The dji mini 3 pro and in this video were going to talk about all the little details and all the improvements that theyve made to this drone. That gives it that pro title were also going to talk about some of the things that maybe holds it back from being a true true professional device that you can use on commercial shoots. But before we dive into the features real quick, i feel like we need to mention this now. Most seasoned drone pilots will already know this, but for beginners, who have never flown a drone before and are going to be picking this up. The weight is super important. Now this drone weighs only 249 grams and thats, really significant, significant enough that dji actually put it right on the drone right there, and the reason for that is is that in most countries, if you have a drone that weighs 250 grams or more, you actually need A drone pilots license to fly it now. This drone weighs 249 grams, which is just one gram below the legal limit. I see what you did there, dji, meaning that you actually dont need a pilots license to fly this drone. So, regardless of who you are, you can take this out of the box and start flying. So even if youre a two year old, you can fly this legally. I cant promise youll fly well, but youll definitely be able to fly illegally, and this drone is crazy.

Tiny, so its just stacked up next to my iphone, this is an iphone 12 pro max. My phone is actually bigger than this drone, so the weight and the size of this drone is super. Significant. Okay now lets dive into the new pro features. Okay, so the first thing with the dji mini 3 pro that makes it so pro is the brand new sensor size on this, so the dji mini 3 pro has a 1 over 1.3 inch sensor, meaning that its actually the third biggest consumer level drone sensor that Dji makes only the air 2s and the mavic 3 have a bigger sensor than the dji mini 3 pro. So that means that this actually has an even bigger sensor than dji mavic air 2., and possibly the coolest new feature on this drone is that it finally has true vertical shooting and honestly, i feel like every single dji drone has this, and i know its difficult With the size of the bigger uh sensors and having to redesign the gimbal and things like that, but it would be really awesome if we get it on most drones and it works. Super simple im actually gon na show you guys how it works right now. Okay, so, thankfully, like everything else, dji makes its super simple to use. All you have to do. Is you turn on the dji mini 3 pro you turn on the controller and youre gon na have this new icon that basically lets you rotate the gimbal and its super easy to use and its a lot of fun and honestly.

This is a feature that i think every single drone should have true vertical shooting modes are so so useful in todays social media age. Now i think the true vertical shooting mode will be amazing for beginners who likely dont have access to fancy editing software itll. Save you a ton of time in post processing, because traditionally you have that wide angle recording from a drone, and then you have to crop in when youre editing. So this will actually let you retain maximum quality. You wont have to do any editing and youll be to upload any drone video. You want basically directly from the phone to any social media platform that youre looking for and for professionals, if youre editing in a vertical style format within an editing, software youll actually retain more quality because you wont have to crop in as much so. Its a win win regardless of what level youre at using this true vertical shooting mode, and i think it was a genius move by dji to include this feature on the dji mini 3. Pro okay now lets talk about the video capabilities, because this drone definitely packs a punch. This drone is able to record in 4k at up to 60 frames per second now. This is super impressive, because even the mavic 2 pro cant record in more than 4k at 30 frames per second, so the fact that they were able to smash this feature into this tiny, tiny drone is again super super impressive.

Okay, now lets talk about some of the features that are missing from the video side on the dji mini 3 pro that might be holding it back from being a true professional drone that you could use on a commercial shoot and the main thing missing is 10 Bit color, so the dji mini 3 pro is limited to an 8 bit color depth, which will really limit the type of colors that you can get out of. This drone theres also a d log missing, meaning that if you want to shoot in a super flat profile that dji provides its not available, they do have d cinelike, which is a similar flatter profile, which is not exactly the same as d log. It is a flat profile, however, but because of the 8 bit color depth when youre color grading theres a lot of banding and theres. A lot of artifacts that show up and the footage just looks a little bit messy, so youre, actually better off just shooting in the normal mode, when youre shooting video with the dji mini 3. Pro now lets jump over to photos and photographers are going to be super super happy with the dji mini 3 pro because its capable of taking 48 megapixel photos in both jpeg and raw. Yes, dji has included a raw option for them. 48 megapixel photos on the dji mini 3 and i think the photos look really really good. Someone actually told me that they thought that the photos on the dji mini 3 pro look better than the dji mavic 3 and thats a bold statement to make – and i wont make the same statement, but i will say the photos out of this drone.

