This is the worlds best kept secret, so the dji mini 3 pro is here and im going to show you 51 things that you should know about it before you consider buying it now. These 51 items are a collection of facts and features about the mini 3 pro and along the way, ill demonstrate the results of many of the tests that ive conducted on this little powerhouse over the past five weeks and 36 flights now ive organized them by category And there are time stamps in the video description for your convenience, so lets get started its probably actually the worst kept secret of all time, but anyway, here we are lets get to it. First of all, the mini 3 pro is the most quiet drone that i have ever flown. It was the very first thing that i noticed when i first launched it into the air like it is stunningly quiet, wow here, im gon na turn this up. So you guys can see it better. Music. There we go holy cow. Is that quiet staying inconspicuous, while flying is more important than it ever has been, especially as we get closer to the release of remote id in the united states, its something that i think is on every drone pilots mind right now and staying under the radar is Super important heres, a real, quick comparison to some of my other drones and youll, see just how quiet the mini 3 pro is Music, pretty amazing right now advertised to handle a scale.

Five wind. This little drone actually exceeds that. I flew it in a blizzard with 40 mile per hour, wind gusts, and it held gps position perfectly and were just gon na go up a little bit at a time, looks like it. Okay went back a little bit. There lets move up all right here comes more snow. All right, so lets go up. Music lets go up to 25 feet and see how it is Music, 27 satellites, so that makes me feel a little bit better im going to hit the record button. So you guys can see how steady this is. It looks pretty good on the screen recording anyway, Music, this controller, by the way super awesome and its getting worse Laughter its doing really well. All right lets go up a little higher im, not gon na get too carried away here. Okay, so theres 45 feet well stay at 45 feet, especially since the wind seems to be coming up a little bit right now, but hey thats, thats impressive. This drone continues to impress me you guys now, if you want to see a really amazing wind test on the mini 3 pro check out peter lindgrens, video ill post, it right up here and ill link. It in the video description is pretty funny. I did notice the other day in a 25 mile per hour wind that it does handle just a little bit better when using the bigger battery plus now im going to talk more about the batteries here in just a second, so the mini 3 pro has a Maximum speed of 16 meters per second, which is about 36 miles per hour, and i was able to exceed that several times.

I was able to fly this about 37 miles per hour in sport mode. This drone is very fast and its very zippy, although this drone handles and responds quite well right out of the box, its really nice to have the ability to fine tune, the inputs to match your preferences now, after playing with the settings over a few flights. These are the numbers that i found to be the best for getting smooth video footage with this drone, but keep in mind that personal preference is always the best, but hopefully by me, sharing these settings itll give you a good base to start with one of the Features of course, that will make this one of the most popular drones of all time is that it weighs less than 250 grams and its not just that its. The fact that it has so many professional features, and yet still remains that light as we move into more strict regulation for consumer drones having a mini drone with the capabilities of this one is going to be very appealing for recreational pilots. The mini 3 pro folds into a very compact form that allows you to take it just about anywhere with ease and having a drone. That fits anywhere means that youre going to take it with you more often, and that means that youre always going to be prepared to capture some awesome aerial footage. Should the opportunity present itself a unique feature that i think many will find interesting.

Are these really long prop arms on such a small drone? They really contribute to the striking design of the mini three pro, along with these protruding sensors on the front now im guessing that these longer prop arms arent, just for aesthetics im guessing they have something to do with the improved propulsion, efficiency. Im no engineer so im sure there are some of you that will comment down below why you think they made these prop arms so long. Thank goodness that dji went back to the top mounted power button. I know its a minor detail, but im very happy with it and i think many other people will be as well theres a usbc charging port on the back, which allows you to charge the battery while its on board of the drone. And then this port is also used to transfer files to your computer. Also on the back is a micro sd card slot and the mini 3 pro is able to handle a 512 gigabyte micro sd card and youre going to need it. If youre going to be shooting a lot of 4k 60 footage. Now, im going to put a link down in the video description for the micro sd card that ive been using to get the best video footage out of this drone. This large open space behind the gimbal is like an air box that kind of works as an active cooler. While the drone is flying now, the warmest temps that ive flown it in so far has been about 75 degrees fahrenheit.

