We got another episode of rons tip of the day here and uh. This is a tip concerning you know the the latest and greatest uh mini drone from uh dji, the uh mini uh, mini3, pro and uh. You know i just received mine a couple days ago and i only got the base kit. I got the drone and the new um, you know rc djrc controller, the one with the screen in but um. I did not get the fly, mower kit, it uh. You know its on back order. I wont get that, for that said, i could set until july on the shipping date so hopefully come sooner, but uh anyhow um. So all ive got this stuff, but i dont have a case for it. You know so uh the you know transported around to my various uh flight uh uh things so heres heres, my tip here hold on well be well, go right to the uh desktop portion of this video, all right, so uh yeah my dilemma here is you know. I dont have any case for it, yet so uh what i, what i got over here is um. This is the case that the mini the main2 pro came in and uh the mini 2 pro, the mini 2. Sorry, you know these these names so that the main two came in, but of course i have the mini uh, the mini two and like a hard case now, so i i this soft case is kind of sitting around here, so uh.

What im thinking is, i wonder if this um mini uh, three pro would fit in the old case for the two so lets lets check it out here so lets fold these arms up here now these lets see how this one kind of spins around a little Bit different than were used to uh with the mini two series, and you know a lot of the other dji drones in particular so again. Well, take that back when this goes. You dont these go in any particular order that you dont have to used to be the drones. You had to pull certain legs out first or arms out first than the other sector, but it doesnt matter this one. You can do any order you want, but anyhow this there. It is compact, so you can see inside that case here. Could you try again sorry my uh siri is getting active over there so lets see if we can get this in this pocket and we dont even have a uh propeller guard with this, like you do with a a lot of drones. Come with that propeller thing lets see here, so there you see folks it easily fits in the same slot that the uh – you know the two. You know sorry im still not sure about that. Sorry folks, i dont know why siri thinks im saying her name. So i almost knocked the memory card out there: okay, so it fits easily in there.

So lets see. If this you know, if i really wanted siri to do something, then she wouldnt listen to me. You know she only activates when i dont want her so um lets see if the controller fits in here too. This still doesnt look much bigger than the the the rc 1 so lets see here. All right lets see if we can get it zipped up. So there you go, you can repurpose your uh mini two case to uh hold the mini 3 pro and the the rc pro controller. So um i will begin. I will be getting the fly more kitted eventually so have its. You know its own customized case. If you want to say and maybe ill get a hard case for it down the road, but for right now until that flaw market arrives, i said ive just repurposed of any two case. So um you know thats uh, rons, uh tip of the day, video. I hope you enjoyed it and ill be back with you know more tips of the days coming up in the future. So thanks for watching folks, dont forget the thumbs up. Uh subscribe to channel ring notification bell and uh support me with a new thanks button. So uh this is a short video were out of here.