Look absolutely stunning and theyre definitely definitely worthy of posting to social media or even putting on prints or anything like that and because of the true vertical shooting mode. If youre taking photos for instagram now, you no longer have to worry about that crop, so thats also another welcome addition on the photo side with the dji mini 3 pro okay. So now, with the new photo and video features out of the way lets talk about focus, track and apas 4.0, which i cannot believe that they put on this drone. Now, if youre a seasoned, dji pilot, you already know what that is, but for beginners who have never flown a dji drone before focus track, basically allows the drone to follow you automatically without you having to do anything, and this lets, you get some really really unique Shots some really cool shots and, honestly, if youre, just starting out and youre, still learning how to track objects manually, it can be a huge, huge lifesaver and also for the first time the dji mini series now has true obstacle avoidance with apas 4.0. So it has tri directional avoidance, meaning itll, avoid everything in front of it behind it and below it. So it has sensors on the bottom sensors on the front, which also double as sensors. On the back and honestly, like i said, i cant believe that they put this feature into this drone. This was usually reserved for the higher up dji drones, so i think beginners are going to have a blast using focus track and because of apas 4.

0 you likely wont hit anything. But again, safety is our number one concern when were flying drones. So please be aware of your surroundings when youre using focus track and make sure that its safe to do so when you use it now lets talk about battery life, so the dji mini 3 pro has an incredibly listed flight time of 34 minutes now were gon Na test that on this channel and well get a true flight time test so watch out for that video um, but if thats not enough for you, you can actually remove this battery and get a plus better size battery. I forget what the name of it is, but its basically a bigger battery. That gives you a 34. No 34 is the standard. It gives you a 47 minute flight time, which is absolutely nuts, but its actually really important to note that if you get that bigger battery, the drone weight will go over 249 grams. So if you dont have a license that bigger battery is not really an option for you, but for licensed professionals that want more flight time out of your dji mini 3 thats, certainly an option that you can use now i havent had a chance to get my Hands on that battery, but once i do well definitely do a flight time comparison test on this channel. Okay, so my final thoughts: what do i think of the brand new dji mini 3 pro, i have to say, im hella impressed.

I cannot believe that they packed in so many features into this drone, totally redesigned it and still managed to keep it at that 249 gram weight its absolutely ridiculous. How far dji have come in terms of their technology and how far weve come overall in terms of technology when it comes to drones, and i think that this is going to be a really really exciting gateway for a lot of beginners. So speaking on that fact, beginners, who is this drone for if youre a beginner and youre getting your first ever drone? This is absolutely the one to go with no question forget about the mini one: the mini 2, the mini se. They all pale in comparison to the dji mini 3 pro, and this is definitely the one that you should be getting if youre a hobbyist or a semi professional who does not have their license yet. This is also the drone for you. If you do have your license, the only drones that i would consider getting over this are the dji air 2s and the dji mavic 3.. So if those are a little bit out of your budget, the dji mini 3 pro is an incredible incredible deal, especially at its low low price point. So those are my final thoughts on who i think the dji mini 3 pro is for and who should be getting it now, if youre a total beginner, i will be doing a full settings breakdown and guide video on my channel, as i always do with new Drone releases and thatll give you the best cinematic settings that you should change on the dji mini 3 pro to make sure that you get the best possible footage out of it.

So if youre beginner definitely stick around for that, even if youre, a professional or a seasoned professional stick around for it, because you might be interested to see what settings that i use that might be different than yours. Also, if youre interested in purchasing the dji mini 3, pro im going to leave a link in the description below um its an easy way for you guys to support the channel and to support me also before we sign off. I want to give a quick shout out to omniview tech. They are the canadas and the gtas largest drone store um, the largest dji drone store and theyre the whole reason we were able to get our hands on the dji mini 3 pro before it released and its the reason weve had a chance to play with it. For a couple of days – and so we can bring you guys, this review so huge shout out to them im also going to leave a link in the description to their website.