So it remains to be seen if theres going to be any overheating problems when youre shooting 4k footage for a long period of time on hotter days, and the reason i bring that up is because my drone actually did overheat once and it happened. While it was sitting on this the table, it was sitting in direct sunlight on the table on my deck and then i was upgrading to the latest firmware. Now. It only got up to 133 degrees. According to my infrared sensor, which doesnt seem that hot to me, but it was enough to trigger that warning on the app and i havent been able to duplicate this since so im guessing. It was just because it was updating the firmware but well see when it gets a little bit hotter here. If i have any overheating problems and if i do ill make a video about it, hey before we get to the next category, i do want to let you know that i do have several more videos planned for the mini 3 pro just because i think this Is going to be such a popular drone im going to do a lot more comparisons, with some of my other drones im going to do some tutorials on specific features that it has and lots more. So if you long for more content about the mini 3 pro or if youre going to get this – and this is going to be your first drone – and you really have no idea where to start, i suggest that you consider subscribing to the channel im pretty confident That youre going to find some useful information here, if you do all right, lets get to the camera system.

Theres a lot to talk about here. First of all, the mini 3 pro has a one over 1.3 inch sensor, and that is nearly a one inch just like the air 2s has a sensor that big in a drone. This size is pretty impressive and a larger sensor means better quality and low light conditions and a greater dynamic range of tones in all conditions. In addition to that larger sensor, the camera also has an f, 1.7 aperture thats, yet another feature that will help the mini 3 pro shine in low light conditions. The camera is able to capture 48 megapixel images, so if you ever want to make some large prints of any of your favorite aerial photos that you captured and hang them on your wall to share with your family and friends, you can rest assured that theyre going To look great with the mini 3 pro, you can record decent like video footage which allows you to have more creative control while editing. So, for example, here i recorded this area in normal color profile, which really doesnt. Look that bad. I think it looks pretty good, but then i recorded it the same scene in d cinelike, and i added just a few edits. It took like 60 seconds and that really made it pop decent alike, really provides you with more freedom to personalize your videos and then also it allows you to make the scene look like it did when you saw it with your own eyes, youre, not relying on The drone to edit for you you can make it look like how you remember the mini 3 pro records in slow motion, video, which is very nice.

However, it only does it in 1080p, my suggestion is youre going to be better off recording in 4k 60 and then, when youre editing just slow that down to about 50 and thats going to look much better now. One major improvement over the mini 2 is that this drone now records video at up to 150 megabits per second thats the same as the air 2s. A higher bit rate means smoother, playback and ultimately, more professional. Looking footage now heres something thats really interesting. This drone has whats called dual native iso and thats, something that only used to be available on expensive cinema cameras, but now its making its way into mirrorless camera systems and other cameras, as well as drone cameras, and that means that this drone can capture. True hdr photos so, for example, here are two photos of this golf style church in our community. One is taken with the mini three pro and the other is taken with the air 2s. So can you guess which one is from which drone? What about? If i zoom in and then tell you to pay attention to this area right here and here or what about here and here so now, can you tell which one is from which drone well im guessing that you probably guessed wrong? I was so impressed when i started comparing and doing pixel peeping from photos from the mini 3 pro to my other drones. Its really impressive and i think aerial photographers are going to love this drone.

The camera does digitally zoom up to 2x and 4k 3x and 2.7 k and 4x in 1080p. This feature allows you to really get a nice parallax effect like if youre moving the drone to the side and youre focused on that subject its going to give you that parallax and then also allows you to get a little bit closer to your subject that youre Recording without having to worry about getting your drone too close and worrying about its safety. Now, this one is big, its really big, and i think its another reason that this drone is gon na fly off the shelves, no pun intended: okay, pun intended the mini 3. Pro has the ability to rotate the camera and shoot vertically. You see the mavic pro did this five years ago and it wasnt really a big deal back then, because it was way ahead of its time before vertical video was popular at all, but now with instagram and tick tock and youtube shorts and many others. People are really going to be excited to add a drone to their short form content. I guarantee you that were going to see a ton of tick talkers start using aerial footage in their videos because of this drone right here now. This is something really unique for dji. We have two different batteries. The regular battery is a 2453 milliamp hour and you do need to use this one if you want to stay under that 250 grams.

