cant Really figure out on the camera, but this thing just to tell you as a perspective ive just checked now its the same. A 10 10 grams difference its the same weight of as my iphone. So wait. Your iphone and youre gon na see how light this is. So if you think that this video is to be cinematic, thats, pretty impressive, because its its a tiny thing, but first of all, you might be wondering like how shiny is colette and yeah colette is brand new, as you probably saw from the reflection just before a Couple of days ago, i uh left colette to black quasi for a little polishing, and i mean youre gon na see how dirty she was not so long ago. So this is how she looks like before i mean shes a bit dirty but yeah. She was not perfect soon. Hopefully, thanks to my friends from black closet were going to see if we can finally make her shine like a black piano style, full super deep black, but hes going to do a ceramic treatment and some polishing yeah Music.

Oh, this is, i hope it translates to the camera like it is insane. It is a mirror its something for me, because ive been owning colette for the past a year and a half ago already, but now seeing it like. This feels like its literally brand new, but now i think we should head back to the main thing of the video, which is the road trip to corsica Applause. So now that shes looking brand new yeah were gon na. Take her for a little road trip here and test this little guy over here, but first lets see how we got here. Music, four bags, two skateboard one spare tire. Hopefully, we dont need a spare tire. Now lets go Music so far, its so good, Music and five hours of sleep later and a good shower. We made it to corsica, Music and now that we made it to corsigal lets jump back in colette. That sounds a bit weird and uh yeah and go on our first adventure lets go Music Music. So basically, this whole road trip is going to be from ajaxio that actually is in the middle west of corsica and then were going to drive all the way along. The coast to bastia and then take the ferry back to cannes, but before we go along with the coast, i thought that we should definitely hit the mountains and see how beautiful of a location corsica is because corsica, for those of you who dont know its called Iceland of beauty, i think in french, il de bote its supposed to be pretty nice.

To tell you more about this mini 3 pro. It is a pro drone, so thats thats. What dji told me its like its, not something like the old minis. It has everything you need like 4k. 60. 1080. 120, so you can actually film in slow motion. You also have sensors in the front in the back. It can shoot vertical as well as you can see, the gimbal can rotate vertical, which is so freaking sick like this is something ive been missing on drones lately, and it has all the super. Smart functions like hyper lapses, focus track, which is the active track and thats, probably the one thing that were gon na try now yeah. It has a bunch of other features that are pretty cool and thats. What i thought about bringing my boosted ball here and see if we can cruise on this dam and see how much this one can follow us without even touching the remote so lets get on the board and see its gon na. Be exciting! Good luck on the cell flying Music lets go Music and trusting the system its insane Music. Oh Music, ah lets go Applause, so, as you can see, we made it to the sea. Lets go yeah lets go directly and by the way, some of the shots. Youve, seen of us riding on the dam were actually also shot on the mini 3 pro, and that was an idea that i had. Maybe it could just be like an osmo pocket where you use this as an extra camera and it works pretty well, and the focus was tracking us and all that stuff.

So its pretty impressive and it looks like you – can actually use that drone. For other reasons than actually flying it in the air, you can use it like as an osmo pocket, so its pretty sick, but now were not gon na spend too much time in the mountains were here to enjoy some nice so now were gon na get on A boat and out in the ocean and explore one place that ive seen online, that looks really really cool and that would be a perfect place to fly some more drones, Music seriously. This is, hopefully, i think, its the first time, ive entered a proper cave in a boat im, glad im, not the one in the steering because thats like next level, skills to get into those tiny holes and stuff holy crap wow yeah. First, i had this idea of actually doing the road trip with antoine and with two flight boats, and they didnt manage to arrive in time, but otherwise we would have actually tried to again in here and out there on foiling. Electric balls would have been just insane holy wow. This place is, i hope it really translates on the camera, but this place is insane between the wild gods up there and like those caves, and then you get out and pure nature and nothing else around. This is this is so good: Music, now, Music, okay, Music, oh Music, wow hows, your arm, oh wow, all good yeah didnt! You hurt yourself stunt man like seriously this place, keeps on blowing my mind more and more see mountains snow on the backside.

We dont see it here, red rocks and then crystal clear sea. So now that we are along the coast, were gon na cruise up north head over to calvi yes calvi and see how these nice, along the coast, roads are Music, so Music, so Music Music want to meet. My friend lets go dont know how wild those are, but theyre massive and his balls. Imagine the same. Look at this guy, big boy, big boy! Look at this dude! It doesnt look like big boys interested to meet us yeah. They said that in this region of corsica, you can see lots of wild pigs and also wild goats, as you saw from the road here and colette, is doing fantastic. Colette is behaving like a champion. Lady, like now, were cooling down a bit the engine, which was not even overheating, and even though we were like climbing up to im curious to see how high we are now excuse me, and we came from like almost zero, because the outside you know you can See the attitude on the iphone like 150 meters, so yeah, oh good job, could it be having well. She can take a thousand meter uphill within wait. How long did it take us to go from the sea to here? 40. 40. Minutes. 40. Minutes. 1000 meters, like this colette, is skyrocketing. She got she got inspired by the the midi 3 pro she just wants to fly as well. Oh now we should actually fly because there is some clouds, maybe its time, to do a hyperlapse Music, oh Music, so yeah.

If you want to get close up shots with this new mini 3 pro you can you just have to jump on the skateboard and do it the hard way, Music insane? This is how you get the close up shot. How sick does that look its insane like its so its a proper cinematic camera yeah, the nd filter on, and you get motion blur and then thats like, and i use the fpv mode, which means that the the gimbal is like rotating it. Doesnt stay stable because i want it to be a bit more dynamic, so thats how you get the shot. Music welcome to a new day of adventure. Colette has had a little bit of a wash because colette started to be a bit dirty. Oh, i guess our drying skill is maybe not as good as black closet. I can see some i was gon na. Tell you actually, maybe its not that good sorry, black jose were not making you proud, yeah. We started the day, uh quite early here in uh calvi, first time here in calvin northwest of corsica. We are on our way towards the ferry because the ferry is living in this afternoon and its two hours east its in bastia. So we should head over there and we better hurry. We better hurry, lets, go Music Applause, Music and were back where it all started. Welcome back to corsica, ferry Music bye, bye, okay, so i hope you guys liked the video it was a very fun little road trip and i hope you got as blown away as i did about this little guy, which was actually in my pocket right now.

Right like how sick is that that you can have a drone nowadays, that is less than 250 grams, so same same as the weight as your phone, and that can do all that 4k60. 1080. 120.. You basically have everything you need. You have vertical. Also, you can shoot for all your social media and your phone stuff yeah. I would like to thank antoine for joining us for joining me on that trip and also dji, and you guys for watching and also mister going here.