Now the best hover time that i got with this battery and i brought it from 100 down to 3. I got 27 minutes and that was with a light breeze and then in my charging test, i charged this from 15 to 100 and it took 57 minutes and that was using the dji 30 watt charger. If you get this drone, get yourself a 30 watt charger or better dont, try to grab a charging brick and an old cord from out of your junk drawer and try to charge these batteries. Because youre going to lose your mind. Its going to take all day. Get a 30 watt charger. I promise you, you wont regret it and then we have the optional battery plus – and this is a 3850 milliamp hour. It provides significantly more flight time and also which was a nice surprise in my testing. It does help the mini 3. Pro handle better in stronger winds, so the best hover test time that i got with this down to 3 is 40 minutes, and – and this is really significant, because in all other dji battery tests that ive done, i normally get about 70 to 75 of advertised flight Time well, i got 40 minutes the advertised flight time with this is 47, so were looking at an 85 percent flight time compared to the advertise and thats really really good. I dont know what they did differently with this battery, but thats pretty impressive and then charging this battery up.

It took 94 minutes to charge it from 15 up to 100 percent. The dji mini 3 pro is the only sub 250 gram drone on the market. At the making of this video that has three way obstacle avoidance forwards backwards and downwards. Now, in my testing so far, it has worked flawlessly even in complex situations like clusters of little branches, pretty much any challenging situation that i put it in to test out the obstacle avoidance. It has worked every single time. Apas 4.0 is djis newest pilot assistance mode that keeps the drone moving by going around or above obstacles cinematically instead of stopping in front of them, and it does work very well. But i did experience a couple of issues that im going to tell you about. In the last segment of this video, just like every other dji drone, the mini 3 pro does have emergency shutoff feature that can be used in case of extreme situations. Only use this when there are no other options, because your drone will come crashing down to the ground Music. The battery locking system is very secure and it has a very satisfying click when you insert it into the drone and then also. I love that you dont have to worry about that battery flap, that battery cover wearing off or breaking off, like some people have experienced with the mini 2., so i just got done doing another focus tracking test with the mini 3 pro and it works really.

Well now, whether you love focus tracking or you dont, it does come in pretty useful for many situations, so i tested it out on my vehicle with my e bike right here with my scooter and then just walking, and it works really well, but i really advise Against using it in any kind of situations where theres obstacles, because most crashes occur with drones, when the drone is moving sideways and the mini 3 pro does not have lateral obstacle avoidance, i kind of wish they would put instead of rear optical avoidance, the lateral obstacle Avoidance, i think that would be more important, but, and one thing that i really wanted to test out was: how fast can you go? How fast can the drone go and keep focus track, uh locked onto you so the fastest? I was able to go both with my bike and my pickup was just around 22 miles per hour. I think it was like 22.8 miles per hour thats as fast as the mini pro can travel, while its doing focus tracking, and i tried it several times from all different directions. I tried a recording video, not recording video, so just know thats about as fast as youre going to be able to go. If youre going to be using focus track so and then i also tested it out a little bit to see if it could keep track of me if i kind of walked behind some obstacles, so i went in between some trees and things like that, so it Lost me for just a second or two, but then it picked me right back up so im going to do some further testing on that im actually going to put out a dedicated review in the future of the mini 3, pro focus tracking, so watch for that Ill get into a little more detail on the focus tracking features of this drone.

Now the mini three pro has the normal six quick shot modes for automated capture in creative ways, so they still include droney rocket circle, helix, boomerang and asteroid. Now i actually wish they would come up with some new ones, because, quite honestly, these are getting a little bit boring. So what id like you guys to do? If you have any ideas like what would make for a good, quick shots mode, put them down in the comments and then maybe dji will read those comments and say you know what thats a great idea. We never thought of that because you know strength in numbers. I think the more people that say try these different things. You know maybe theyll, take notice and start doing something and giving giving us something new and exciting. So just an idea now, master shots is another mode on the mini 3 pro its been around for a while now and what it does. Is it captures a variety of flight patterns over your subject, and then it constructs a short film put to music and theres. Several templates that you can choose from to fit the mood that youre trying to convey with their master shots video its not something that i use on a regular basis. But i know that a lot of new pilots like it because they really dont have to do any work. They just highlight the subject, hit the master shots and there they have a really fun.

Video hyperlapse is one of the most fun and creative things that you can do with a drone. I love it. You can program automated flight paths or you can fly your own and the drone will take a succession of photos and, at the end, creates a video showing the rapid passage of time, and it really adds an interesting flair to any video project. You know i think casey neistat made hyperlapse super popular a few years ago and its still popular today, especially when youre doing it with a drone, the mini 3 pro captures panoramic scenes, including wide 180 degree and sphere and even on windy days. This little drone can capture and stitch together a solid panorama. Here you can see, as i recorded the drone as it was being shook around, and then it captured and stitched images together to create this panorama. So i think thats just so impressive that its able to do that, while being shook around by the wind that much so dji o3 transmission, is on board providing up to 15 kilometers of signal strength in ideal conditions. Now, like i always say in every one of my drone launch videos im never going to do a range test on this channel because i feel like i have a responsibility. You know i preach about following the rules and keeping a drone within visual line of sight, but im sure that someone out there is going to do a range test, probably on launch day and im, going to go ahead and find the best one that i can And ill post it down in the video description, so you can see their range test.

One thing that i will tell you is, although i didnt fly this thing as far away as it could go, theres an area near my home, where i usually lose connection with all of my other drones, my air 2s, my mini 2, my mavic 2 pro, and I always lose connection because i live in a valley theres a lot of trees around me with the mini 3 pro. I can go further than that spot so just know. I dont know whats different about this drone im, guessing that it has to do with where the antenna are possibly on the drone, but i can fly further without interference than i have with any other drone. Now, like i mentioned briefly already, the antenna for the mini 3 pro are in the legs. If you want to call them that theyre not really legs, theyre kind of just little stubby nubs here, but but apparently this allows for better signal transmission and strength. I dont get it. I dont see how the antenna can be in here, but i guess thats, where they are wherever they are on this drone, it works better than any of my other ones. The new rc is a miniature version of the rc pro and at the risk of sounding extremely biased. This thing is really really amazing. It has a resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second, it has a 700 nit brightness screen and it is crystal clear now when i first opened the box – and i saw it im like oh my gosh – that is stunningly bright, but then i pulled out my Rc pro and im like okay, its not quite as bright as the rc pro, but its still pretty good.

I have the unique opportunity to demonstrate to you the difference in all the brightness levels of all three smart controllers from dji, so heres, the rc that comes with the mini 3 pro right now. I dont know if its going to be compatible with other drones. I would assume that it is, but as of now, we dont know that here is the original rc pro. As you can see, it is a little bit brighter and the knit level escapes me right now, but ill put it up on the screen. So heres 700 nits and there is, i believe, its a thousand nits but im not sure um. You can see that this is a little bit cooler. This is a little bit warmer a little bit brighter and then, of course here we have the monster. This is the rc plus that comes with the m30t. This thing is so fun, so amazing, you know not for everyone, but it is pretty cool, so theres, all three of them side by side. So you can see the brightness level. You know when you see this by itself, youre like amazed at the brightness, but then when you compare it to the rc pro youre like okay, maybe its not that bright, but it is still pretty pretty cool. The rc is ergonomically very comfortable to hold as well its lightweight with appropriately sized grips that have this rubber coating on them and unless you have like giant sized hands, i think most people are going to enjoy using this controller.

It has the c1 and the c2 customizations on the back to allow for quick access to your most used features its really nice to be able to change those up quickly. Depending on your situation, the rc has removable control, sticks that store on board, which is very convenient. What i dont like is that they are a completely new design, so you cant use previous sticks from any of your other drones, and that seems to be djis ammo. So i do recommend ordering an extra set of these right away. If you get this controller because theyre very lightweight, theyre, very small, and if you drop one of these when youre out in the field – youre – probably not going to find it on the bottom of the rc – is the micro sd card slot for extra storage theres, a Data port and then theres the screw mounts for different mounting options. Now, if you dont know what i mean by that, go ahead and watch this video right here from make art now to see how he mounted his rc pro its very similar to that mounting system care refresh is basically djis version of insurance for new drones and That helps reduce your anxiety when flying a brand new drone, and i know i totally sound like an advertisement, but i had the opportunity to use it. I had to use care refresh on my mavic 3 when i crashed it and it saved me a ton of money with as far as this gimbal sticks out from the fuselage like its really really vulnerable.

And if you crash this drone its gon na wreck that gimbal, i cannot recommend care refresh enough for this drone, and i was only without my mavic 3 for five business days and they sent me a brand new drone. So im going to put all the details about care refresh down in the video description. You have three options: when purchasing the mini 3 pro you can get the drone by itself and then you can use your rc n1 from another drone that you might have. You can get the drone with the rcn1 or you can get the drone with the new rc get this one. Its super super cool, the fly more combos and accessories are sold separately and there are several options. My advice to anyone, no matter which drone package that you decide to get is to get the battery plus fly more combo having that extra flight time and greater stability in the wind and the charging bank is totally worth spending that five dollars to register. This drone and then as for dealing with remote id whenever that becomes active, you can just fly with a regular battery and you dont have to worry about it, and that reminds me subscribe. If you want to stay updated on all things, remote id because were getting really close to it being active now, no drone is perfect right away and the mini 3 pro is no different. The first issue that ive had is one i experienced initially with the mavic 3 as well and thats when youre flying with obstacle avoidance set to bypass mode.

The drone will increase in altitude slowly on its own, as you fly forward, without even touching the altitude stick. So and its a simple firmware fix, and i would expect it to be resolved very soon and as of today, its fixed. We just got a firmware update and i went out and tested it out and they fixed the issue where, when youre flying in bypass mode, where increase in altitude, it doesnt do that anymore. It maintains the same altitude, but when you go backwards now it increases in altitude when youre in bypass mode its not as bad. It doesnt increase as quickly as when you know before, but it still does go up gradually as youre pulling the stick backwards. So its better, but its still a little bit of an issue. The second issue i had also is with apas, and i discovered that it does not work when youre recording in 4k, 60. all other times with any other recording mode. The drone will maneuver around any obstacles, itll go over any obstacles, but when its set to 4k 60 and its recording it will break rather than bypass any obstacles again. A simple firmware fix next with the rc in order to unlock a geo zone. If you happen to be in an area like that, you have to have internet access, and that means, if youre out in the field youre gon na, have to have connect to your mobile device hotspot for internet access and then apply for the geo zone unlock its Incredibly inconvenient now, if youre flying with the rc n1 and your mobile device, has data then its not that big of a problem and one way to solve this is to apply for geozone unlock at home before you head out to wherever youre going to fly, i Get it i get the purpose for geo zone unlock, but i just have so many frustrations with it hopefully well continue to improve.

As time goes on. Okay, i did find one more problem. I had to add here at the end, and this has to do with flying in sport mode against heavy winds. So this is a 30 mile per hour, wind im flying with the wind in sport mode. You can see the altitude is staying at 164 feet and my speed is between 32 and 36 miles per hour, but coming back against the wind, i was in normal mode. You can see the altitudes at 128 feet and then i go ahead and flip it into sport mode here and watch the altitude. The altitude instantly starts decreasing im, not touching that left. Stick. It just starts nose, diving. It has to do with the battery being overloaded. It can handle both forward motion, sport mode and then maintaining altitude. So just be aware, if youre flying against the wind in sport mode, it could decrease in altitude now its kind of a significant issue, but i think its another one that could be resolved with a firmware update. The battery full load came up every single time. I was flying against the wind and so yeah just be careful, so its pretty easy to get caught up in all the hyperbole and the excitement when a new drone is released, you know its always so much greater than the previous version of whatever this drone is, And i think that comes with being a fan of all things: tech related thats.

Just how it is you know, marketing apartments exist for a reason to tap into our dopamine and convince us that we need the latest and the greatest all the time now do. I think all of the hype thats been leading up to this drone release is worth it truthfully. I do and heres why you see compact drones are the future for recreational drone. Pilots and ive been saying that for three years ever since they announced remote id and then when you can add obstacle, avoidance, long flight time and exceptional stability and wind, like the mini three pro, has its pretty hard to argue against. The fact that this is a trend setting drone and not only new pilots will be eager to have one, but even people whove been flying for years are going to want to add one of these to their lineup because of everything that it can do and how Convenient it is also, i believe, that its priced appropriately and the variation of purchasing options meets a variety of individual needs, with only a few minor bugs that can be easily addressed with updates. I think even the biggest critics will struggle to find any opportunities for improvement with this drone. Now there are links down in the video description for all things related to the mini 3 pro. If you want to learn more about them or if you want to purchase them, and if you use those links, it does help build this channel and honestly, its the best way to say thank you for all of the time and effort put into these videos.

I truly appreciate your consideration. I would love it also if you commented with any questions that you have about this drone or the system or the controller or anything, because, as i said, i have more videos planned and i would love to have your input and what goes into those future videos. Hopefully i covered enough information that youre able to make an informed decision today and if i did provide you with anything of value, click on that thumbs up button that, like button subscribe to see future videos. Like i said about this drone and many others follow me on social media like instagram, twitter and tick tock for extra content that youre not going to see here on the youtube channel.